Quick Answer: Is Nuwara Eliya Worth Visiting?

What is famous in Nuwara Eliya?

It is at an altitude of 1,868 m (6,128 ft) and is considered to be the most important location for tea production in Sri Lanka.

The city is overlooked by Pidurutalagala, the tallest mountain in Sri Lanka.

Nuwara Eliya is known for its temperate, cool climate – the coolest area in Sri Lanka..

What is the coldest place in Sri Lanka?

Nuwara EliyaNuwara Eliya is one of the coldest places in Sri Lanka.

What does Nuwara Eliya mean?

Nuwara Eliya (Sinhala: නුවර එළිය [nuwərə ɛlijə]; Tamil: நுவரெலியா) is a city in the hill country of the Central Province, Sri Lanka. Its name means “city on the plain (table land)” or “city of light”. The city is the administrative capital of Nuwara Eliya District, with a picturesque landscape and temperate climate.

What is Ella famous for?

For overnight walkers and camping enthusiasts, Ella is a great starting point for the Meemure hike and longer waterfall explorations. The Ella Gap is a privileged spot in the surrounding mountains that provides views of the lowland jungles and rainforests with vistas of the tea plantations higher up.

What can I buy in Nuwara Eliya?

5 Best Places for Shopping in Nuwara EliyaMackwoods Labookellie Tea Centre. Macwoods Labookellies Tea Centre is a tea plantation with an eye-catching Hollywood-style sign towering above the emerald green tea trails. … Bale Bazaar. … Jessica Factory Outlet. … Laksala Gifts. … The Grand Hotel Shopping Gallery.

Is Kandy or Ella better?

Is Kandy or Ella better? We preferred Ella. It is a quieter town in the Hill Country with a lot more to do. Kandy isn’t a bad place to visit, but it is a lot more congested and didn’t quite have the start attractions that Ella did.

What is there to do in Ella Sri Lanka?

Climb up Little Adam’s peak. … Walk along the rails on the Nine Arch Bridge in Ella. … Endless Tea Field Views at Lipton’s Seat. … Swim at Diyaluma Falls, 2nd highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. … Join a cooking class at Ella Spice Garden. … Get a fresh shower at the Ravana Fall. … Hike up to the top of Ella Rock.More items…•

What is the most beautiful city in Sri Lanka?

KandyNuwara Eliya. Nestled in the heart of Sri Lanka’s hill country, Nuwara Eliya is the country’s most important tea production hub, and thanks to its picturesque locale, it’s one of its best loved destinations to boot. … Galle. … Anuradhapura. … Trincomalee. … Ella. … Kataragama. … Tangalle.

What is the best train ride in Sri Lanka?

KANDY TO ELLA TRAIN: MOST SCENIC TRAIN RIDE IN SRI LANKA. The Kandy to Ella train journey is said to be one of the most scenic, epic train journeys in not only just Sri Lanka but the world. So with a few days to spare in Sri Lanka, I decided to purchase a ticket for $1.50 and climb aboard for the 5-hour journey.

How long do you need in Ella Sri Lanka?

The town of Ella itself though is small, and it’s main attractions closely located such that it can even be done in just 1 day! In 2-3 days though do add in at least one real hike to either Lipton’s Seat in Haputale or the Ella Rock for sunrise, the views here really are spectacular.

How much is a taxi from Kandy to Sigiriya?

The quickest way to get from Kandy to Sigiriya is to taxi which costs Rs. 6000 – Rs. 8000 and takes 1h 34m.

How high is Nuwara Eliya from sea level?

1,868 mNuwara Eliya/Elevation

How do I get from Nuwara Eliya to Ella?

The train trip from Ella to Nuwara Eliya (Nanu Oya Train Station) takes about 2,5 hours. The distance from Nuwara Eliya to Ella is about 65 km, but the train tracks are old and slow, and the train has to cross several mountains.

Which is better Ella or Nuwara Eliya?

Any clear top tips how we do this would be helpful. Ella certainly has some picturesque sites, while Nuwara Eliya is much bigger town.

How long is the train from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya?

The train journey from Kandy to Nanu Oya Station in Nuwara Eliya is quite slow, taking around 3-4 hours to travel the 196km (122 miles) of train tracks. Let’s just say the train takes the scenic route!

Is Ella Sri Lanka worth visiting?

Set in a picturesque mountain landscape dotted with tea fields, Ella is a must-visit destination for travelers to Sri Lanka. … It’s a good add-on destination for travelers who want to take a break from sand and sun for a couple of days, or who are coming from or going to one of Sri Lanka’s safari destinations.