Is There An Activation Fee For Roku?

Why did Roku charge me 100 dollars?

When activating a Roku, you may get an email or phone call that looks like it’s coming from Roku, asking for payment to set up your device.

Typically, these messages will say you need to enter your credit card information for an activation fee, sometimes $100+.

These are scams and are not legitimate messages from Roku..

Why is Roku charging me monthly?

Some channels and Premium Subscriptions on The Roku Channel offer a free trial (e.g., a 7-day free trial). However, when a free trial ends, that service is converted into a regular subscription and you are billed on a recurring basis. To avoid this, cancel your subscription before the trial period expires.

Why does Roku need payment info?

(More on that later.) Roku asks for payment information to make it easier for users to purchase or subscribe to channels directly from their Roku device. Roku takes a cut of the payment when you’re billed through your Roku account, so Roku, Inc. also has a financial incentive to get your payment information.

Do I have to pay to activate my Roku?

There is no charge to activate any Roku device. Once you’ve purchased the hardware, that’s all the money you’re required to spend. That’s not to say that you can’t (or won’t) spend more money with your new Roku device. There are plenty of channels that require subscriptions.

Is Roku charging a fee now?

Roku does not charge an activation fee or charge for support. There is NEVER a charge to create a Roku account.

What is free on Roku?

Roku’s extensive Channel Store includes 1,800+ channels, but what exactly can you stream for free? Well, a lot! Today hundreds of Roku channels are free including YouTube, Pandora, PBS, PBS Kids, Hasbro, Crackle, VEVO, CrunchyRoll, Baeble, Popcornflix, Smithsonian and much more.

How much does Roku cost per month?

Roku streaming players start at just $29.99, and Roku TVs are available from a variety of TV manufacturers at affordable prices. There are no monthly fees for watching free channels or for using a Roku device.

Can you activate Roku without credit card?

Just go to and you can create a free account and register your Roku device or Roku TV without entering any payment information.

How much does it cost to activate a Roku?

There is no charge to activate a TCL Roku TV, or to create and activate a Roku account. Similarly, TCL Roku TV customer service and technical support are free of charge. In addition, our customer support agents will never… Ask for access to your computer.

How do I activate my Roku?

Activating your Roku deviceFollow the Quick Start Guide that came with your Roku device. … Complete the on-screen instructions to connect your Roku device to the internet. … Your Roku device will then display a link code; e.g. “XD12G”.More items…•