Question: What Does It Mean To Detail Something?

What does it mean to be on detail?

If you get assigned to a “Detail”, its a temporary group with a specific task that ends when the task ends.

It’s a noun to refer to the smaller working party.

Instead of saying where is that group of men assigned to unload that truck you say “Where is that Detail”.

It can also be used as a verb..

What does it mean to look over something?

: to inspect or examine especially in a cursory way.

What does detail mean in writing?

In composition, a detail is a particular item of information (including descriptive, illustrative, and statistical information) that supports an idea or contributes to an overall impression in an essay, report, or other kind of text.

How do you use attention to detail in a sentence?

attention to detail in a sentenceThe bustling frames of Renoir fils contain an extraordinary attention to detail.Security concerns have brought extraordinary attention to detail in planning the summit.His attention to detail has inextricably tied some novels to the past.The former army commando is known for his meticulous attention to detail.More items…

Why is detail important in writing?

Writing that effectively uses descriptive detail will allow a reader to do more than merely see words on a page. … Descriptive details cause a reader to feel, to hear, to taste, to become intimately connected with the images and experiences being recreated.

What is an example of a detail?

The definition of detail is to describe or give information about something, or to clean and shine all parts of an automobile. When you describe your plan to a friend, this is an example of when you detail your plan. Washing and waxing the dashboard of a car is an example of a step to detail a car.

What is the difference between detail and details?

As nouns the difference between details and detail is that details is (detail) while detail is (countable) something small enough to escape casual notice.

What’s another word for detail?

What is another word for detail?pointparticulardatuminstanceminutiaparticularitysidespecificationunitarticle222 more rows

How long can a federal employee be detailed?

An agency may detail or transfer an employee to any organization that the Department of State has designated as an international organization (external link). A detail or transfer may not exceed 5 years but may be extended 3 additional years upon the approval of the head of the agency.

What is a work detail?

a specific task assigned to an individual or group, usually entailing physical labour.

What are detail sentences?

Detail sentences are usually more “specific” than the topic, that is, they usually talk about one single or small part or side of an idea. Also, the words “for example”, “i.e.”, “that is”, “first”, “second”, “third”, etc., and “finally” often signal a detail.

What is a government detail?

For those of you who may not know what it is, a detail is a temporary assignment to another office or agency.

How do you describe attention to detail?

Attention to detail is the ability to achieve thoroughness and accuracy when accomplishing a task. As many employers seek this skill, it is not surprising to see many students list on their resume that they have ‘strong attention to detail’.

What is a detail sentence in a paragraph?

What are supporting sentences? They come after the topic sentence, making up the body of a paragraph. What do they do? They give details to develop and support the main idea of the paragraph.

What are main ideas and details?

The main idea and its major supporting details form the basic framework of paragraphs. The major details are the primary points that support the main idea. Paragraphs often contain minor details as well.

How do I write my experience on a resume?

The work experience section of your resumé should include the following, for each position held:Job title.Name of the company.City/country.Dates of employment.Company description (mainly if the company is not a household name)Brief description of your job responsibilities.Your key achievements/accomplishments.