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You Can Now Join A Virtual Running Club

Born from the spirit of traditional races, Virtual Running Club is the finest virtual experience provider in America. VRC gives participants the incentive, motivation and accountability to make meaningful positive actions through tangible rewards via online events.

We use technology to help people disconnect from that same technology. Our purpose is to help you spend time with loved-ones, both near and far, while working toward a common goal of accomplishment.

We do this with virtual races and other events that come with a physical reward once the challenge has been completed through an honor-based, self-report system. Usually, the reward is a medal, coin or medallion designed with upmost care to commemorate the achievement. Additionally, participants find support from the VRC community.

Because we believe that awards should only be given to those that finish, participants are accountable to VRC and other registrants. Even more important however, participants are accountable to themselves to complete their challenge. They can do their race/challenge at their pace anywhere in the world, but it must be completed before we'll send the award.

Give us a try! Be a part of the global VRC community whether you are racing by yourself or meeting up with other runners in your community to participate in these events. Link to Races

President & Founder

Salem is the President and Founder of Vacation Races & Virtual Running Club. He loves the personal growth that comes from athletics and physical challenges. He also is in love with National Parks.

He received a BA in Business from Southern Virginia University where he was an All-American track athlete. He also has an MBA from BYU.

Chief Operating Officer

Once a 'running for fun' hater, Holland fell in love with the sport when he used it to help him lose more than 80 pounds (he even wrote a book about it: The Fat Trainer).

With a background in personal training and some degrees in advertising and marketing from Mizzou, Virtual Running Club is the perfect fit for Holland. While long runs on the beach are always fun, Holland prefers the mountain trails in Utah.

Have business development, partnership, operations questions? Email Holland

For help with a race, registration, swag, etc. Please email support for a quicker reply:

Chief Marketing Officer

Ryan claims to be a “product in infinite beta”; never perfect, always improving.

He loves hamburgers and peanut butter (not together) and he should run more. He also really enjoys writing bios in the 3rd person.

Have marketing related questions? Email Ryan

For help with a race, registration, swag, etc. Please email support for a quicker reply:

Fulfilment Ninja

All this swag needs someone that knows how to keep it straight and Lora is that person.

Whether biking or hiking, when Lora isn't keeping track of your package, you can find her out enjoying all that Southern Utah has to offer.

Virtual races are just traditional races with a shirt, medal, bib, community and fun, but you can run, walk or hike your race wherever you want with whoever you want. Even on a treadmill! Racers report their time and then we send a medal to them for completing the race.

What have you got to lose? Try us out ? Register now!

A full registration comes with a quality race shirt, bib, medal and the chance to win prizes. Plus, you can opt the medal or shirt or bib and pay a little less.

In addition, be sure to join the supportive and fun social community on , Instagram, & Pinterest.

Why should you race with us?

We are a race company that believes that, just our in-person races, a medal should be earned by finishing the race. You prove that you finished by submitting your race time to your account. We'll send your finisher's medal after you report your time.

For any customer support, race questions or other issue, please visit the Help Center.


Virtual Fun Run

You Can Now Join A Virtual Running Club

All you’ve got to do is register and track your runs and walks. RecSports will do the rest!

What is a Virtual Fun Run? 
Gators from all across the world will be able to participate in this unique FREE event. Run a 5K (or compete in our walking challenge) from any location. You will use the activity tracking app of your choosing to record and report your results.

When is the Virtual Fun Run?
You will be able to complete your run or walk and report your results at any point between April 27 & May 3.

When is registration open?
Registration opens on Friday, April 3rd and continues all the way through the last day of the competition on Sunday, May 3rd.

How can I register? 
Visit RSConnect find “Special Events” and then click “Virtual Fun Run”.  Be sure to sign in with your Gatorlink username and password.

Who is eligible to participate?
Any current University of Florida student, faculty, staff, or spouse of the aforementioned are eligible to participate. UF alumni are also invited to participate with an active gatorlink account.

Will there be prizes!?!
Yes! But not just for the fastest times! There will be a series of unique and fun challenges to give participants multiple chances to win a race medal and other RecSports swag! Prize recipients will be announced following the last day of the event. Prizes will be available for pick-up once RecSports facilities reopen.

I’m in! Now that I have registered, what do I do next?
All registered participants will receive a “race packet” via e-mail on Thursday, April 23 with detailed information on reporting times, list of challenges, and other important information.

Follow @UFRecSports on , Instagram and for daily inspiration, activities, and information on how to keep living in motion.

Prepare using the RecSports guided training plan.

RecSports is here for you whether you’re an avid runner or just starting out for the first time!  Our fitness team has created a plan for you to follow  to better your stamina, distances and time!  View our training plan and video sessions to help you on your way to making your best time!

Below you’ll find a variety of apps and resources to help you record your times, distances and progress. This list is only suggestions, please use any app that you’re most comfortable and familiar with!

Map My Run iOS | Android
Nike Run Club iOS | Android
Runkeeper iOS | Android
Runtastic iOS | Android
Strava iOS | Android


This Virtual Fun Run is about more than just beating your own personal record. We have created a series of fun challenges for you to opt into during this event. RecSports staff will select winners from each category. Winners will receive a race medal in addition to their completion certificate.

In order to be eligible to win, participants must be successfully registered for the Virtual Fun Run on the RecSports website, complete the Scorecard to confirm their completion of the challenge, and post applicable pictures to either , Instagram, and/or using the hashtag #UFVFR

Multiple ways to win

  • Take a picture showcasing your chosen course. This can be a popular or historical landmark or a beautiful picture of your trail.
  • Show off your kicks! Share with us a photo of your favorite running or walking shoes.
  • Get dressed up for your run in a themed costume. Awards will be given to the outfit with the most Gator spirit, the most creative, and other favorites of the judges!
  • We will rock you! Let us know what song you rock out to the most on your runs.
  • Do you have a companion with you on your run? Take a picture of you completing the run with your pet.
  • Stay hydrated! Let’s see pictures of your super cool water bottles that are helping keep you quenched on the course.
  • And of course, we will be awarding medals to the participants with the fastest recorded times and the most amount of steps completed in the week.


Find A Running Club That Fits

You Can Now Join A Virtual Running Club

Running with others is a great motivator for many people. You can encourage each other, push each other and the miles will hopefully fly by. Years ago you had pretty much one option for joining a running group and that was your standard running club. Now there are a huge number of options available to you.

Running clubs are still a great option for runners of every level. Some people may have a preconception about clubs being elitist or unwelcoming for slower runners but nothing could be further from the truth these days. Most clubs will run a range of groups, suitable for runners of different levels.

Most will run sessions for interval training, hills or even track – the sort of stuff it’s really hard to really push yourself on when you run alone. If you want to find -minded people for social running or to help you develop your running further, then joining a running club is a brilliant thing to do.

You can find your nearest running club HERE.

However, if you find you can’t make it to a running club on the nights or at the times they meet there are now many other options available to you. Many running shops and gyms organise running groups nowadays.

Runners Need operate their Just Run run club from their stores in the UK and you can even earn rewards to reclaim in their shops. After your first 3 runs you’ll get an exclusive goody bag and a Just Run T-Shirt.

Plus for every 10 stamps (1 per run) they’ll give you £10 to spend in-store or online. Spend your stamps as you earn them or save them up, the choice is yours.

One of the Just Run Club Legends, who’ve put in many hours at the club, is Charlotte, who says of her experience: “Primarily Run Club has become a social staple of my week.

I have made a group of friends there that both run and socialise together, as well as supporting each other in races and challenges. On a weekly basis it is also really great to have a group of running friends that push each other and understand each other’s running style.

We wordlessly take it in turns to pace each other and motivate each other to run harder and faster.”

Runners Need Just Run Running Club

You can find out where the closest Just Run Club is to you HERE.

Another option is a virtual running club. OK, obviously you don’t get the benefit of actually physically running with other people, but you can get advice, virtual support via social media, and even a club vest! A new venture in this area is the Run Things Run Club, which launches on May 1st.

The brainchild of Kevin Betts and Clare Rixon, who launched Run Up to Christmas and Run Around the World, the Run Things Run Club will offer members a technical running club vest or tee shirt as part of their registration, as well as access to structured training programmes, a running coach, physios and other industry professionals. Members will also get discounts from running partners and the opportunity to meet up at races and events across the country. Importantly, the RTRC will provide a safe and supportive environment that encourages all club members to speak out, seek support and offer care to each other. Membership will be £25 per year.

“We set out to bring runners of all abilities together in virtual events to fundraise for Mind,” says Kevin. “Things took off much quicker than we could have imagined. More than that, we accidentally created an incredibly supportive community of runners who were inspired by their own mental health challenges or those of loved ones to engage in our events,” he says.

“Our runners have shared some incredible stories about why they run and why they enjoy virtual events and our online community. Some of their stories have been uplifting but others utterly heart-breaking.

Common to all has been their appreciation of our hugely supportive community of runners which is what inspired us to formalise things as Run Things to bring people together.”

Clare and Kev of Run Things Run Club

People can sign up to Run Things Run Club at

Another virtual running club option is We Run. You can access a whole host of resources via their app. They will provide tailored training plans, strength and conditioning, guided audio runs for speedwork, even yoga videos. You will also benefit from their supportive community of runners and coaches. Find out more about them HERE.

You could probably also argue that Strava is the biggest running club there is. It allows runners to share runs, support others and get a bit competitive if you’re into that sort of thing. But don’t forget to use some Strava etiquette. And keep the wankery to a minimum.

Running clubs and groups aren’t for everybody, but if you do want to try one there’s a huge range of different options out there now. If you really the idea of a club, but you can’t fit a regular club night into your busy lifestyle, why not explore the options?


Run Archives

You Can Now Join A Virtual Running Club

During this unprecedented time as our nation is quarantined in attempts to fight the COVID-19 Virus, our sport on a competitive scale has come to a screeching halt.

We all have friends that are in prime shape ready to set season bests, or even personal records at “A” race spring marathons and road races throughout the country. We also have high school youth and young college adults that were primed for an epic 2020 Track season that is slipping away.

As former high school and track athletes that still cherish those competitive years we simply couldn’t sit back, and let the months and stellar fitness that athletes have trained for, not have a platform to compete and shine.

With today’s technology, the ample tracks sprinkled in communities throughout our country, treadmills, and smartwatches we don’t have to “skip” this track season completely.  We are excited to announce TRACKSback: Nationwide Virtual Track Meets for all ages and abilities.

 We hope that you will join us as we host a 10 week virtual track season allowing participants to pay one low price, compete in up to 4 events weekly, and be scored for the entire season. Results will showcase athletes from throughout our cities, states, and the nation.

Participants can race in up to 4 Events at each meet for Only $5 +$2 PROCESSING per MEET or $35/Season

  • 400 Meter (1/4 or .25 Mile)
  • 800 Meter (1/2 or .5 Mile)
  • 1600 Meter (1 Mile)
  • 3200 Meter (2 Mile)

Check out the TRACKshack for Dope Gear! Register for the Full Season for a Free Tee. 

Follow TRACKSback on for updates, give aways, and tons of TRACKfacts on the history of our sport! 

JoinTRACKSback event page to view and share posts from participants throughout the country…see participants videos and pictures as they post a season best, personal record, and more! Join the TRACKSback online community now.

Follow TRACKSback20on Today! 

Got Questions? Visit our FAQ Page.

Pizza Run Indy

Pizza! It’s the life of the party! It’s the perfect food for carnivores and herbivores. The possibilities on toppings are pretty much endless. Then pair Pizza up with Running and Beer to create a most fabulous love triangle.

We invite all of you running/walking, red sauce, cheese loving foodies to join us as we celebrate Pizza in the best way we know how: A Pizza Party we to call, Pizza Run Indy! Pizza Run Indy will take place on 9/3/2020-that’s right it’s a Thursday night leading into Labor Day weekend! Guggman Haus Brewing Co.

will play host to this cheesy and delicious evening of fun serving up their delicious and unique beers, and of course we will have one helluva Pizza Spread from Indy’s favorite pizza joints.

Race starts at 7PM and at 7:01 PM the Pizza stands will open! Each entry includes a chip timed 5k Run/Walk, commemorative race bib, a trip to the Pizza Bar, a Finisher Beer, a Pizza Run Indy tee, and a Unique Custom Pizza Run Finisher Medal!

Earn the 2020 Pizza Run Indy “Opening Pizza Box” Bling

New for the 2020 Pizza Run Indy we are partnering with our peeps at The Shop Indy to provide an exclusive The Shop branded tee for Pizza Run Participants! Stay tuned for the design release, but expect MAJOR comfort and style! 

Not a Runner or Walker…but Love Pizza & Fun?

“0.0 I Will NOT Run for Pizza”

Not interested in the Pizza “RUN,” but want to be a part of the fun and party! Join the “0.

0 I Will NOT Run for Pizza” division! You start right under the same arch, and proceed straight into the After Party for beer/pizza, and fun! All entries get a commemerative 0.

0 Pizza Run sticker, and 2 Guggman Haus Brewing Co Beers, and of course a trip to the Pizza bar. 0.0 Participants also have an option to add the event tee for $7.

9-11 PTSD 5K

Join us in our Inaugural 9-11 PTSD 5K Run/Walk on the Beautiful Downtown Indianapolis Canal. All funds raised will benefit the MRAS PTSD Recovery Program.

Rather than simply reacting to the rising number of those who suffer from PTSD, The MRAS PTSD Recovery Program Inc. focuses on strengthening the ability to cope and respond to traumatic provocations by encouraging positive encouragement over a one-week program.

The program provides services aimed at four separate but distinct groups; “Operation Warriors Solitude” for Veterans, “Vulcan’s Heart” for First Responders, “Broken Wings” for Women Veterans and First Responders, and “Rebirth” for those re-entering society after imprisonment.

This is at no cost to the participants.

Ripple Effect 5k

Join hundreds of runners and walkers on Thursday, October 17th (6:30pm) for the Ripple Effect 5k!

Now in its 13th year, the Ripple Effect 5k has become a tradition for runners and walkers in the Indianapolis-area! Participants will get a scenic tour of the sights and sounds around the village of Broad Ripple!

Be sure to stick around once you finish for the post-race block party, complete with vendors, refreshments and music! To make things even sweeter, all participants over 21 will receive 2 FREE beer or wine tickets to redeem after you finish! Broad Ripple Brewpub is providing the beer and Cork & Cracker is providing wine!

NEW! Are you a member of a running club? Wanna race against members of surrounding area and even your own club? You now have the option to enter yourself into the Run Club Division and battle it out for bragging rights!

Interested in Volunteering to help make the 13th Annual Ripple Effect 5k a huge success? Click Here to learn more and sign up!

Home Sweet Hope 5k Run/Walk

Realtors of Morgan county present Home Sweet Hope walk/run 5k. This year will be hosted at Bradford woods. Our route takes you through  beautiful, scenic view trails.

All funds will be donated to Churches in Mission, Desert Rose Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, HandiCapable Camp, League of Miracles, LYNAY Center of Martinsville, Martinsville Youth and Development Center, Mooresville Boys and Girls Club, Realtor Foundation, Wellspring Center.

2019 Shirt Design: 

Running of the Bulldogs 5k

UPDATE: The Running of the Bulldogs 5k will now be a Virtual Event. 

The Running of the Bulldogs 5K is a community event to raise money for the Brownsburg High School Band, Guard, and Orchestra. Each year, over 600 middle and high school students go through our amazing music and performance programs.

As the Brownsburg student population grows, the costs to provide many of the necessary resources will also. Your support will allow us make sure money is never a reason for a child to quit something they passionately wish to pursue.

Your support will contribute to the growth and development of over 600 youth annually in our community.

NEW This Year:  This year you will have the option to run/walk the mapped 5k course with RaceJoy. Download the RaceJoy app and carry your phone while you complete the course.

Along your race you will hear your mile splits as well as hear messages from the Running of the Bulldog Race Crew and sponsors.

You can even let family and friends know that you will be racing the Running of the Bulldog 5k, so that they can leave you some “cheers” on your race day. You may choose to race your 5k anytime 4/18 – 5/1.

2020 SWAG: 

Sparky’s Musical Mile

Support the Speedway Music Department by participating in Sparky’s Musical Mile on Saturday, Nov. 10 at 9 am!  All ages are invited to run a mile course at Speedway High School.

  Run along with Sparky as the music department begins it campaign to purchase new uniforms.  Be entertained as choir and band members perform along the route.  Prizes given for various age groups and categories.  Each participant receives a long-sleeved tee.

  Enjoy a fun morning of fitness and the arts in our Speedway community!

Brownsburg Police Department 5-0/5k Family Run/Walk

Friends of the Reserve Division present the 4th annual 5-0/5K Family Run and Walk.

Join local Officers in this police themed event as they run the course in full uniform and gear which adds an extra 30 pounds! Bring your family and enjoy the police siren start at the famous NHRA dragster starting line where you will run/walk the 4,400 foot long drag strip, the 2.5 mile road course AND the .68 mile oval.

Sign up TODAY….and yes…there will be donuts and coffee…..thats how we get the officers to attend. Just kidding, they love this event and look forward to it every year.

Comfy Tee for 2018 Event

BENefit Mile

The 3rd annual BENefit Mile will take place on Friday, August 7th, in Plainfield, Indiana at 7:00 p.m.  This net downhill race will begin on Buchanan Street and finish in downtown Plainfield near the Plainfield Friends Meeting off of East Street.

This event features a unique opportunity for seasoned runners to tackle a fast, shorter race than the typical road run, and will also appeal to those just starting out with running (walkers are also encouraged to participate)!  The BENefit Mile will have two waves: A walk and open mile run. Stick around after the races for post-race festivities!

The BENefit Mile will raise funds for the Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St.

Vincent in memory of Ben Harmon, a Hendricks County resident and runner and who passed away in July of 2018 of Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare bone cancer.  Ben’s optimism and genuine positivity towards everyone, as well as his fight against his cancer was incredibly inspiring.

This race will raise funds to help the Peyton Manning Children’s Center support other patients and families in their fight against cancer as well.

To hear more about Ben’s story, please visit the link below:

2020 Shirt Design: 

Red Nose Romp

Grab your family, your friends, and get to Indy’s most festive Holiday 5k & 10k-The Red Nose Romp in beautiful Downtown Indy! This race is gleaming with cheer as we have Christmas Carols playing every kilometer throughout the 5k course, and at the start/finish! The course also features stations for endulging in your favorite sweets! The routes boast beautiful views of our city, a candy station, and a cookie station! Once you get to the finish line we will have even more fun to celebrate the season with great holiday tunes, finisher beer, a Human Christmas Tree Decorating Contest, Adult/Kid cookie decorating contests, and of course our MASSIVE White Elephant Gift Exchange! The season is all about giving…. join us so we can give you one Jolly Good Time at the Red Nose Romp!

Please note this years race is on a Saturday Morning at White River State Park and the 10k also runs on the Downtown Indy Canal loop.

Race Tees and Medals Guaranteed through December 1, 2019 at 11:59 PM

2019 Medal Design! Shirt design coming soon!

Volunteer Opportunities Available! We pay in $20 RMP Race Credit and a comfy Volunteer’s Tee. Sign up @


Shalane Flanagan Joins Dogfish Head to Launch Virtual Run Club

You Can Now Join A Virtual Running Club


  • Former pro runner Shalane Flanagan announced this month that she is partnering with Dogfish Head to launch a virtual run club, which kicks off on January 16.
  • Flanagan will be offering monthly training tips, workout inspiration, and recipes with beer pairings for the club, which is free to join.

It’s no secret that Shalane Flanagan loves a good beer. The former professional runner—who retired last October and transitioned into a coaching role with the Bowerman Track Club—once told Runner’s World that her go-to postrace meal was a doughnut, burger, and beer, because “I don’t hold back celebrating good races,” she said.

Then at the 2018 Super Bowl, she appeared in a Michelob Ultra commercial starring Chris Pratt, where she sang about her love of beer with other pro athletes.

Now, Flanagan has a new pint in hand: Dogfish Head. This month, the company is launching a virtual running club for “all beer drinkers, running enthusiasts, and those off-centered folks seeking a healthy balance of work and play in their day-to-day lives,” and Flanagan is the official ambassador of the club, according to press release from Dogfish.

As the ambassador, Flanagan will be offering members monthly training tips, workout inspiration, and recipes inspired by her cookbooks (Run Fast. Eat Slow. and Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow.) with beer pairing suggestions. If training hard and drinking beer seem an unly combo, the 2017 New York City Marathon champion promises it’s all about balance.

“For me, life is all about balance; balancing flavor and nutrition, and indulgence and nourishment,” Flanagan said in the press release.

“That’s why, instead of counting calories, I focus on eating and drinking foods and liquids made only with wholesome, natural ingredients—and yes, that includes beer.

Dogfish Head’s focus on using culinary ingredients to brew its beers fits my lifestyle perfectly.”

Flanagan noted in the press release that her favorite postrun Dogfish Head brews are the 90 Minute IPA after a hard workout and the SeaQuench Ale after a super-sweaty run.

The club is free to join—you can register starting January 16 at Dogfish Head’s website, which is where you’ll find all of Flanagan’s advice for training and more. Members are invited to track their runs with a mobile app (or join the group Strava page), then share them via social media with the hashtag #DFHRunClub for a chance to win prizes.

Members on the East Coast might also have the chance to meet their fellow club mates IRL. On Saturday, January 18, at 10:30 a.m., Dogfish Head will host a group run at the Brewings & Eats pub in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. After the run, participants will receive headbands as well as half-price pours of their favorite brews.

If you need a little more motivation to train in 2020—and you’re not ready to commit to Dry January—this club might be for you. Plus, you’ll have a four-time Olympian to guide you along the way. Cheers!


Join A Virtual Running Club For Your Next Adventure

You Can Now Join A Virtual Running Club

Virtual running clubs are the newest running club trend that has taken off. Virtual running clubs exists online with members joining from all over the world. Members register online and run the race where ever they live instead of physically having to be at a set time and place. Medals are sent out to the runners on good faith that the participants completed the event.

Virtual running clubs are great because they allow participants to run the event on their own time and at their own pace where they feel comfortable and without pressure. Virtual races can range from 5ks all the way up to full marathons. If virtual running clubs are up your alley, below are a few you can participate in, where ever you are!

The Hogwarts Running Club

This is the club to be in for any Harry Potter fan. There are races every other month that varies in distance. All races feature a Harry Potter themed medal for everyone registered. Runners use the Charity Miles app to join their “house” and earn points.

Each race is dedicated to raising money for a certain charity. Using the Charity Miles app also allows runners to raise money for the charities on the app itself. Each house has its own shirt, page, and sometimes gift exchanges. There is no fee to join the Hogwarts running club but there are fees to register for the races which all goes to charity.

Geek’d Out Running Club

Not matter what your fandom is, the Geek’d Out running club has you covered. All through the year, they host virtual runs inspired by all things nerdy Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, and Sherlock Holmes.

All runners receive a medal and personalized race bib for each event they pay to register for. The club is based Ohio so they also host lots of local races alongside the virtual ones.

The proceeds from each race are given to children’s charities Intermountain Children’s Hospital and Intermountain Healing Hearts.

Runners are encouraged to join their page for support and to meet fellow runners in their area.

The Nerd Herd

Although the Nerd Herd only hosts three virtual races a year, they are ones you do not want to miss.

Each race features its own medal, but all four medals are connected to form one awesome giant medal. This year’s races included a Star Wars, Dr. Who, and Harry Potter themes.

These races are hosted to raise money for the charity Stupid Cancer which is an organization that supports teens with cancer.


runDisney is a running series comprised of three 5ks, each with their own unique medal and a Mickey Mouse tumbler. This year, each run was named after Mickey Mouse’s attire: the Yellow Shoes, the Red Pants, and the White Glove. The money raised through the virtual runs is donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

So no matter where you are, get out there and earn those medals! Virtual runs are meant to be ran on your time and your pace, so have fun with it. It’s a great time for both beginners and experienced runner. All of these organizations encourage runners to dress up and make their runs an experience, not just another workout.