How Can I Get 1gb For 200 Naira On 9mobile?

How can I get 1gb for 100 on Etisalat?

To subscribe dial *229*2*10#.


This is a night only plan valid between 12am-5 am for only one day.

To subscribe dial *229*3*11# at the cost of #200..

How can I get 1gb for 200 on 9mobile?

How to Subscribe to 9Mobile 1GB Data for ₦200Recharge your line with ₦200 and simply dial *929*10# to activate the offer.The validity period is for 3 days.To check the data balance, just dial *228#.

How can I buy Etisalat Data 1gb for 200?

To subscribe for the plan simply load your line with 200 Naira via recharge card or VTU or any other means of recharging and dial *929*10# from there you will receive text message from 9 mobile showing that you subscribe for 1GB data valid for 3 days, Yes 3 days you have to use it before 3 days because the plan don’t …

How can I get 1gb to 100 naira on Airtel?

To subscribe to the Airtel 1GB weekend plan, dial *474*1# or *474# and make sure you have a minimum of 100 Naira as your account balance before attempting the code. BONUS TIP: If you subscribe on Sunday night, you may be able to use the 1GB data all through the week. Give it a try and let me have your feedback.

How can I get 1gb for 100 on Airtel?

How to subscribe to Airtel ₦100 for 1GB weekend planSimply recharge with ₦100 and dial *474*1# and the plan will be activated.Dial *140# to check remaining balance.

What is the code for Airtel 1gb for 200 naira?

How do I subscribe for Airtel 1GB for N200 Special Data Plan. Dial *141*241# and choose the package that suit.

How do I get 1gb on MTN n200?

MTN4me is a special offer from MTN to its subscribers. This offer gives you 1GB for N200, and it is usable on any devices of your choice with validation of just 7 days. … STEP 1: recharge N200 MTN airtime.STEP 2: dial *131*65*2# >> select 1 to proceed >> Reply Yes/No for autorenewal.

How can I get free data on 9mobile without recharging?

Free airtimeGet New or Old activated. sim.Dial or. on your Etisalat simcard. continously…. *8186*1# *229*2*2.Wait for some minutes, then dial *228# to check. your awoof balance.The Free 4GB data works.

How can I get 2gb for 200 on 9mobile?

How to Activate 9Mobile 2GB Data Bundles: Simply dial *929*10# on your device and hit the send button. In no time you get an activation message. The Data bundles cost 200 Naira and is only valid for 3days.

How do I migrate to Yafun Yafun on MTN?

How to migrate to MTN YafunYafun plan? MTN Yafun Yafun is a default MTN Tariff plan. To get started on MTN YafunYafun SIM offer, you can buy a new SIM, register and activate it and start using the Tariff plan. To receive the 700% bonus, just recharge by dialing *555*the recharge PIN#.

What is the code for Etisalat 200 naira subscription?

Etisalat offers 200 Naira data plan for 250MB valid for 7 days, dial *229*2*10# to subscribe.

How can I subscribe to Airtel 200 naira for 1gb?

How To Subscribe to Airtel 1GB Data Plan For N200Launch your phone dialer.Dial *482#From the pop-up, select option 1 for 200 Naira plan or alternatively 2 for 500 Naira plan.

How can I get 2gb for 200 on Etisalat?

Here is the New Etisalat Night Data Plan which costs Just N200 for 2GB and is valid from 12:AM to 5AM. Load upto N200 on your etisalat SIM. Dial *229*3*11# and you will receive a welcome message.

Which MTN plan gives 1gb for 200?

First thing you must know is that 1GB for 200 Naira (₦200) data plan is a NIGHT PLAN package that is active for use from 9pm to 6am daily. Secondly note that this new data plan package is same for: 2.5GB (₦500), 5GB (₦1000) and 10 GB (₦1500).

Which MTN plan is best for data?

Best and Cheapest data plans in 2020 – MTN | Airtel | Glo |…Ntel WAWU Sim.MTN Double Data.MTN 3.5GB for N2,000.MTN 4GB for N1000 (30days) / 1GB for N200.MTN Data offers 4ME.Airtel Double Data.Airtel 3GB for N1000.Glo Monthly Plans.More items…