Quick Answer: Who Owns Blackground Records?

Who was Aaliyah’s manager?

HankersonHankerson served as Aaliyah’s manager until 1995 when her father, Michael Haughton took over as manager, but she remained on his label Blackground Records until her death on August 25, 2001, from a plane crash in the Bahamas..

Why won’t they release Aaliyah’s music?

So the reason why Aaliyah’s music isn’t available for you to buy or stream is, you guessed it because of some messy music industry business involving Aaliyah’s former music label Blackground Records and owner of the label her Uncle Barry Hankerson.

What happened to Aaliyah’s music?

With the exception of her first album — which was recorded under Jive Records — Aaliyah’s music is missing from streaming services. Complex has placed the blame on Aaliyah’s uncle Barry Hankerson, who used to run the now-defunct label Blackground Records, under which Aaliyah released her last two albums.

How much is Aaliyah worth?

Aaliyah net worth: Aaliyah was an American singer and musician who had a net worth of $10 million dollars at the time of her death in 2001. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Aaliyah, also known as Aaliyah Dana Haughton, began singing when she was five and was touring with Gladys Knight by the time she was eleven.

What singer died in a plane crash?

The course of rock ‘n roll history took a turn when Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper perished in a deadly airplane crash in Iowa — an event Don McLean would later describe as “The Day the Music Died.” Many musicians have died in plane crashes, among them Patsy Cline, Otis Redding, Jim Croce, Ronnie van …

Did Aaliyah and DMX have a relationship?

Aaliyah worked with DMX on the film Romeo Must Die. According to DMX, she personally approached him about appearing in the film. The two worked on the duet “Back in One Piece” and filmed it together. … He also appeared in the music video for “Miss You” where he spoke before the song played about Aaliyah.

What happened Blackground Records?

After Atlantic contract expiration in 2000, Blackground switched over to Virgin. In 2001, after the death of Aaliyah, her self-titled and final album Aaliyah rose to #1 on the Billboard 200 becoming Blackground’s first number one and best-selling album. Aaliyah sold over 13 million albums worldwide.

Why is are you that somebody not on Apple music?

This is reportedly due to Aaliyah’s uncle Barry Hankerson, who managed the singer, and his refusal to release her music digitally, as explained in a Complex magazine feature just one month prior to the digital appearance of Ultimate Aaliyah.

Is Aaliyah’s music streaming?

The beloved catalog of R&B pop star Aaliyah is finally coming to streaming services. According to her uncle, Barry Hankerson, the singer’s full discography will be made available on her birthday of next year: January 16th, 2020.

What were Aaliyah’s last words?

Aaliyah, however, felt that she had an obligation to travel to the Bahamas to finish the video. Her last words to him were, “I gotta do it.” This decision would ultimately prove fatal because the plane that crashed was carrying more than 700 pounds of extra weight and one too many people.

Who owns the rights to Aaliyah’s music?

The story comes from a tweet by her uncle, Barry Hankerson, whose Blackground Records owns her catalogue apart from her debut. In the tweet, Hankerson suggested 16th January 2020 (on what would have been her 41st birthday) would see Aaliyah’s music on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and Amazon Prime Music.