Who Found A Real Book?

How was the book that Tommy found different from his own books?

Tommy found It different because It had printed pages on it whereas Tommy’s own book is computer screen..

The book Tommy found belonged to Margie s great grandfather.

The words on the book stood still instead of moving the way they were supposed to on a screen..

Why did Tommy call the book a waste?

Tommy called the printed book a waste because the text written in that book did not move, instead they stood still and never changed and the pages were also crinkly.

What are fake books called?

“A fake book is simply a book full of lead-sheets. A lead-sheet is the melody, chords indicated (usually without fret board diagrams), and the lyrics (often not even all the verses.) It is called a fake book so that a band can “fake” the song in performance, as if they really knew it and had practiced it before.

What songs are in the real book?

Songs include: Água De Beber (Water to Drink) • All Blues • All of Me • Autumn in New York • Bewitched • Black Orpheus • Bluesette • Body and Soul • Cherokee (Indian Love Song) • Confirmation • Donna Lee • Impressions • Meditation (Meditacao) • A Night in Tunisia • So What • Some Skunk Funk • and many more.

Who found a real book *?

Pat Metheny claims that while teaching at Berklee College of Music from 1973 to ’74, one of his guitar students and one of Gary Burton’s vibraphone students (both of whom wish to remain anonymous) invented the idea of assembling the anthology that would form The Real Book.

Where did Tommy found the real book?

Tommy found the book in the attic of his house. The book was related to the schools of the olden times.

When did Tommy find a real book?

17 may 2157Tommy found the real book on 17 may 2157 from the attic of his house..

Why did Tommy scream with laughter?

when margie was asking some stupid questions from tommy like what is there to write about school, that school was also a type of regular school . tommy listened this questions and screamed with laughter. Explanation: he would not want strange man inside the house to teach Tommy .

How did Tommy walk away to school?

Answer: Tommy had a mechanical teacher which taught him on all days in a week ok except Sunday and Saturday. When Tommy’s mechanical teacher started malfunctioning, it was being prepared by the county inspector. It took one full month to repair it. This is how Tommy walked away from school.

Who told Margie once about real book?

Answer: Tommy told Margie about the real book. Answer: Tommy told Margie once about a real book.

Why are books called fake?

A Fake book is book that contains music sheets for songs. Usually they contain chords and melody, but sometimes lyrics as well. … They were called Fake Books, because the people that wrote and publish them didn’t have the royalties for the songs.

Who found a real book and where?

Answer: Margie wrote in her diary, “Today Tommy found a real book”. Question 3: Had Margie ever seen a book before?

What is a telebook?

A telebook is a book that can be displayed on a screen for educating or entertaining people.

What the fun they had?

The Fun They Had. “The Fun They Had” is a science fiction story by American writer Isaac Asimov.

How does Margie feel about Tommy finding a real book?

Margie and Tommy were amazed by seeing the real book. … He called it waste when they read the book. The pages of book were crinckled and yellow.

What did Margie not know why?

Margie did not want to dispute the fact that a man knew as much as a teacher. … She was also not ready to accept the fact that a man could be a teacher. Margie was also not ready to have a strange man in her house to teach her.

What is a real book called?

The Real Book refers to compilations of lead sheets for jazz standards. It usually refers to the first volume of a series of books transcribed and collated by Berklee College of Music students during the 1970s. … The Real Book included melody lines, thus infringing on copyright.