What Is Kajol Net Worth?

How much is Katrina Kaif worth?

Katrina KaifNet Worth:$30 MillionGender:FemaleHeight:5 ft 8 in (1.74 m)Profession:Model, ActorNationality:United Kingdom1 more row.

How much is Amitabh Bachchan net worth?

Amitabh Bachchan net worth: Amitabh Bachchan is an Indian film actor who has a net worth of $400 million.

Who is richest actress in India?

Top 10 richest actress in IndiaAlia Bhatt. The best grossing film of Alia Bhatt was Gully Boy, which was also nominated from the country for Oscar award. … Deepika Padukone. The movie Padmavat alone paid Deepika Padukone ₹ 12 crores. … Priyanka Chopra Jonas. Advertisement. … Anushka Sharma. … Katrina Kaiff. … Shraddha Kapoor. … Jacqueline Fernandez. … Kriti Sanon.More items…•

How much is Aishwarya Rai worth?

Aishwarya Rai net worth: Aishwarya Rai is an Indian actress who has a net worth of $100 million. Aishwarya Rai has earned her net worth from her prolific acting career, which includes dozens of movies in Hindi, English, Tamil and Bengali.

Who is the No 1 heroine in India?

Deepika Padukone Deepika stands at No. 1 position out of all the current Bollywood actresses in 2020. Her rank in 2019 was 2nd.

Who is the richest woman in Bollywood?

Below is a list of top 10 richest actresses who have made it on the Bollywood industry:Deepika Padukone – $65 million.Kareena Kapoor Khan – $60 million. … Katrina Kaif – $30 million. … Priyanka Chopra – $28 million. … Kangana Ranaut – $15 million. … Sonam Kapoor – $10 million. … Shruti Haasan – $7 million. … More items…

What is the net worth of Ajay Devgan?

Ajay DevganNet Worth:$30 MillionDate of Birth:Apr 2, 1969 (51 years old)Gender:MaleHeight:5 ft 8 in (1.75 m)Profession:Actor, Film Producer, Film director1 more row

Who is the richest Bollywood actress 2020?

Here are the top 10 Richest Bollywood actresses of 2020:Priyanka Chopra Net Worth 2020 – $28 million.Vidya Balan Net Worth 2020 – $27 million.Anushka Sharma Net Worth 2020 – $25million.Sonakshi Sinha Net Worth 2020 – $20 million.Kangana Ranaut Net Worth 2020 – $15 million.Sonam Kapoor Net Worth 2020 – $10 million.More items…

Who is the richest Bollywood celebrity?

Top 10 Richest Actors of BollywoodNo.Top richest Bollywood actorsNet worth in Rupees1Shah Rukh KhanRs 5,250 crore2Amitabh BachchanRs 3,360 crore3Salman KhanRs 2,150 crore4Aamir KhanRs 1,300 crore6 more rows•Jan 20, 2020

What is Tom Cruise worth?

With a net worth of $570 million as of 2020, he is one of the highest-paid actors in the world. In addition, his films have grossed over $4 billion in North America and over $10.1 billion worldwide, making him one of the highest-grossing box office stars of all time.

Who is richer Anushka or Deepika?

Virat-Anushka Beat Ranveer-Deepika As Forbes Richest Celebrity Couple Of 2019. Forbes Celebrity 100 list of 2019 is out. With new names making to the club of top 10, this year has many first timers. … Virat earnings for 2019 were Rs 252.72 crore, while Anushka earned Rs 28.67 crore.

Who is the No 1 richest actor in the world?

Shah Rukh KhanShah Rukh Khan (net worth: $600 million) Widely regarded as the “The King of Bollywood” with over 80 films under his belt, Shah Rukh Khan from New Delhi is the richest actor in the world with an estimated net worth of $600 million.

Who is the poorest actor in Bollywood?

Cine News Bollywood celebrities who become poor from luxury lifeA.K Hangal. The versatile actor who once worked with big stars like Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra went bankrupt. … Raj Kapoor. … Shweta Basu Prasad. … Geetanjali Nagpal. … Raj Kiran. … Abhay Deol.

How rich is Hrithik Roshan?

Hrithik Roshan Net Worth in 2020Net worthUSD 45 Million (Rs 270 Crore)BornJanuary 10, 1974Age46ResidenceMumbai, Maharashtra, IndiaProfessionActor, Dancer2 more rows

Who is the richest family in Bollywood?

KAPOOR FamilyThe KAPOOR Family: – The Kapoor family is one the richest family in Bollywood.