Quick Answer: Can I Reactivate My Messenger Account?

How do I reactivate my messenger?

How do I reactivate a messenger?Log in to your One Call Now account.

On the Group Leader Menu, click Manage Group and then click to select Manage Messengers.Under Manage Messenger, click to select Inactive.

Next to the last name of the messenger to be reactivated, click the Edit.

Under Change Password, on the Status line, click to select Active.More items…•.

What happens when I reactivate messenger?

Reactivating Messenger will also reactivate your main Facebook account. If you only want to keep the Messenger service, you will need to deactivate your Facebook account for a second time.

How do I recover my old messenger account?

Go to the Messenger Login page into browser and click forgotten your Password into the messenger login page.Enter the email id or number into the Find your account box and click Search.Choose the any recovery option and click continue.Enter the verification code and click continue.More items…

Why is messenger not deactivating?

you are write there is no option in messenger because that work like Whats-App you also can use without Facebook account by Mobile number. so you can switch from one to other account on messenger this feature to use . You don’t deactivate your Messenger but go to settings and delete the app.

Can I reactivate Messenger after deactivating?

Now your Facebook account will be deactivated. … If you’ve deactivated your account and you use Messenger, it doesn’t reactivate your Facebook account. Your friends will only be able to contact you via the Messenger app or the chat window in Facebook.

Why can’t I log into my messenger account?

I can’t log into the Messenger app. If you’re having trouble logging into Messenger, please make sure that you have the most up-to-date version of the Messenger app installed. … If you can’t log into Messenger or your general Facebook account, get help with account login and password issues.

Does reactivated Messenger reactivate?

You can keep using Messenger after you deactivate your Facebook account. If you had a Facebook account and deactivated it, using Messenger won’t reactivate your Facebook account, and your Facebook friends can still message you.

How do you know if someone deactivated messenger?

Open Facebook (the blue icon with a white “f” on your home screen), then search for their name. If you can’t find their profile, they’ve either deactivated their account or blocked you completely. If their profile appears normal, they’ve only blocked your messages.

Will I lose my messages if I deactivate messenger?

However, this will not delete all of your info from Messenger. People will still be able to see your messages and chat history. All it takes to reactivate your account is to log in. Deactivating your Facebook account will not automatically deactivate your Messenger account as the app is separate from Facebook.

How can I recover my messenger account without Facebook?

Download the Facebook Messenger app, select the “Not on Facebook?” option, and enter your phone number and name. That’s it. You can upload and send photos, videos, start group chats, and use voice and video calling without ever having to sign up for a Facebook account.