Question: Why Do People Call Their Aunts TT?

What does wepa mean?

Wepa is a versatile Latin-American Spanish slang exclamation used to express excitement, congratulations, and joy, similar to the English Oh yeah!, Wow!, or That’s awesome!.

Related words: awesomesauce.



What does tt mean for Aunt?

Titi/TT meaning Aunt. Im in a relationship with a black guy and they use this to mean aunt or like your aunt’s aunt.

What does tt mean sexually?

Some Philippine fans were surprised by the name of title track as “TT” means “male genital organ” in Filipino.

What does tt mean in social media?

Blogging Facebook Neologism Social media Twitter. *** TT. Test Track.

What is TT full form?

A telegraphic transfer (TT) is an electronic method of transferring funds utilized primarily for overseas wire transactions. … Telegraphic transfers are also known as telex transfers, abbreviated TT; they can also refer to other types of transfers.

What name is Titi short for?


What does tete mean in Spanish?

(informal) masculine noun (Southern Cone) mess ⧫ trouble. You may also like. Spanish Quiz.

What is Titi slang for?

titi f (plural titis) (slang, regional) chick (young lady)

What language is Titi for Aunt?

spanishtiti definition shirt spanish aunt Gift for the best auntie.

What does TT TT mean in text?

Till tomorrow”Till tomorrow” is the most common definition for TT on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. TT.

What does tt mean in drugs?

Tetanus toxoid, a vaccine to prevent tetanus. Therapeutic touch, an alternative medicine practice. Thrombin time, a coagulation blood test.