Here’s How This Man Lost 10Kg Of Fat in Eight Weeks

How I lost 10kg of fat in 8 weeks (and how you can too!)

Here’s How This Man Lost 10Kg Of Fat in Eight Weeks

Here’s how New Body Plan co-creator Jon Lipsey lost 10kg of fat in 8 weeks – and how you can too

We created the New Body Plan to answer this simple question – what’s the quickest and easiest way to get in shape? From a personal point of view, I also did it because I was overweight and unhappy with my physique. So if you aren’t currently overjoyed by what you see in the mirror, I know how that feels. I also know how it feels to be intimidated by the idea of doing something about it.

Happily, I also now know how it feels when you follow the right plan and achieve something that you didn’t think was possible.

I know this because I lost 10kg of fat and became a Men’s Fitness magazine cover model. All it took was eight weeks and the determination to change. That’s why I’ve produced this quick seven-tip guide.

It’ll give you some valuable tools if you decide to embark on your own transformation project.

1. Think an athlete
You may never possess the skills (or the pay packet) of an elite athlete but you can still think one. Before I started my own New Body Plan transformation I imagined that I was a boxer preparing for a career-defining fight.

If you were facing the fight of your life, would you turn up and put in a half-arsed session in the gym? Probably not. I also found that adopting an athlete mindset helped me to raise my expectations of what I could achieve.

It’s such a simple trick but it made such a big difference.

2. Be progressive
If you try to change everything about how you eat, train and live at once I guarantee that you will fail. I’ve done it in the past and I’ve failed in the past. You may have had that experience yourself.

That’s why we structured every New Body Plan programme to be progressive. As a result, you finish week one feeling motivated and determined, rather than demoralised and shattered and the plan gets tougher as you get fitter.

It’s also worth realising that completing a successful body transformation is a skill. And as with all new skills, you need to develop your ability gradually.

The good news is that if something takes a bit of effort in week 1, such as writing your workouts into your training diary, it will become second nature by the time you’re into the second half of the plan.

To find your perfect transformation plan, click the link! Take the New Body quiz!

3. Think in blocks
I’ll admit that before I started my New Body Plan transformation, I was intimidated by what lay ahead. An eight week plan can seem daunting so that’s why I broke it down into manageable chunks.

Seeing the eight week period as four two-week blocks gives you a series of achievable goals and allows you to tick off wins as you progress. Within those blocks, you can have mini goals for each week. You should even think of each session as a micro-target. Every one you tick off puts you a step closer to the overall goal.

And if you make consistent progress, I guarantee that you’ll achieve your overall objective.

4. Anticipate obstacles
It would be nice to think that you could sail through an eight-week transformation without any challenges but the reality is that your progress is unly to be straightforward.

You may catch a cold, tweak a muscle or be landed with an unwanted work project (I managed to tick off all three of those during my own New Body Plan experience) but if you’re prepared for them, you can deal with them.

Before you start, make a list of the most ly things that could occur that would have an adverse effect on your progress. Then write down two or three bullet points for what you’ll do should they arise.

If something comes up that isn’t on the list, take a few minutes to write down  the things that you can do that are in your control and follow them through until you’re able to get back on track.

5. Visualise success
The more you believe in your ability to complete a successful transformation, the more ly it is to happen.

Several sports science studies have also shown that visualisation techniques can have a positive impact on performance and I can confirm that a positive mindset had a massive impact on my own result.

I’ll also confess that I had to force myself to be positive at the start of my transformation because I was unsure about how well I’d do but as I progressed and started seeing results, using positive visualisation techniques became much easier.

All I did was take a moment before each session to remind myself why I started the plan. Then I’d think about how I’d look and feel when I achieved my goal. You can use a similar process during a session when it becomes challenging. Struggling ahead of that last set? Then mentally fast-forward and think about the satisfaction you’ll get from a successful outcome and how you gave it 100%.

6. Apply tension
This might just be the most important training tip I ever pass on. Learning to properly contract (apply tension to) a target muscle will have a huge impact on your capacity to burn fat and build muscle.

Whenever you complete a rep, make sure you think about the muscle you’re trying to work and make sure you lift at a controlled pace rather than swinging the weight around by using momentum. You may find this means you need to lift a lighter weight. That’s fine. Your body doesn’t know how heavy the dumbbell is.

All that counts is how you lift and how you stimulate the muscle fibres.

7. Stick to the plan
Without a plan you’ll find that your training is aimless. You’ll end up doing the same thing over and over again, you won’t make progress and you’ll lose motivation.

It’s vital that you follow a progressive plan that will help you make the most of your training time. You’ve already taken the first step in signing up to receive these tips.

When you’re ready to start your own New Body Plan transformation we’ll give you everything you need to get the result you want.

If you follow those seven bits of advice then I guarantee that you’ll see a massive change to how you look and feel!

New Body Plan co-creator

To find your perfect transformation plan, click the link! Take the New Body quiz!

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Drop 10kg in 90 days

Here’s How This Man Lost 10Kg Of Fat in Eight Weeks

Yes, it's doable! And you don't have to starve yourself or take to a Herculean fitness regime. Payal Puri brings you an expertbacked guide to get gorgeous this summer. Follow it, and see the difference in only three months…

There's no accurate research to show how many women in the world are unhappy with their weight – but instinct seems to suggest it's close to 100 percent! Weight loss seems to be one of life's biggest challenges for most of us, caught as we are in a hectic and sedentary lifestyle, too many stressors and little time to look after ourselves. Losing weight, though, has stupendous feel-good benefits; above all, it gets your mind and body in shape to deal with the demands of everyday life. And then, vain as it sounds, there is the benefit of “looking” good. We all admire healthy, fit, productive people – and that person can be you! That's what inspired us to consult a pantheon of experts to come up with a foolproof plan for you to lose 10kg in 90 days. We're not saying it's effortless, but it's not half as tortured as you may imagine for something that gives such great results. What it needs is commitment, some planning, and the list that follows!

Before you start consult your doctor
Let your GP know you're starting a weight-loss programme and ask him to check vitals such as blood pressure, diabetes, hypertension or anything that a change in diet can play havoc with.

Also, get a comprehensive blood test done that includes all vitamin and mineral counts, so your doctor can assess any deficiencies and guide you about foods that are absolutely essential for you nutritionally to make up for the deficiencies.

'Ideally, consult a nutrition expert at this stage,' says Dr Kavita Khiara, a Mumbai-based nutritionist. 'While you can choose to have him to guide you through the diet, you can also slot a session to understand your body's needs, basis your blood test results.

He'll be able to give you a list of essential foods and supplements needed, keeping your body's nutritional balance in mind, to offset restricted food intake.'

The practices you start in this month continue across all 90 days. In months 2 and 3, add the suggestions given under those respective headers in the plan.

1 Set your goals
Break up your 10kg weight-loss agenda across a three-month time period and monitor twice a week. We suggest 4kg in month 1, 3.5kg in month 2 and 2.5kg in month 3 – the more weight you lose, the harder it is to lose the rest, so higher targets at the beginning are more effective.

What to do On an accurate weighing scale (buy a digital one, if needed – it's worth the investment), weigh yourself about an hour after breakfast the day you're starting this plan. Note the date, time and weight in a diary/on a chart and stick it somewhere handy – maybe on a bathroom wall. Weigh yourself at the same time twice a week and update the chart.

2 Eat small meals
This might sound counterintuitive but it has been proven repeatedly true. Rujuta Diwekar, nutritionist to actor Kareena Kapoor, busted the starvation myth in her book Don't Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight.

Eating less, she argued, is a sure-fire way to send your body's metabolism into panic mode – unless your metabolism (your body's fatburning mechanism) is kept working at constant, fixed intervals, it gets sluggish, so what makes it work consistently? Food! The trick is to eat “limited quantities” at a single meal, but give your body more frequent meals, so that your metabolism is never allowed to drop too low. Rujuta insists clients eat “six meals” a day instead of the customary three – a strategy she had adopted with Kareena, that the actor publicly talked about. 'I have never eaten as much as I did when I was following Rujuta's diet plan,' says Kareena in Rujuta's book.

How it works


Diet Tips From The Man Who Lost 10kg Of Fat In Eight Weeks

Here’s How This Man Lost 10Kg Of Fat in Eight Weeks

Here are the nutrition principles that got Men’s Fitness’s editor-in-chief from lardy to lean

I was never a big fan of body transformations. The main reason for that? Because I thought that they encouraged unsustainable ways of eating.

My preconception was that to make a big change in a short space of time, you have to eat in a way that’s unappealing and also unsustainable.

I know that’s not the case because I recently completed a transformation programme that saw me go from being overweight to becoming a Men’s Fitness cover model in just eight weeks, and I did it by using a system that was both surprisingly simple and built for the long haul.

The system I used – outlined in detail in the New Body Plan book – has a simple but powerful concept at its heart. It’s flexible, which means you can eat the food you , rather than having to shove endless florets of broccoli down your neck because the restrictive meal plan tells you to. And it doesn’t ban either whole food groups or individual foods.

If you’ve ever considered doing a body transformation but been put off because the food side of things is unappealing, you’ll be pleased to know that making a positive change to your body doesn’t have to make you miserable.

To give you a flavour of what’s involved, I’ve outlined some the big-picture advice that I used to lose 10kg of fat in just eight weeks, as well as some other practical bits of advice that helped me to get a result than I never thought was possible.

And if my experience inspired you to start your own transformation journey, please say hi at @JonLipseyMedia (on or Instagram) or @NewBodyPlan ( and Instagram) on social and let me know how you’re getting on.

Protein first

The aim of your body transformation is to simultaneously lose fat and add muscle, and the best way of doing that is to prioritise high-quality protein intake from meat, fish and eggs.

From there you should add healthy fats (monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and saturated), which you can get from dairy, nuts, seeds, avocado and olive oil, and fill in the rest with carbohydrates.

There’s a comprehensive guide to how to eat in the New Body Plan book.

Don’t chase perfection

The better your diet, the better your result will be. If you can eat well all of the time, great. But if you sense that’s not realistic for you to stick to, it’s perfectly OK to use the 90% nutrition approach, where you eat well 90% of the time and take a more relaxed attitude for your remaining meals.

Limit booze

Booze contains plenty of calories but few useful nutrients from a body transformation perspective, so if you don’t limit your alcohol intake during the eight-week challenge then you’ll struggle to lose fat and add muscle. If you really want to drink, our advice is to stick to clear spirits or red wine instead of white wine or beer.

Eat carbs around training

Normally, for non-athletes, nutrient timing isn’t that important. But because your time and calorie intake are limited during the New Body Plan, it does become a significant factor.

We recommend having a small amount of carbs a couple of hours before training to give you the energy to nail the session. Then have a portion of carbs alongside protein in your post-workout meal.

We explain the Perfect Portion approach to building meals in the New Body Plan book.

Max out on veg

Vegetables contain lots of nutrients that will support your general health and immune system, which is crucial when you’re asking a lot of your body. They also contain fibre and water, which will help you to feel satisfied and stay feeling full after your meal.

Drink heavily

Water, that is. Dehydration can easily be confused with hunger, so if you’re not drinking enough water that could lead to eating more than you need to. Water is also essential for all manner of physiological processes, so it will help you stay healthy throughout your transformation challenge.

Keep a food diary

Making a note of what you eat and when you eat it will help you to stick to the principles in the plan, which will have a positive impact on your transformation outcome. It will also help you to make the right adjustments as you progress.

Don’t sweat the slip-ups

During the course of eight weeks you’ll consume about 112,000 calories. One glass of wine is about 140 calories. A doughnut is about 280 calories.

So, in the grand scheme of things, a slip-up is going to make no difference to your overall progress. In fact, you’ll probably do more harm by stressing about it or letting it sap your motivation.

Of course, drinking alcohol or eating refined sugar frequently will derail your progress, but it’s important to maintain a sense of perspective.

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Take your time

We live in a world where we do everything in a hurry but when eating, it pays to slow down. There are a couple of reasons for this.

If you chew your food properly you’ll digest it more effectively and assimilate more of the nutrients – which is particularly important when every calorie counts.

You’ll also be more receptive to your body telling you when you feel full, so you’ll feel more satisfied at the end of a meal and you’ll find it easier to resist the urge to overeat.

Don’t rush back for a second helping

How you eat, as well as how much, will have an influence on how full you feel. If you wolf down a plate of food, the chances are you’ll still feel hungry when you finish. This is because your body hasn’t had a chance to register what it has just eaten.

So you go back for a second helping, thinking that you need the extra food. If you take your time, your satiety hormones will be able to work properly so you may not feel that you need a second helping.

If you do feel hungry when you finish a meal, wait for ten minutes or so before deciding whether or not you want more. The chances are that your first portion will be enough.

Clean out your cupboards

We all have a finite amount of willpower, so there’s no point in wasting it. Let’s say that you’re used to cracking open an ice-cold bottle of beer when you get in at 7pm after a long and stressful day at work.

If you start the plan and decide not to drink alcohol but you leave your nice cold bottles of beer lined up in the fridge, every time you open it you’ll get a reminder of the thing you’ve decided not to have. You’ll need to use up a tiny bit of willpower to resist the urge to reach for the bottle opener.

But if you ensure there’s none in the fridge before you start the plan, they’ll be sight and, hopefully, mind. Use the same tactic for any other things you think might tempt you while trying to limit them during your transformation challenge.

Never say never

When you say that you’ll never do something, such as “I won’t have any ice cream during my body transformation”, you put a lot of pressure on yourself.

Instead, try telling yourself that you can have it tomorrow. When tomorrow comes, the chances are you either won’t feel it or you’ll be in a stronger position from a willpower point of view.

And if you still feel it, tell yourself you’ll have it tomorrow…

Prepare to succeed

If you want to stand any chance of eating well then, as a minimum, we recommend that you make your breakfast and lunch the night before so they’re ready for you to take the fridge in the morning. If you don’t have a fridge at work, buy a small cool bag. And aim to bulk-buy your food each week. It’ll save time and money.

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