What Is Another Word For Not Beneficial?

What’s the meaning of fruitful?


producing good results; beneficial; profitable: fruitful investigations.

abounding in fruit, as trees or other plants; bearing fruit abundantly.

producing an abundant growth, as of fruit: fruitful soil; fruitful rain..

What is the meaning of advantageous?

providing an advantage; furnishing convenience or opportunity; favorable; profitable; useful; beneficial: an advantageous position; an advantageous treaty.

Can you say more beneficial?

“Recycling used plastics can be beneficial to the environment.”…What is another word for more beneficial?betterimprovedmore serviceablemore successfulmore valuablemore refined17 more rows

How do you say something is beneficial?

RELATED WORDS AND SYNONYMS FOR BENEFICIALauspicious.beneficial.expedient.for the best.fortunate.helpful.opportune.profitable.More items…

What are beneficial effects?

Beneficial impact is the type of impact that creates positive and substantial change. It starts with a jolt that makes you come alive to put things into motion. Beneficial impact will improve the lives of others, while also improving yourself as a leader.

How do you write Win Win?

Win-win sentence examplesWhen you can rest easy without spending a lot of money and help the planet at the same time, it’s a win-win for everyone. … Composting, done correctly, is a win-win situation for the average home owner, and is very easy to do. … win-win for everyone.More items…

What does not beneficial mean?

: not beneficial : harmful.

Is it beneficial to or beneficial for?

“For” as a preposition answers “for what”, while “to” answers “to whom,” so if you have an object of a preposition like Jane or something like that, you’ll probably use “to” (e.g., it’s beneficial to Jane VS it’s beneficial for the building).

What do you call a win/win situation?

The definition of win-win is a situation or outcome where everyone comes away happy. An example of win-win is when you like the chips and your wife likes the pickle so she trades you her chips for your pickle.

What do you call a lose lose situation?

A no-win situation, also called a “lose-lose situation”, is one where a person has choices, but no choice leads to a net gain. For example, if an executioner offers the condemned the choice of death by being hanged, shot, or poisoned, all choices lead to death; the condemned is in a no-win situation.

What does a win win situation look like in a negotiation?

A win-win negotiation is a careful exploration of both your own position, and that of your opposite number, in order to find a mutually acceptable outcome that gives you both as much of what you want as possible. If you both walk away happy with what you’ve gained from the deal, then that’s a win-win!

What is the opposite of beneficial?

Antonyms of BENEFICIAL Nocuous, undamaging, Maleficial, disagreeable, harmless, hurtful, unhelpful, unrewarding, harmful, injurious, bad, worthless, unfortunate, useless, hurting, innocuous, disadvantageous.

What is another word for beneficial?

beneficialadvantageous, favourable, helpful, useful, of use, of benefit, of assistance, serviceable, of service, instrumental, valuable, of value, in one’s interests, in one’s best interests, worthwhile, good, positive.profitable, rewarding, gainful, fruitful, lucrative, remunerative, productive.propitious, promising.

Is beneficial a word?

adjective. conferring benefit; advantageous; helpful: the beneficial effect of sunshine.

What is the opposite of exact?

Antonyms: free, inexact, approximative, incorrect, wrong, rough, odd, approximate, loose, liberal, round.