Meet The Star Athletes Of Team BSN

BSN SPORTS Steps-Up To Help Coaches And Athletic Directors Amid Coronavirus-Related School Closures

Meet The Star Athletes Of Team BSN

DALLAS, April 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — BSN SPORTS, a division of Varsity Brands and the nation's largest direct marketer and distributor of sporting goods to the school and league markets, today announced a series of initiatives to allow coaches and athletic directors across the country to remain connected to and engaged with their teams during the Coronavirus outbreak and resulting school closures.  These digital, free-of-charge offerings reinforce BSN SPORTS' commitment to providing innovative content and tools to help improve the physical and mental well-being of students during this stressful and disruptive time.

Available 100% free-of-charge programs and resources include the following:

  • Coaches' Digital Card: BSN SPORTS recognizes there are millions of student-athletes at home, wishing they had the opportunity to compete one last time, and that the coaches who inspire those kids on a daily basis are, in large measure, unable to connect and impart positivity and validation those kids need and deserve. To keep the lines of communication open, BSN SPORTS has created a digital card service where coaches can personalize with their school colors, mascot and images and send messages to all of their players to let them know how they feel about them, celebrate a great season or, if the recipient is a senior, the end of a great high school career. The digital card portal can be accessed here:
  • Coaching Clinic Virtual Webinars: BSN SPORTS' coaching education clinics hosted around the country are now digitally accessible via virtual webinar.  We have a team of Brand Ambassadors that include former Gold Medalist Olympians, All-American athletes, and professional coaches who are here to help coaches take their programs to the next level amid widespread school closures.  In addition, coaches can receive Continued Education Credit hours for attending these webinars.  Upcoming clinics are scheduled for Strength (April 7th) and Swimming (April 15th).  The webinars can be accessed here:
  • Online Physical Education Network (“OPEN”): As the nation's largest public-service organization serving physical educators, coaches and activity leaders, OPEN is available to help coaches and students deal with extended school closings.  Specifically, BSN SPORTS has created Home Physical Education Curriculum Resources for Grades K-12 designed specifically to help coaches plan and deliver instructional content virtually. The OPEN curriculum can be accessed here:
  • Varsity Brands Believe in You® Online Video Series:  This free-of-charge episodic series is designed to educate students and staff about the incredible power of believing in yourself, despite the challenges and trials that life may present.  This includes lessons that possess unique relevance amid the stresses of the coronavirus crisis. Hosted by Kevin Atlas, the first Division 1 basketball player with one arm and renowned motivational speaker, the series stars personalities from around the country discussing social and emotional learning topics such as overcoming depression and anxiety, inclusion, chemical dependency, and more. Each season's nine episodes have between eight to 12 minutes of programming and are accompanied by complimentary class curriculum to help students keep the conversation going. The Believe in You series can be accessed here:

Jared Drinkwater, Chief Marketing Officer at BSN SPORTS, said, “We've talked to tens of thousands of coaches and athletic directors over the past two weeks who are all working hard to stay productive and connected during this unprecedented time of uncertainty.

Most importantly, they want to be there for their athletes, so we felt it was important to quickly develop ways to make that happen virtually. Our priority is to help bridge those connections amid school closures and sports season cancellations.

We will continue to create new content and offer more digital tools to do our part to help for as long as it takes to get kids back on campus.”

Dallas-based BSN SPORTS is the leading marketer, manufacturer and distributor of sporting goods apparel and equipment.

A division of Varsity Brands, BSN SPORTS markets and distributes its products to over 100,000 institutional and team sports customers in colleges and universities, middle and high schools, and recreational programs throughout the United States via catalog, e-commerce, and direct sales.

Focused on providing game changing solutions through local partnerships, multi-brand selection and one-stop shopping for equipment and uniforms, BSN SPORTS' more than 3,000 employees have been helping elevate participation in team sports since 1972. For more information about BSN SPORTS please visit

About Varsity Brands
With a mission to inspire achievement and create memorable experiences for young people, Varsity Brands elevates the student experience, promotes participation and celebrates achievement through three unique but interrelated businesses: Herff Jones, a Varsity Achievement Brand; BSN SPORTS, a Varsity Sport Brand; and Varsity Spirit. Together, these assets promote personal, school and community pride through their customizable products and programs to elementary and middle schools, high schools, and colleges and universities, as well as church organizations, professional and collegiate sports teams and corporations. Through its 8,200 dedicated employees and independent representatives, Varsity Brands reaches its individual and institutional customers each year via catalog, telesales, ecommerce sites and direct sales channels.

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Meet The Star Athletes Of Team BSN

Meet The Star Athletes Of Team BSN

Leading sports nutrition brand BSN has just launched Endorush, a high quality energy and performance pre-workout product that will take your training to the next level.

To celebrate, BSN has been on the hunt for a new ambassador to join its team of legendary athletes, which includes competitive bodybuilder Josh Maley, fitness model Diana Kelleher and MMA fighter Cian Cowley.

The newest addition to the team has been found so stay tuned for the announcement.

Available in four mouthwatering flavours, Endorush is a high-quality transparent formula that uses the right number and combination of ingredients to deliver just the right pre-workout experience. Just one scoop contains a 6g patented blend of arginine and citrulline, 3g of creatine, 2.9g of beta-alanine and 200mg of caffeine.

It takes nothing to be the rest; it takes everything to stand alone at the top. Here’s how BSN’s incredible athletes rise to the top to finish first.

What does a typical day’s training entail?

I train five times a week. Monday is push (chest, shoulders, triceps), and Tuesday is pull (back and biceps). Wednesday’s a rest day, Thursday is legs day – focusing on hamstrings and glutes – and then on Friday and Saturday I repeat the push and pull from the start of the week.

My sessions last between 90 and 105 minutes and they consist of isolation work, one or two heavy compound movements focusing on strength, and then volume and blood pump work to finish. The focus for me is on my upper body because I am fortunate to have strong legs.

As a bodybuilder it is important to critique my physique regularly, assess which areas I need to work on and then adjust my training accordingly.

Cardio varies depending on the time of year. At the height of my prep I will be doing one hour six days a week. In the off-season I try to keep my step count high but tend not to factor cardio in specifically.

What’s your daily diet?

The quantity of food I eat varies, depending if I am on prep or on my offseason. My food choices remain the same all year. First thing I’ll have eggs and a protein and greens shake with BSN Syntha-6 Edge Protein. A bit later I’ll have oats with added Syntha-6 Edge Protein Powder.

Before my workout it’s Endorush with an added 5g of BCAA DNA and 10g of Glutamine DNA. During the workout I top up with carb powder, Amino X and more BCAA DNA. Afterwards it’s a mix of carb powder, hydro whey and Glutamine DNA.

My next meal will be oats and white fish, then later I’ll have rice cakes and turkey. Then it’s tuna and salad is my last proper meal, but I make sure I have some more Syntha-6 Edge Protein (it actually tastes terrific!) and peanut butter before I go to bed

On days I don’t weight train I decrease my carbs, drop all the supplements around the workouts, and increase my fats slightly.

How do you ensure you get enough recovery time?

My training and diet is set up to maximise recovery. I ensure I get 6½ to seven hours’ sleep in the week, and I’ll get eight to nine at the weekends to help my recovery.

What achievement are you most proud of?

Winning the NABBA Mr Universe competition in 2017 in the Class One category.

What’s your next goal?

Next up for me is the NABBA Pro League. I aim to compete in the NABBA Pro Universe in 2018 and look forward to pitching myself against the top NABBA Pros and seeing how I compare.

What does Finish First mean to you?

Finish First means giving it your all. For me winning is not the focus. Progressing and becoming the best version of me is what is most important and is what I class as succeeding. Whatever your goal, commit to it 100%. Finish First means being proud of your achievements.

Middletown High School

Meet The Star Athletes Of Team BSN

WHAT:  Raising Cane’s Ohio and the OHSAA partner to provide funding for student-athletes across Ohio WHERE: Your closest Raising Cane’s location (All Raising Cane’s locations in Ohio) WHEN: Thursday, April 30, 2020. 4pm – Close. In a statewide effort to help serve schools, Raising Cane’s Ohio has stepped up and partnered with the Ohio High School Athletic Association.

On Monday April 20, at 8:20p (20:20pm), Middletown turned on our Soccer/Track lights for 20 minutes, as a sign to honor and recognize the Class of 2020 and all our spring athletes. All the GMC Schools and OHSAA colleagues joined us in #BeTheLightOhio ! 

Information Relative to Spring Sports & Beyond Yesterday’s announcement by Governor DeWine extended mandatory school closures through the rest of the school year.  As a result: The mandated No-Contact period has been extended through this date (June 1). This is to assist with the Governor’s ‘stay at home’ order, to prohibit coaches from privately meeting

“Believe in You” is a FREE episodic series designed to educate students and staff about the incredible power of believing in yourself, despite the challenges and trials that life may present.   It is hosted by Kevin Atlas and includes personalities from around the country who have overcome personal challenges to accomplish the  extraordinary.   Please click here

Information from the OHSAA Office: Winter Tournaments: We meet daily as a staff.  When we first announced the postponement, we anticipated schools being closed but did not know the duration.  While everyone wants these tournaments played – we do as much as anyone.  We also know what we are up against with the overriding factor

Mar 17 Girls Junior Varsity Softball at Milford High School Scrimmage 5:00 pm   Mar 18 Boys Varsity Baseball at Little Miami High School scrimmage 5:00 pm | Little Miami High School Mar 18 Boys Junior Varsity Baseball vs. Little Miami High School scrimmage 5:00 pm | Lefferson Park Mar 19 Girls Varsity Softball vs.



TUESDAY, MARCH 17th at 6:30 pm IN THE ARENA   Please arrive at 6:15 pm so we can begin our program in the arena promptly at 6:30 pm. At that time we will make our special team presentations and individual awards. Following the program in the arena each team will go to its own area

Congratulations to the 4 Middies and Coach Banks that have been selected to participate in the 4th Annual McDonald’s Butler County All-Star Game presented by BSN Sports!  Sa’Mill Calhoun, Ari Ingram, Jhordan Mumford, and Rob Thompson. Coach Banks will be coaching as well!! This year’s game will be held at Hamilton High School on Saturday,


Fountain Central High School

Meet The Star Athletes Of Team BSN

BSN has put together some items on the theme of getting through this together and made them Mustang related.  All of the items would ship directly to the buyer and youth sizes are available. Mustangs – stay safe out there! Shop Link –

com?p=eyJzIjoicFZWTFZwSmVxS3BSUUtsWjRkQU1pOVZxZTF3IiwidiI6MSwicCI6IntcInVcIjozMDgzNzg4OSxcInZcIjoxLFwidXJsXCI6XCJodHRwczpcXFwvXFxcL3d3dy5ic250ZWFtc3BvcnRzLmNvbVxcXC9zaG9wXFxcL0ZDMjAyMEdFQVJcIixcImlkXCI6XCI3MTFlOTM3M2I3ZjE0YTMwOWYzODJmYzIwZGRiMjNlZVwiLFwidXJsX2lkc1wiOltcIjk0OGI0YTRjOTk3NWYxMjE3ODFmMDBjMTRlNjA5YjQ0MTRmZDk1ZmFcIl19In0   Shop Closes on April 28.  

MUSTANG SENIOR ATHLETE PROFILES   Name: Paityn Krout Favorites: -Movie:  Where the Heart Is -TV show:  Criminal Minds -Restaurant: Cheddar’s -Food:  Burgers -Musician/Group:    Imagine Dragons -Song:  “Fool” — Cavetown     Current Spring Sport & Years in the Sport:  Track & Field – 5 years Favorite Athlete in Your Sport:  Kendra Harrison, an American hurdler. Hurdling is a race with a little extra

MUSTANG SENIOR SPRING ATHLETE PROFILES   Name: Jacob Newman Rice Favorites: -Movie:  Napoleon Dynamite -TV show:  Big Bang Theory -Restaurant: Suzie Q’s -Food:  Seasoned Fries -Musician/Group:  The Moody Blues -Song:  “Dawn is a Feeling” Current Spring Sport & Years in the Sport: Track – 5 years Favorite Athlete in Your Sport:   Logan Pietrzak is my favorite athlete in not only track, but

MUSTANG SENIOR SPRING ATHLETE PROFILES   Name:  Gracie Lyons Favorites: -Movie:  Deadpool -TV show:  Supernatural -Restaurant:  Texas Roadhouse -Food: Anything Chinese -Musician/Group:  The Weeknd -Song:  “American Kids” — Kenny Chesney Current Spring Sport & Years in the Sport:  Boys’ Golf Manager – 3 years Favorite Athlete in Your Sport:  Chase Wright What are your favorite memories from this sport?   Making the team laugh with

MUSTANG SENIOR SPRING ATHLETE PROFILES Name:  Katherine Hurt Favorites: -Movie:  Any Leonardo Decaprio movie -TV show:   Criminal Minds -Restaurant: Fazoli’s -Food:  Pasta -Musician/Group:  Mac Miller -Song:  “Liability” Current Spring Sport & Years in the Sport:  Track – 3 years Other Sports:  Cheer, swim, basketball, cross country. What are your favorite memories from this sport?  The Charger Relays meet. What are you doing

MUSTANG SENIOR SPRING ATHLETE PROFILES Name:  Alexis Van Hook Favorites: -Movie:  Heathers -TV show:  Ozark -Restaurant:  Any place my dad and I go on our sports trips (usually Mexican, sushi, or a brewery). -Food:  Sushi -Musician/Group:  Eminem -Song:  “Without Me” Current Spring Sport & Years in the Sport:  Softball – 13 years. Favorite Athlete in Your Sport:   Just love the sport but won’t

MUSTANG SENIOR SPRING ATHLETE PROFILES Name: Shy Rahm Favorites: -Movie:  Pitch Perfect -TV show:  I actually don’t watch TV much -Restaurant: Chick-fil-a -Food: Pasta -Musician/Group:  Morgan Wallen or Tyler Childers -Song:  “Lady May” – Tyler Childers   Current Spring Sport & Years in the Sport:  Softball – 14 years Favorite Athlete in Your Sport:  It’s hard to have a favorite college or pro player

MUSTANG SENIOR ATHLETE PROFILES Name: Elizabeth McMasters Favorites: -Movie:  The Fast & Furious -TV show:  Grey’s Anatomy -Restaurant: Red Lobster -Food: Mexican Food -Musician/Group:  Luke Bryan -Song:  “Ride it Out” – Jaden Hamilton     Current Spring Sport & Years in the Sport:  Archery – 4 years Favorite Athlete in Your Sport:  Scott Starnes, He is an amazing Pro Archer from Crawfordsville. He has

MUSTANG SENIOR ATHLETE PROFILES Name: Maddy Massey Favorites: -Movie:  A Star is Born -TV show:  Criminal Minds:  SVI -Restaurant: Olive Garden -Food: Any type of pasta -Musician/Group:  Luke Combs / Morgan Wallen -Song:  “Chasin You” – Morgan Wallen Current Spring Sport & Years in the Sport:  Softball – 14 years   Other Sports: Cheer – 7 years   What are your favorite memories from

MUSTANG SENIOR ATHLETE PROFILES Name: Denton Otero Favorites: -Movie:  The Carter Effect -TV show:  Stranger Things -Restaurant: Panda Express -Food: Mexican -Musician/Group:  Alicia Keys/Billie Eilish/Travis Scott/J. Cole -Song:  “Empire State of Mind” – JAY-Z & Alicia Keys     Current Spring Sport & Years in the Sport:  Manager for girls’ tennis – 4 years Favorite Athlete in my Sport:  Rafael Nadal, Russell Westbrook Other


Team players: Getting athletes to accept their roles

Meet The Star Athletes Of Team BSN

Struggling to get some of your athletes — or their parents — to accept their limited roles? You’re not alone.

Getting your athletes to understand, accept and even embrace their roles is one of the biggest areas for developing a successful team. The obvious problem with getting individuals to play roles is that certain roles have much more appeal than others.

Who gets the most praise, pats on the back and interviews after the games? Too often it’s the leading scorer, not the teammate who set the perfect and painful screens to get him or her open. It’s the running back who scored the winning touchdown, not the dedicated linemen who opened up the gaping holes for him.

Coach, parent and media attention to the “glamour” positions is one of the biggest obstacles for getting individuals to accept and embrace less-popular roles. However, these roles are absolutely critical to your team’s success.

Accepting roles

Championship teams have players who not only accept these under-appreciated roles but understand their significance and value to the team — and they take pride in playing them. As former NBA coaching legend Pat Riley said, ““The key to teamwork is to learn a role, accept that role and strive to become excellent playing it.””

Your goal as a coach is to have your athletes accept the role they are given, whatever it may be. How do you get your players to understand and accept their roles? Here are some thoughts.

Defining roles

A key aspect of getting your athletes to accept their roles is to clearly define them. Role definition means that each player must know what is expected both on the court and off the court. It includes the responsibilities that they are expected to handle and fulfill.

Let’s take the six-time world champion Chicago Bulls as an example. While Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen were the primary penetrators and scorers, Steve Kerr basically had to find the opening and knock down the outside jumper. Dennis Rodman and Horace Grant had two responsibilities: rebound and defend. Ron Harper just had to play defense.

It’s usually your superstars who have to take on additional roles (Jordan and Pippen). But the majority of your “role” players just need to play their role effectively, and everything else takes care of itself. All of your athletes should have one or two primary responsibilities that, when executed successfully, propel the team toward its ultimate goal.

Defining & clarifying roles

There are two ways to define and clarify team roles.

1. Individual meetings with each athlete. It usually is best to begin the meeting by asking the athlete about the roles or contributions the athlete is currently making. Find out how satisfied they are with their present role as they see it, as well as any future roles that they would to play.

Either the athlete sees things the way you do or you need to bring in your perspective as a coach. If the athlete would to play a greater role, discuss what you think it takes to reach that goal. It may range from extra practice to transferring to another team to a reality check.

The key is to have honest and open communication between you and each athlete.

2. Teammates clarifying roles for each other. An excellent and effective way of clarifying and appreciating roles is to have your team define roles for each other. Have your athletes sit in a circle and describe each person’’s role.

Ask the team, “”What does Jason bring to this team? What do we need from him to reach the team goals we have set for ourselves?”” If Jason is a starter, look for the athletes to discuss his strengths and help him see his role more clearly.

If he is a sub, players tend to talk about the need for him to push the starters to get better, as well as appreciate the “little” things he does. Be a part of the meeting so you can reinforce and redirect comments accordingly.

Role appreciation

Perhaps the biggest key to accepting one’s role is through role appreciation. You are trying to create a sense of pride in playing a role. You want each athlete to understand the contribution that they make to the team and take pride in it, regardless of whether it is valued by the fans or media.

Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson acknowledged the importance of role playing in his book “Sacred Hoops.” “”I knew that the only way to win consistently was to give everybody —— from the stars to the No. 12 player on the bench —— a vital role on the team.””

Nails and glue awards

Getting people to accept roles requires that you appreciate them. By appreciating them, your players begin to understand that their role is valued and ultimately important to the team reaching its common goal. While the fans and media may overlook some vital roles, you can appreciate them in a more effective way through team awards.

One such award that I have developed with teams is called the “Nails” award and the “Glue” award. We created the Nails award to acknowledge and appreciate the mental toughness of the athlete(s) who is “mentally tough as nails.

” The award is given on a weekly or bimonthly basis and is voted on by the team. The athletes are not allowed to vote for themselves. The Glue award focuses on team aspects and is symbolized by the “glue that binds the team together.

” The athletes vote for the teammate who had the best team attitude demonstrated by encouraging teammates and making individual sacrifices.

Create various awards for whatever roles you deem important to your team’s success,— recognizing the player with the most rebounds, assists, charges taken or screens set. Let your players come up with the names for the award.

The Arizona men’’s basketball team created the “All-Props Team” to acknowledge the player who best exemplified the team’s standards for success. Determine your award objective stats or have your team vote for the athlete they felt did the best job.

Announce the award at practice, put up a sheet on the athlete’s locker, and add his or her name to the main award list in the locker room.

Jeff Janssen directs Leadership Academies for the nation’’s top colleges. For more information on developing leaders, team building and mental toughness, visit his website at