Quick Answer: Why Are Assassins And Templars Enemies?

Do Templars and Assassins still exist?

The Assassins and Knights Templar officially ceased to exist centuries ago.

The former in the late 13th century, at the hands of the Mongols and Mamluk Sultanate, and the latter in the early 14th century, at the hands of European governments..

Were Templars good or bad?

To the Christians before the accusations of heresy, the Templars were most certainly good. … However, since the Templars have been since absolved of their accusations, they are viewed certainly as good and holy men. In short, no, the Templars were not bad, but their reputation of legend makes them a topic of mystery.

What do the assassins fight for?

Whereas the Templars seek to save humanity from itself by controlling free will, the Assassin Brotherhood fight to ensure the survival of freedom, as it allows for the progression of new ideas and the growth of individuality.

Did Templars and Assassins fight?

It was rare for the conflict to ever become particularly conspicuous, although there were occasions, such as the Third Crusade, where the Assassins and Templars openly fought alongside those they were manipulating.

Why do the assassins hate the Templars?

The Assassins want people to control their own destinies, and are opposed to any form of subjugation. Templars, on the other hand, want to subjugate people, control their destinies.

Do the assassins still exist?

Do the Assassins exist today? While there is no evidence to suggest the Assassins continued their operations, the legend is said to be a continued motivation for insurgents seeing to replicate their methods and tactics.

Who are the bad guys assassins or Templars?

In the franchise, the Templars are always the bad guys. In Assassin’s Creed, Ubisoft puts the Templars to blame for every wrongdoing in written human history, from the crusifixation of Jesus to the events of World War II to the assassination of John F.

Are the assassins or Templars right?

Templars are right. you see, assassins say we should just leave people to their own devices. Complete freedom of choise and so on.

Who was the first assassin in AC?

Altaïr Ibn-La’AhadAltaïr Ibn-La’Ahad Member of the Levantine Brotherhood of Assassins, Altaïr was the first historic Assassin introduced in the original Assassin’s Creed game.

Why are the Templars and Assassins at war?

The Templars believe absolute control is the only way to solve the world’s problems and the Assassins would rather let the people be free and save the world from itself.

What is the difference between assassins and Templars?

The Templars are an order of powerful and usually rich people trying to control others to do what they believe they should do. The Assassins are a mixed bag, usually made up of mostly under privileged and societies outcasts trying to allow those who would live in subjugation, to be free.

Where are the real assassins?

Were the Assassins real? They were, sort of. The legends are based on the Nizari Ismailis—a breakaway group from the Ismaili branch of Shia Islam—that occupied a string of mountain castles in Syria and Iran from the end of the 11th century until the Mongol conquests in the middle of the 13th.

Does the Assassin Brotherhood exist?

Sort of yes…but mostly no. There was a Medieval Islamic organization that carried out assassinations, which is partly what inspired the Assassin’s Creed series, and there have of course been many examples of political or criminal groups that used covert murders to advance their goals.

Who did the assassins kill?

The first Frank known to have been killed by the Assassins was Raymond II, Count of Tripoli, in 1152. The Assassins were acknowledged and feared by the Crusaders, losing the de facto King of Jerusalem, Conrad of Montferrat, to an Assassin’s blade in 1192 and Philip of Montfort of Tyre in 1270.