Question: What Snag Had Margie’S Teacher?

Why was Margie perplexed to learn that the man teacher taught all the boys and girls the same thing?

Margie was perplexed to know that in the past, pupils used to study together, and the same thing.

She was surprised to know that they had a person such as a teacher in the past.

She despised her own school and loved the ways of the schools of the past..

What is the conflict in the fun they had?

The setting influences the story because the conflict in the story is man vs. society. In a way, Margie is against society because she does not like her current reformed educational system in the future.

What do you think telebook is?

Question 5: What do you think a telebook is? Answer: A telebook can be an online book which can be browsed using internet. Or it can be displayed through TV signals on TV screen.

Why did Margie feel disappointed?

Margie was disappointed because she had hoped the County Inspector would take her mechanical teacher along with him to repair it; once Tommy’s mechanical teacher had developed a snag; it had been taken away for a month. However, the County Inspector fixed the problem without any delay.

Who was called to repair the mechanical teacher?

He carried a box of tools with dials and wires to repair the errant mechanical teachers. Answer: County inspector was a round little man with a red face and a box of tools with dials and wires and he repair the mechanical teacher.

What was Margie’s opinion about a human teacher?

Margie’s opinion on school She was stunned when she heard that the teacher who teaches at the school was a man. She also got to know that the school was a building were all the students went together,They all learned the same thing what the human teacher teaches,it was not as the teacher which Margie and Tommy had.

How were Margie and Tommy assessed in their subjects?

Margie and Tommy were assessed in their subjects by the mechanical teacher. The mechanical teacher not only taught them, but assessed their academic performance. For assessment both of them had to put in their homework and test papers in a special slot. The mechanical calculated their marks within seconds.

What did the county inspector find out about Margie’s mechanical teacher?

The County Inspector slowed up geography sector of Margie’s mechanical teacher to an average ten-year level. He also assured her mother that the over-all pattern of her progress was very satisfactory.

Why did Margie object to a man teacher?

Margie objected to a man teacher because she was taught by a mechanical teacher and she thought that a man couldn’t be smart enough also she won’t allow any strange person to come at her home and teach her.

What has gone wrong with Margie’s mechanical teacher?

The thing that was wrong with Margie’s mechanical teacher was that the course which Margie was learning was too fast for her to study. The county inspector managed to resemble it. He slow down the geography sector of the teacher. Margie’s mechanical teacher was not functioning properly.

What views did Margie’s mother have about teachers and learning?

Margie’s mother said that a teacher has to be adjusted to fit the mind of each boy and girl it teaches and that each kid has to be taught differently. It means that the teacher must fit the mind and level of pupils.

What views did Margie have about the old schools?

Margie imagined the old kind of school with kids from the entire neighbourhood coming together, laughing and shouting in the schoolyard. She imagined that they would sit together in the classroom and go home together at the end of the day. They would learn the same things and could help one another with the homework.

What did Margie hate most about her school?

The part where Margie hated most was the slot where she had to put homework and test papers. She thought that the old schools must have been fun because the students used to sit in the classrooms.

What is the theme of the story the fun they had?

Gratitude and Wanting. The central arc of “The Fun They Had” focuses on Margie learning about the schools and education of the past, leading to her wishing for a school in which she could learn and have fun with other children.

How did a chance discovery of a paper book leave Margie and Tommy awestruck?

Chance discovery of paper book leave Margie and Tommy awestruck because they had never seen this books before as they have telebooks.It was funny to see this books as words stood still as in their telebooks the words were moved here and there , the nook can’ t be reused , the words can ‘ t be erased and the last was …