Question: Is It Better To Live In California Or New York?

What’s the richest part of New York?

The Richest Neighborhoods In New York For 2020Battery Park.Financial District.North Sutton Area.Upper East Side.Cobble Hill.Soho.Greenwich Village.Upper West Side.More items….

Why LA is the best city in the world?

LA is literally one of the few places in the world where people from every nation come to see their dreams come true, to achieve their goals and to reach their ultimate potential. It is a city that is about opportunity, creativity, culture and experience.

Where do most of the celebrities live?

The Top 20 Towns Celebrities Live in The U.S.Los Angeles, California. The most popular star-studded city, Los Angeles is where so many stars and celebrities live because it happens to be the movie-making capital.New York, New York. … New Orleans, Louisiana. … Atlanta, Georgia. … San Francisco, California. … Miami, Florida. … Las Vegas, Nevada. … Chicago, Illinois. … More items…

Is California or New York more populated?

The states with the largest populations were California with 38.8 million people followed by Texas with 26.9 million people. New York is firmly in fourth place — well ahead of fifth-place Illinois, which has about 12.9 million people.

Where is more expensive to live NYC or LA?

While Los Angeles ranks as a bit less expensive than New York City in the majority of the categories, it’s 31% more expensive when it comes to transportation, 16% more expensive for personal care, and 1% more expensive for recreation. … New York City, the most expensive city in the US.

Are taxes higher in NY or California?

California state income taxes are higher than New York state income taxes but if you live in New York City the difference is small and depends on your income level. Sales taxes in New York range up to 8.875% because of the local portion. … New York is #1. California is #11.

Is California or New York more expensive to live?

Conclusion: Overall, LA Wins That’s a different story than calling LA “cheaper” than New York. They’re both expensive cities with a higher cost of living than most other places in the US, but what you can get for your money on the West Coast is simply more than the East Coast alternative.

Is La safer than New York?

Taken head-to-head, L.A. has a higher murder rate than New York (seven homicides per 100,000 people versus four) and experiences more robberies and burglaries — in the latter case, nearly twice as many.

With almost 40 million people (according to 2019 estimates), California is the nation’s most populous state—its population is much larger than that of second-place Texas (29 million) and third-place Florida (21 million). California’s population is projected to reach 45 million people by 2050.

What is the most taxed state?

10 states with the highest personal income tax ratesCalifornia 13.3%Hawaii 11%Oregon 9.9%Minnesota 9.85%Iowa 8.98%New Jersey 8.97%Vermont 8.95%District of Columbia 8.95%More items…

What is the least taxed state?

AlaskaOverall Rank (1=Lowest)StateAnnual State & Local Taxes on Median State Household***1Alaska$4,4742Delaware$4,2023Montana$4,1154Nevada$4,97347 more rows•Mar 10, 2020

Is California the highest taxed state?

Sales and use taxes in California are among the highest in the United States and are imposed by the state and by local governments.

Is LA or NYC bigger?

The City of Los Angeles is approximately 472 square miles in size, with a population of 3,694,820. The City of New York is 304 square miles in size, and has a population of 8,008,278. … More than half of the land area of New York City exhibits a population density greater than 15,000.

What are the 5 most populous states?

What are the 5 most populous US states?California.Texas. … Florida. Residents aged 65 or older make up 20.5 percent of the populous – or 4,366,361 people. … New York. There are 859,857 veterans living in the state of New York – or 4.4 percent of the population. … Pennsylvania. There are 10,155,998 citizens aged 18 to 64 in Pennsylvania. …