Upgrade Your Gym Workouts

10 Ways to Upgrade Your Gym’s Group X Experience

Upgrade Your Gym Workouts

The success of your gym relies more on group training production than ever before. Make sure you do it right.

Running a health club these days can sometimes make gym owners feel they’re producing a Broadway show.

The popularization of the group X concept has forced club operators to put their creative hats on and assemble class schedules that cover a wide spectrum of fitness programming.

Often these classes demand providing more than a workout. You need to stage an “experience,” an immersive audio-visual event.

As a recent IHRSA article put it, “Health club experience is the new customer service.” To do group X successfully, you need to understand how to create the right atmosphere to keep your members “in the moment.” You’re competing with boutiques who specialize in these experiential details. You have to do your best to match their production qualities.

First, it’s important to understand what other club owners have discovered in creating successful group X programs. In a new IHRSA e-book, Group Exercise Training: How to Create a Program That Works for Your Club, experts reveal strategies that have worked for them. Here are 10 to keep in mind.

1. First, know the difference between group and SGT. Group exercise is 25 or more participants; SGT is six to 20 participants. SGT usually includes modules in their application and is shorter time-wise than many group X classes.

2. Ask your members what they want. Club owners have found that frequent surveys or questionnaires can help guide what you should be offering in your club. Since the spectrum of group X offerings industry-wide are vast, you need to do some research. Besides asking your members what they want, see what’s popular among competitors in your area, especially studios.

3. Don't try to be all things to all members. Don’t do too much too soon.

“Gyms are losing the opportunity to give quick results to members because they program in 50 different types of classes in their class schedule and 50 different group fitness instructors to do it, instead of taking an approach to design the schedule so members can get results as quick as possible,” says Constance Ruiz, president and co-founder of Vivafit.

4. Manage expectations. Members sometimes carry unrealistic expectations about the effectiveness of programs. You’re going to have to manage the hype that can come from HIIT programs or functional training sessions, for instance.

5. Make it easy to participate. Don’t overburden your members with requirements to invest in expensive wearables or other costly items. Try to make it easy to join a class by removing obstacles that may intimidate or price out members. Offer free first-time class sessions to hook members.

6. Embrace gender differences. Smart health club owners provide equal numbers of group-X opportunities for men and women. But that doesn't mean they provide the same opportunities. As Ruiz notes, “Women want to be social and have fun,” while men tend to respond to more competitive group X activities.

7. Don’t get too locked into an individual trainer. You don’t want your training program to be too dependent on the personalities or abilities of specific professionals. He or she may leave, and a percentage of your membership may follow that trainer out the door.

8. Foster a social environment. One of the reasons group X training has been so successful is due to the social bonding of the group experience. This is one of the great advantages for clubs who may be lacking a mechanism for social connection among members.

9. Make group X a priority. The rising popularity of group exercise helps attract new members and is a proven retention booster. A recent study by The Retention People found that 88% of group X members retained their membership during the duration of the study.

10. Create a different experience for each class. As noted above, not only should you create a different program for each class but also a different atmosphere. Group yoga classes aren’t going to have the same aesthetics as group cycling. Every class has a different feel.

You may want to hire somebody solely dedicated to creating and managing your group X programming. And when it comes to audio and visual elements, you need experts. You need sound and lighting professionals who understand the unique challenges of today’s health club industry.

The Industry Sound Specialists for Group X

Part of the draw of extremely popular group X concepts are the sound and lighting effects that set an atmosphere. Think of Soul Cycle and how the pulsing music and mood-setting lights are integral to the class. Unfortunately, replicating an experience that is beyond the reach of most club owners.

Since 1994, thousands of facilities have turned to AV Now Fitness Sound to create the audio and visual aesthetics they need for their clubs. Whether it’s SGT or a larger group class, AV Now has decades of experience installing sound and lighting systems in clubs of all sizes.

Last year, AV Now did over 250 sound system installations in clubs across the U.S.

They have worked with both large national chains and small studio spaces to produce the ideal sound quality needed for environments unique to contemporary fitness concepts.

They can step in at the blueprint stage if you’re creating your club from scratch, assist in a renovation, or install the best possible system in your existing space to deliver the results you need.

Health clubs are their turf. AV Now’s equipment is specifically designed to withstand the wear and tear of fitness instruction. These audio professionals know how to create portable, sweat-resistant headsets and speakers that allow for frequent jostling from manic instructors.

Sound quality is as important as durability. Today’s consumers have been spoiled by premium sonic experiences from home theater systems and tech-advanced earphones.

AV Now was founded by professionals who began their careers in the high-end entertainment industry. They’re experts at volume control while keeping the acoustics clear and clean.

They understand that sound in one room needs to be loud enough for a class but not too loud for the rest of the club.

AV Now has also broadened their expertise to include lighting services. Lighting works in tandem with music to create a distinct aesthetic for group classes. When paired with a pitch-perfect sound system, professionally modulated lighting can help motivate your members and even help improve their overall mood.

These days, every club needs to have professional sound and lighting to compete in the group X space against boutiques that specialize in experiences. Make sure you’re not at a disadvantage.

For more information on AV Now and their products and services, visit their website for a free estimate or call 800-491-6874 for personalized advice.

Jim Schmaltz is a contributor to IHRSA.org

Source: https://www.ihrsa.org/improve-your-club/10-ways-to-upgrade-your-gyms-group-x-experience/

6 Instant Workout Upgrades

Upgrade Your Gym Workouts

We're almost two decades into the 21st century, and one thing that sets us apart from previous generations is that we're never satisfied. We always want something better than what we have, which has led to a much wider usage of the word “upgrade.” From our smartphones to our cars to our homes, we constantly want to upgrade to newer and better ones.

Your workout is another story. While you're constantly striving to improve the quality of the gadgets you use, when was the last time you did anything to upgrade your workouts so you can get superior results from your time and effort spent with the weights? If you've never given much thought to a workout upgrade, we've got you covered.

Upgrade 1: Have a Set Workout with Specific Goals

Many people who train don't have a plan when they hit the gym.

They probably know which body part or parts they will train, have a vague idea of which exercises they will do—typically the same ones they do every time—and have a nebulous goal of giving their best effort or getting a pump. That's about as detailed as they get, so it's no wonder their workouts are meandering and uninspired.

Try this instead. At some point before you go to the gym, ideally the night before, write down exactly what you will do, including the exercises, sets, and reps. Set specific goals. For instance, maybe you squatted 315 pounds for 9 reps last week.

It could be your goal this week to get 10 reps. Rep goals are excellent because they are easily quantifiable. You either hit the goal or you don't.

Get yourself a small spiral notebook or keep records on your phone, but you should have every workout planned out along with at least one specific goal.

You can't get stronger on every exercise every time, but you certainly can pick just one or two to focus on. Many people find it best to stick with one exercise for 4-8 weeks, such as the bench press, squat, or deadlift, trying to move up in small weight increments week by week or do another rep with the same weight until it's time to put a little more on the bar.

Upgrade 2: Find a New Gym

So many people tell me their gyms suck. To that I respond, “Why don't you find a better one?” Common complaints include meager equipment; poorly maintained equipment, locker rooms, bathrooms, and showers; and a wimpy atmosphere not conducive to the type of hard training needed to build a better physique.

Some of them even train at establishments that actively discourage bodybuilders from setting foot on their premises and that sound “lunk alarms” if you dare grunt or exert any meaningful effort.

Oh, yeah, tank tops are forbidden, the dumbbells only go to 60, and the posts on the leg presses have been sawed down so they can't hold more than four 45s on each side.

If any of this sounds familiar, you need to get your ass to a real gym, stat! It may not be 10 bucks a month, and you may have to drive more than 5 minutes to get there, but there is a gym somewhere in your area that's exactly what you need.

Check out local top amateurs or even pros on IG and see where they train.

Chances are they're at gyms that offer vast arrays of excellent equipment, all the heavy iron you could ever want or need, and a membership populated with men and women working damn hard every day to build muscle and burn fat.

You won't be looked down on for wanting big muscles and a ripped six-pack. You will be encouraged and surrounded by others who are in there for the same reasons. We are all products of our environment and the company we keep, so choose yours wisely and don't settle for mediocrity.

Upgrade 3: Hire a Trainer or Coach

I know you know what you're doing, and you may scoff at the idea of hiring a trainer or coach, even for a brief period, but remember this: You don't know what you don't know.

An experienced trainer or coach with a proven track record for transforming physiques is bound to have some knowledge you don't and can pass on tricks and techniques for your training and diet that will help take you to the next level.

This doesn't need to be a long-term arrangement. A few sessions may be all you need to get some new ideas and improve your form. Many of us fall into patterns where our form is poor, but we have no one to correct us and thus keep doing it wrong for years.

This is especially true for lifts that require technique, such as the three power lifts—the squat, bench press, and deadlift—but it can also apply to exercises curls or lateral raises. You may be doing something cutting your range of motion short without realizing it.

A good trainer or coach will fix those issues and get you back on the gain train.

Upgrade 4: Try a New Exercise—at Every Workout

Here's a very simple way to upgrade your workouts. At every workout, for every body part, perform one exercise that you have never done or haven't done in years.

We all tend to compile our own little playlist of exercises that we shuffle around a bit but rarely add to or subtract from. It's no wonder our workouts grow stagnant and we grind to a plateau.

The body gets accustomed to the same things it's been asked to do over and over for long spans of time.

You will need to open your mind and stop making excuses as to why you don't do certain exercises 99 percent of the time. If you're brutally honest with yourself, you will realize that your excuses are bullshit anyway. Shake things up. Do you always press with barbells? Use dumbbells.

Do you shy away from movements power cleans because you're not sure how to do them? With the thousands of training articles here on Bodybuilding.com, you have no shortage of exercises to select from, and you'll find instructional videos for every exercise under the sun.

Look for some new moves to try for each body part right away.

Upgrade 5: Base an Entire Workout on Supersets

I'm sure you're no stranger to supersets, but have you ever tried to perform an entire work them? If not, get ready for one of the most intense experiences of your life, not to mention pumps you never thought possible.

There are many types of supersets you can do.

One common variation is the antagonistic superset, in which you perform back-to-back sets of opposing muscle groups; for example, biceps and triceps, chest and back, and quadriceps and hamstrings.

Arnold was a huge proponent of supersetting chest movements the bench press with back exercises such as chin-ups or bent-over rows. Many men with immense arms have sworn by going back and forth without rest between biceps and triceps exercises, such as barbell curls and skullcrushers. One muscle group contracts while the other stretches, and the overall effect can be astounding.

You can also do standard supersets of two movements for the same body part, such as squats and leg presses, or opt for the more taxing pre-exhaust superset, in which you perform an isolation movement for the target muscle followed by a compound movement that works the same muscle but brings other groups into play. Common examples include:

  • Leg extension and leg press or squat
  • Lateral raise and overhead press
  • Fly or pec-deck and bench press
  • Cable push-down and close-grip bench press or dip
  • Curl and close-grip underhand chin-up or lat pull-down
  • Cable machine pull-over and barbell or machine row

Assemble a workout composed purely of supersets, and I guarantee it will be a workout you won't soon forget!

Upgrade 6: Put Your Workout on the Clock

One highly effective way to improve the quality of your workouts is to put a time limit on them. Maybe you don't to be rushed, but hustling may be exactly what your workouts are lacking.

Do you talk to a lot of people? Do you text, answer messages, or just scroll through your Instagram or in the gym? Chances are you waste a good amount of time, which isn't really the point—unless you're a powerlifter and need 3-5-minute rest periods between heavy sets of 1-3 reps.

Otherwise, you should be keeping it moving from exercise to exercise and set to set. Once you get a pump going, you should be able to maintain it until the workout is over. You should be sweating and only resting as long as it takes to get your breathing back to normal and change the weights.

I'm willing to bet you a couple tubs of whey protein that picking up the pace of your workouts will instantly make them better.

Those are just a few ideas for upgrading your training experience. Give them a chance and start seeing better results from your workouts today!

Bodybuilding.com All Access contains more than 50 expert-crafted workout plans that incorporate these sorts of training strategies and more! Join today and begin the plan that's right for you!

Source: https://www.bodybuilding.com/content/6-instant-workout-upgrades.html

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Workout

Upgrade Your Gym Workouts

Sometimes you can do everything right and still get it wrong—and we’re not just talking about your relationships with women.

If you’re an experienced gym guy who keeps track of his nutrition and works consistently at building a better body, you’ve no doubt made a lot of progress already, but we’ll bet you also can’t shake the feeling that you could be doing better.

Here, we’ve laid out five ways you can take what you’re already doing and elevate it to the next level. They require minimal extra effort or time but may be the solutions you’ve been waiting for.

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Good Habit No. 1:

Box Squatting

The conventional barbell back squat is arguably the greatest exercise ever. It builds muscle, athleticism, and bone density, and even boosts flexibility and testosterone levels. But if your form isn’t spot on, you’ll cheat yourself  these benefits and can potentially hurt yourself badly.

 Perfecting your technique can be as simple as squatting onto a box. Place a box or other platform behind you so that when you squat down to your normal depth (hopefully to where the crease of your hips is below your knees) you’re sitting on the center of the box.

Pause for a moment but don’t relax—keep your entire body tight, just as you would if squatting normally. Then explode back up.

“The box teaches you to sit back more when squatting,” says Jason Ferruggia, a strength coach in Los Angeles. This guarantees that you involve the glutes and hamstrings in the lift the way you’re supposed to.

If your knees go well past your toes when you squat, the box will correct it.

 “Sitting back this takes pressure off the knee joints,” says Ferruggia, so it can alleviate pain you may already be experiencing from improper squatting.

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Good Habit No. 2:

Drinking Whey Protein Hydrolysate

The benefits of having a protein drink after weight training are well known. But the type of protein you take in may make a big difference. Whey protein’s isolate and concentrate forms have gotten the most attention for their muscle-building properties; but its newer evolution, whey hydrolysate, may be even better.

 A 2009 study in the Journal of Applied Physiology compared the effect of whey protein hydrolysate with soy protein isolate and micellar casein protein.

The hydrolysate—a more broken-down form of whey isolate that absorbs even faster— stimulated muscle protein synthesis to a greater degree than the soy or casein, which researchers attribute to its digestion rate.

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Good Habit No. 3: 

Stretching Between Sets

If you’re stretching at all, that’s better than nothing, and you’re already ahead of most lifters who give flexibility about as much attention as they do the new One Direction single. But it isn’t just insurance against injury or a way to avoid becoming restrictively muscle-bound.

 You can work some stretches into your training between sets to help you perform your lifts better and more safely. For example, the next time you deadlift, stretch your hip flexors during rest periods.

Kneel on the floor in a lunge position and push your hips forward while contracting the glutes on your back leg. Hold for 30 seconds, then switch legs. Another option is to stretch your biceps between sets of curls, which can help them recover and be stronger on subsequent sets.

Place your palm on a bench with fingers pointing back toward you, elbow straight, and stretch.

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Good Habit No. 4:

Warming Up with the Toe-Touch Squat

In a perfect world, you’d go to the gym and spend five minutes walking on the treadmill to break a sweat. Then you’d do a mobility warmup to take your muscles and joints through all the planes of movement needed for your workout.

Then you’d hit some stretches, and, lastly, start lifting light weights and gradually progress to the heavy ones. In the real world, you probably skip right to the last part—starting with light dumbbells or an empty bar and working your way up.

 We can’t knock you for this, because even though it’s not ideal, it does reduce your risk for injury and prepares you to lift. But if we could influence you to do one exercise first, we’d make it the toe-touch squat. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and toes turned slightly out as if you were going to squat.

 Now bend forward at the hips and reach down to touch your toes. Squat down as deeply as you can and then raise your arms overhead while in the bottom of the squat. Stand back up. That’s one rep.

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Good Habit No. 5:

Planning Workouts Long Term

When you start training, just making it to the gym is enough. But when you’ve been at it a while, you want to know how to make better and faster progress. The next evolution should be learning to periodize your workouts—basic, long-term planning to make continuous progress over time.

 For instance, if you want to lose fat, you could begin shaving five to 10 seconds off your rest periods between sets every week to keep your heart rate higher throughout your workout. When you can’t cut them any further, increase the weight and the rest and begin again.

“Periodization is about starting from your end goal and working backward,” says Ben Bruno, a trainer at Rise Movement in L.A.

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Source: https://www.mensjournal.com/health-fitness/5-ways-to-upgrade-your-workout/

5 ways to upgrade your workout

Upgrade Your Gym Workouts

You’re working out, feeling fit and seeing results but there’s still something missing and you don’t know what it is.

Even though we’re creatures of habit and perform better when we fit comfortably in a routine, we still need variation to keep our minds and bodies fully focused, lest we fall into a repetitive and boring cycle.

This may be what is hampering your workout so we got hold of our sports scientist to see what insights she could give us in terms of upgrading your workout and keeping your fitness the most challenging and productive it can be.

1. Modify Your Training

Modify your exercises. It’s that simple and can be applied to all aspects of your training session. Instead of the normal plank, try a rotational plank or plank on a Bosu ball to engage your core muscles. Instead of a normal pull up do a burpee pull.  Do super sets that can cut an hour workout into 30 minutes and burn more calories.

You can use different gym equipment as well. Instead of using dumbbells try using kettlebells or the medicine ball for exercises that you would have used dumbbells or weights for. But, it doesn’t stop there.

Modify the way you train altogether by trying out Zumba, pilates or even Crossfit, for the brave.

Modifying your exercises will incorporate new muscles you didn’t even know existed and once you see the results you’ll thank us for your new lean, mean machine of a body.

2. Add Resistance

Resistance is futile. So you’ve been training at a fair clip now and are in the zone but you feel as though the training you’re doing is becoming a little too easy, even though you’re tentative about going heavier. No worries. The solution is in increasing the how repelled your body is from the goals its attempting to achieve and breaking through that barrier.

The same goes for dead lifts where you can make use of resistance bands to up the force that you’re using thus burning more calories or using the cables at your gym. Resistance training can be applied to any aspect of your training. It can be described as an exercise that causes the muscles to contract against external resistance with increases in strength, tone, mass and endurance.

3. Vary Your Cardio

A good cardio routine is one of the key ingredients to building strength throughout your entire body while making you leaner and getting your heart working efficiently.

It’s possible, though, that you’ve fallen into the trap of relying on too much of one specific type of cardio when you could be opening your body up to new exercises and possibilities with the wide array of exercises you could be mastering.

Instead of cycling or running all of the time, try upgrading to rowing or swimming for endurance that will work a new set of muscles. It’s also possible to upgrade the cardio you’re used to by including some strength in your morning run by integrating push ups, lunges, dips and varying intensities into your workout. 

4. Music Momentum Mania

Do you love music? Is it impossible for you train without the soundtrack of your life booming in the background? Well, there’s a reason why when things are getting intense during a spinning class that the hardstyle starts booming overhead.

Music is proven to have a unique effect on the way a person trains. Studies have shown that music distracts people from pain and fatigue, elevates mood, increases endurance, reduces perceived effort and may even promote metabolic efficiency.

Increasing your music from 120 beats to 140 beats will boost your motivation and get you moving even more. That’s even more motivation to turn up the music and get training. How else do you think those kids can go for hours all day and all night at festivals Glasto and Coachella? Yes, the music…obviously.

5. It’s called DNAFit

Even if everyone in your life left you and you were all alone you’d still be stuck with one thing, and that’s you. Did you know that your genes never change? Yes, you may exist in a different environment and treat your body differently at varying stages of your life but you’ll always essentially be you. So, doesn’t it make sense that your workout should be about you?

With DNAFit your fitness becomes personal. After dong the test and getting your report back you’ll understand yourself on a whole new level.

It’s a revolutionary science that incorporates genetics into the way you interact with the external world.

If you’re really looking to upgrade your workout then it seriously makes sense to cut out all the guesswork and know definitively what works and what doesn’t before you start on your journey.

Source: https://blog.dnafit.com/5-ways-to-upgrade-your-workout

7 Easy Hacks To Upgrade Your Workout

Upgrade Your Gym Workouts

Ever feel your workouts aren’t producing the same results they used to? Or you have to drag yourself to the gym when it used to be exciting? You’re not alone.

Many people need a refresh and new information every now and then to upgrade their workout. So today, I’m bringing you 7 simple hacks to get you back to your pre-boredom days for some fun and effective new ways to get your workout on.

But first, let’s address some reasons your workout may be suffering:

  • Growth Plateaus – You have suddenly stopped gaining muscle and/or fat loss has decreased.
  • Environmental Stress – Increasing stress in your family life or objects encompassing your life around your area.
  • Improper Diet – Not meeting your nutritional needs in congruence with your lifestyle.
  • Lack of Motivation – Motivation makes you want to train efficiently!

These listed reasons are quite common among people who workout, whether they are new, intermediate, or advanced in physical fitness. You can change these factors that affect your workout with the following simple hacks:

1. Change Your Workout Routine

One of the biggest issues with training is that people perform the same workout for months. This would be an easy answer to why your training may be suffering because your brain needs change. Once you perform the same workout routine continuously, your brain becomes less stimulated and loses interest. The end result is a lack of motivation and your muscles not responding they used to.

Consider training at home or with an online community. Try switching up your workout routine; use dumbbells instead of the barbell or vice versa. Make slight changes to your workout and you’ll start to notice a difference in the way your body and brain respond.

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2. Take Care of Proper Nutrition

Your workout could be suffering because your nutrient intake is low. For example, people often go for a fat loss diet while increasing lean muscle mass, but never make adjustments to their diet when it’s worked for three months, but now doesn’t feel right. Instead, calculate your fitness level and ideal body weight height, weight, age etc. to determine calorie needs. as well.

If you’ve always wondered how to build muscle, it may come as a surprise to you that nutrients play a key role in supporting the changes in your body. More muscle requires more calories to improve strength and muscular development.

3. Bring a Water Source to the Gym

Many people rely on the water fountain at a gym for all their water needs, however during peak hours, they end up losing their spot for equipment. Water bottles keep this to a minimum, but also allow you to frequently sip on water throughout a training program instead of chugging a stomach full all at once.

4. Don’t Fear Equipment

You’ve most ly heard and read the “don’t use this” sentence in various articles while looking to improve your workout program, but I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t fear changing the equipment you use. Weight machines do not activate multiple joint usages such as compound lifts, but they encourage isolation to muscles and can prove to be useful.

People even state that free weights cause a lot of joint friction leading to future injuries, but there really is no such thing unless you overtrain (which could happen even with bodyweight exercises).

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5. Increase Sets and Change Your Reps

Repetitions and sets make a big difference when it comes to increasing your workout potential. People often perform one or two sets with high repetitions amounts and expect to see changes in their bodies. Sadly, your results will be short-lived since your body eventually needs more sets and fewer repetitions. This means you’ll need to use more weight, or further advance your exercise.

6. Change Your Workout Music

Music can help people stay motivated in the gym and drown out the world around them. However, motivation begins to decrease once songs and playlists have been listened to on a repeated basis. Try creating an entirely new workout playlist and see how well you perform with your new tunes.

7. Get Ideas from Fellow Gym Patrons

Lastly, why not upgrade your workout with information from experienced gym patrons? These people may know tips and tricks that nobody else does and the information can go a long way for your workout program. Plus, it’s always nice to make a new friend (spotting partner, maybe?)!

Your workout could easily be upgraded with these 7 hacks and luckily, they’re easy to implement into your daily training programs. Change a few of these things up and keep your training fresh to keep your motivation levels high. You can choose to make a difference with your training program; why not start now?

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Source: https://gethealthyu.com/easy-hacks-upgrade-your-workout/

Upgrade Your Home Gym With These 12 Products

Upgrade Your Gym Workouts

It’s an unfortunate truth that membership gyms—and their long-term costs—can get old very fast.

As soon as you’ve built a productive workout routine, the hassle of communal workouts can start to wear on your patience and interfere with your fitness goals.

Whether it’s the added commute time, crowded gym room floor, or the questionable cleanliness of shared facilities, there are plenty of valid reasons to begin building (or enhancing) your at-home gym capabilities. 

As the designer of your dream workout space, you’re able to invest in a better quality, tech-enabled fitness gear that you’ll never have to wait in line to use.

At last, you can customize every aspect of your gym to fit your needs for the long haul and finally sever the cord of monthly paid memberships.

Update your workout routine with these top-rated home workout machines and accessories and reclaim gym time as your own.

Nohrd Slimbeam Cable Machine

Part sculpture, part fitness center, the space-saving NOHrd cable machine adds a dose of style and efficiency to your home workout. From its small footprint to its minimalist upright design, the Slimbeam’s elegant silhouette is matched only by its efficient, streamlined usage.

Integrated technology allows for in-app performance tracking and access to ready-made workouts, each designed to target different muscle groups.

Adjustable cables allow for the full range of motion, while rubberized weights guarantee that your workout goes smoothly.

As a recipient of the 2016 German Design Awards, this is one workout system that would look at home among your midcentury furniture.

Peloton Bike

As one of the premiere workout machines on the market today, the Peloton bike has quickly earned its reputation as a home fitness must-have—and for good reason. With thousands of on-demand and live classes, competitive leaderboards, personal performance tracking, and social media integration, you’ll stay motivated and connected to a community of other fitness junkies.

Complete challenges with friends and gain access to elite instructors, all from the comfort of your home. Add an ultra comfortable design, extra large 22-inch tablet screen, and compact floor profile and you’ve got a fitness home run.

TRX Original Strong System

The portable TRX tension system allows you to turn any space into a gym using a few simple hookups. Perfect for outdoor use or on-the-go traveling, the adjustable Strong System leverages your bodyweight to create targeted workouts designed to tone and sculpt—no matter where life takes you.

Each system comes with a portable carrying bag, quick-mount accessories, and all-weather slip-resistant grips for easy set-up and versatile use. Perfect for storing sight, this minimalist workout system is ideal for smaller apartments or home gym rooms with limited floor space.

Star Wars Kettlebells

Imbued with the powers of the force, the Onnit Star Wars Kettlebells are the ultimate reminder that working out should be fun. These high-definition sculpted iron kettlebells bring to life your favorite cosmic characters from the Star Wars universe, complete with Boba Fett, Storm Trooper, and Darth Vader options.

Featuring a durable chip-resistant coating and ergonomic handle for easy lifting, these weights are as useful as they are charming. Choose from 50 lb, 60 lb, or 70 lb varieties to customize your collection, or diversify your themed trio with one of each in every character.

Mirror Interactive Home Gym

Imagine your morning pep talk infused with a network of stats and fitness professionals, and you’ve got the Mirror home gym. This mountable media system brings live, interactive fitness instruction to your home, complete with surround sound, personalized shout-outs and real-time integration of data to monitor your progress.

Choose from yoga, barre, boxing, cardio, pilates, or strength training classes and access 70+ live classes per day. You can also integrate your workouts with the complimentary Bluetooth heart rate tracker or your existing Apple watch for a more customized way to track and target your health goals.

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells

While the Bowflex name is no newcomer to the fitness world, their SelectTech Dumbbells represent a massive innovation in minimalist design. This single pair of dumbbells effectively replaces the traditional 30-piece set of weights that plague most clutter-phobic gym owners.

Rather than devoting wall space to organizing a full collection of hand weights, the SelectTech Dumbells sit in a single dual-cradle stand, with weight options ranging from 5 to 52.5 lbs. To select your weight, simply adjust the switch on each handle to automatically pick up only the weights you desire and customize your arm-toning regimen.

Nohrd Wallbars

With the Wallbars, NOHrd has created yet another breathtakingly elegant fitness system that is pure, simple genius. Featuring adjustable height and foldout elements, this wall-mounted workout hub is made of hardwood and genuine leather for elegant display and efficient use.

Using pulley systems and a modular design to accommodate a variety of workouts, this system is designed to meet the needs of any at-home fitness guru. From pull-ups to rowing and bench-work, you’ll never get bored of the many ways to use this streamlined all-in-one gym. When you’re finished, everything folds away so you waste none of your floor space.

Tangram SmartRope Jump Rope

This futuristic SmartRope features 23 embedded LED lights that display your jump count in mid-air as the rope spins in front of you. Integrated programming allows the motion sensing handles to accurately count rope rotations and coordinate light movement in order to project large four-digit numbers in crystal clear resolution.

Ball-bearing handles allow for smooth, effortless motion that’s easy on wrists, and the soft grip handle cover comes in five colors to customize your look. Pair your SmartRope with the SmartGym app to record stats, connect with friends, and unlock rewards.

Handsome Dan Leather Medicine Ball

This vintage-inspired medicine ball lets you bring your love of quality leather to the workout room. Made with artisanal tanned boot leather for a supple grip, the Handsome Dan medicine ball has elevated timeworn workout gear to an art form.

Each color and finish is available in customizable weights upon request, so you can build a custom set that’s tailored just for you. They also offer laser engraving and monogram heat embossing to personalize your medicine ball or create the perfect customized gift for the workout junkie in your life.

Tonal Strength Training System

The Tonal system brings professional-level analysis and coaching to your resistance training routine.

Connect with instructors via the wall-mounted fitness system, which comes fully enabled with a large flat screen, Wi-Fi capabilities, and adaptive digital weight resistance of up to 200lbs.

Responsive programming acts as your personal fitness monitor, from your initial strength assessment to active auto-adjustments during your workouts.

When Tonal senses that you’re struggling, it automatically adjusts tension weight to spot you during your last few reps. Each system comes with a free white-glove installation, so all you have to worry about is when to schedule your first workout.

Onnit Battle Ropes

When it comes to low-tech options, some classics are truly worth the investment. Onnit Battle Ropes offer the full-body benefits of rope training in a modern design without the normal wear and tear of traditional fiber ropes.

Each rope is made with 80% nylon and 20% polypropylene for just the right amount of long-wearing resistance without being too stiff.

Comfortable nylon end caps allow you to stay focused on your routine without slipping or losing your grip.

Blast through your next high-intensity workout with top-quality battle ropes designed to take a beating time after time while you build your core and upper body strength.

Purist Collective Mover Water Bottle

Inspired by durability and pure taste, the Purist Collective Mover water bottle delivers the freshest tasting water in a brilliantly engineered design.

Rather than use aluminums or other materials that develop a metallic taste over time, this beverage-keeper features an unbreakable interior glass lining, surgical grade stainless steel, and double-walled vacuum insulation to keep your drinks cold (or hot) for 12-24 hours at a time.

The leak-proof screw top lid comes with a spout for easy drinking while on the move and a flip-top handle for quick attachment or comfortable carrying wherever you go.

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