Healthy Christmas leftover ideas

Christmas Pasta Bake

Healthy Christmas leftover ideas
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If you are bored of making a Christmas leftovers sandwich every year, then why not give this Christmas Pasta Bake a try, that makes use of all your leftovers. Leftover meat, vegetables and cheese can all be added, so nothing goes to waste. It freezes well too, so you don’t have to eat it straight away.

There are a lot of amazing Christmas leftovers recipes out there, but some of them are pretty elaborate and require a lot of extra ingredients to be bought, and that’s not what using leftovers is all about. It should be quick, easy and budget friendly too.

This recipe uses up pretty much all your Christmas leftovers and the only extra ingredients needed are ones you that you probably have in your cupboard anyway, some pasta.

Why should you try it?

✔ Nothing goes to waste

✔ You can freeze it just in case you can’t face another turkey meal

✔ A dish packed full of veggies in case you haven’t had many over the festive season.

✔ Really cheap to make

What Can You Put in Christmas Leftovers Pasta?

We love a pasta bake. It’s one of the ultimate comfort foods and it doesn’t get much easier than just mixing it all together and throwing it in the oven.

You can add some leftover turkey/chicken, any vegetables that didn’t get eaten on Christmas Day and those little bits left on the cheese board, grate them all up and put them on top of the pasta bake. The only leftovers I don’t recommend adding are chocolate, but what’s “leftover chocolate” anyway?

Oh, and crumble bits of stuffing on top too. SO GOOD!

What Herbs Work Well?

Also, you know all those different herbs that you buy for all those new recipes you try at Christmas? Well, don’t throw away half a bunch of 6 different herbs. Chop them all up and they can be thrown in too. This is a no-waste leftovers dish.

Can You Freeze Christmas Pasta?

Yes, it freezes really well. Even if you don’t think you will have time to eat this and are thinking about throwing your leftovers away, make this and then freezer it in portions. You will have a little bit of your Christmas dinner seeing you through the new year.

How To Make a Christmas Leftovers Pasta Bake – Step by Step:

One: Add the pasta to a pan of boiling water and simmer for 12 minutes.

Two: Drain the pasta and add to back to a large pan and add in all the rest of the ingredients apart from the cheese. Mix well.

Three: Pour in to a large baking dish and then put the cheese on top.
Four: Bake in a preheated oven at 200c for 20 minutes.

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Mulled Apple Juice

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UK measures – US measures

  • 300 g Pasta shapes (whatever you have)
  • 300 g Handfuls of shredded leftover cooked meat
  • 300 g Chopped up leftover cooked vegetables (roasted carrots and parsnips, Brussels sprouts, brocolli, red cabbage)
  • 200 g Light creme fraiche
  • 3 tbsp Wholegrain mustard
  • 100 g Fresh herbs, chopped
  • 100 g Cheese, shredded or crumbled
  • Add the pasta to a pan of boiling water and simmer for 12 minutes.
  • Drain the pasta and add to back to a large pan and add in all the rest of the ingredients apart from the cheese. Mix well.
  • Pour in to a large baking dish and then put the cheese on top.
  •  Bake in a preheated oven at 200c for 20 minutes.

Serving: 1portion | Calories: 395kcal | Carbohydrates: 43g | Protein: 16g | Fat: 16g | Saturated Fat: 8g | Cholesterol: 52mg | Sodium: 269mg | Potassium: 402mg | Fiber: 3g | Sugar: 4g | Vitamin A: 8970IU | Vitamin C: 4.4mg | Calcium: 198mg | Iron: 1.4mg Mention @hungryhealthyhappy on Instagram and tag #hungryhealthyhappy! The nutritional information provided is approximate and is calculated using online tools. Information can vary depending on various factors, but we have endeavoured to be as accurate as possible.


Best leftover turkey recipes: 20 leftover festive bird ideas

Healthy Christmas leftover ideas

There are so many delicious ways you can cook with leftover turkey, making for a fuss-free, waste-free Christmas.

For many in charge of the food on the big day, post-Christmas dinner feasting can often be an afterthought, but there are plenty of delicious recipes you can make with your leftover bird.

From soul-warming soups to easy stir frys and indulgent turkey lasagnes, this turkey recipe guide will inspire you to try new ways to eat turkey.


Good Housekeeping UK

This quick and easy tagine is very adaptable – try using fish or pork fillet next time (adapting cooking times as needed).


Good Housekeeping UK

These tasty Turkey Parcels are great served hot or cold.


This salad takes some prep, but makes a great spectacle. Using pre-cooked turkey or chicken saves time.


Don’t sacrifice your favourite dishes when you’re on a diet – enjoy this low-calorie Mexican recipe!


A quick recipe for leftover Christmas turkey.


This restorative broth is quick to prepare, perfect for using up leftover turkey, and sure to warm up a grey and chilly day.


A turkey curry recipe that is quick and easy to prepare – this traditional Thai dish is the perfect dinner-party idea.


A classic Italian favourite, this easy recipe is a real crowd-pleaser that you’ll turn to time and again.


Try this ten-minute turkey sandwich recipe – a delicious snack.


A simple and delicious way to use up leftover Christmas meats and cheeses.


Celebrate Christmas the Good Housekeeping way and make this Triple-Tested turkey, pepper and haricot casserole recipe as an alternative Sunday dinner idea.


Lean turkey strips stir-fried with a selection of vegetables make a healthy supper.


Packed with classic Thai flavours, serve this healthy soup with bread for a main course.


A delicious hearty dish that’s full of flavour with its sweet fiery sauce.


Lean turkey meat is a great choice for those watching their weight, and it tastes great with salty cashew nuts.


Perfect for using up turkey leftovers, this delicious recipe can work as a starter or light lunch and also be shaped into small balls and served with drinks.


Here are some mouthwateringly good dishes using turkey mince, from turkey lasagne to meatballs in barbecue sauce.


This healthy dish will be on the table in 15 minutes!


What, a healthier burger option? These four turkey burger recipes are an indulgent but low-fat treat.


This soup recipe is a quick and easy meal, using up turkey leftovers.

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Christmas leftover

Healthy Christmas leftover ideas

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  • Bubble and squeak is the one of the tastiest ways to use up mash. This easy bubble and squeak recipe sticks to traditional flavours & takes just 10mins prep
  • This turkey pie with leeks and mushroom is a filling and comforting meal to make when it's cold outside!
  • Turkey and ham pie is the perfect way to make the most of your Christmas leftovers. Turkey and ham pie contains lots of veg and is the a fab 'use up' dish.
  • Turkey stew is the perfect way to use up leftover roast turkey from Christmas dinner. This recipe is rich and fragrant with tomatoes and herbs – delicious!
  • This pea and ham soup recipe is so easy. Use leftover ham to make tasty pea and ham soup. A simple, cheap and easy to make meal – perfect for a light lunch.
  • Turkey curry is perfect for using up meat from a meal the night before. This leftover turkey curry recipe is so simple to do, making it ideal for midweek
  • This smooth, rich-tasting chestnut soup makes a great winter night treat. Serve in hot bowls, zigzag some cream over the top and sprinkle with chopped parsley and pepper.
  • From the Hairy Bikers' BBC2 series, Twelve Days of Christmas, this chicken noodle soup is a savvy way to make full use of a chicken and will keep winter bugs away!
  • These Slimming World's turkey tikka skewers are a great way of using up leftover turkey. They also make the perfect guilt-free party food
  • Looking for thai recipes, curry recipes, thai curry recipes, thai green curry recipes or easy curry recipes? Antony Worrall Thompson shows you how to make his simple turkey curry with fresh basil and coriander in our special step-by-step video recipe.
  • Christmas curry is a classic, and this recipe couldn't be easier.
  • This turkey mince cottage pie recipe is great if you're on a diet or watching your figure. A light carrot and mash topping with rich tomato filling
  • This turkey risotto from Slimming World is perfect for using up Christmas leftovers. Filled with vegetables and plenty of flavour, it's a delicious diet option all year round
  • turkey soup makes a delicious Boxing Day meal and will transform your cold cuts into a whole new meal. This recipe is really easy with just 10 minutes prep!
  • Phil Vickery's individual turkey and stilton pies
  • Come and try our delicious recipe for mincemeat stuffed chicken breast wrapped in bacon. Succulent, spicy and packed full of fruit, this a great hearty main
  • Use up your leftover turkey with this simple pie from the Hairy Bikers. 'This is a fantastic, well-packed pie that’s best eaten cold with some salad and crisps. We use a 23cm spring form cake tin when we’re making this and it works really well.'
  • Worried that you've made too much Christmas pudding? Don't worry! You can use any leftover pud to make this deliciously fruity dessert
  • This delicious Christmas cranberry turkey pie is a great way of using up leftovers. Not only does it look good, it tastes good too
  • Come and try our delicious leftover turkey pie recipes. This easy pie packed full of succulent pieces of turkey and veg is delicious
  • Turkey tikka masala is a lovely way to use up cooked breast or leg meat. This recipe makes a deliciously rich sauce from scratch in just over half an hour!
  • Come and try our delicious recipe for mince pie ice cream. Smooth, creamy and studded with spiced fruits and buttery pastry, this is the perfect treat
  • An easy snack to make for 2 people that uses leftover roast turkey, red onions and rice with some curry paste. Cooked in one pan.
  • Looking for soup recipes, easy soup recipes, vegetarian soup recipes, brussels sprout recipes, vegetarian soup recipes or christmas recipes? Not just for Christmas, Brussel sprouts are in season all winter and this tasty soup is the ideal winter warmer.
  • This delicious chestnut soup is the perfect post-Christmas winter warmer

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20 Healthy Ways to Eat Holiday Leftovers | Eat This Not That

Healthy Christmas leftover ideas

The chaos of the holidays often means your mall has turned into a zoo, checking your bank account is the question, and there's always that family member you need to hide the good scotch from. But the holidays also mean traditional meals that make you feel warm inside and out.

Comfort food is synonymous with the holidays for good reason. Delicious meals and hearty side dishes that only come around this time of year are undeniably one of the best parts of the season.

It's the special time of year when you can let loose a little bit and enjoy good company with even better food—from the long awaited Grandma's Green Bean Casserole to Auntie's Pecan Pie, these holiday staples have a place in our hearts that can't be resisted.

Now that it has all finally arrived at your table, those few forbidden holiday words, “I can't, I'm on a diet” fly right out the window. So, instead of feeling guilty after each meal that you just indulged in, enjoy your favorite only-comes-once-a-year dishes and get back to your healthy routine after all the celebrations, even with those leftovers staring at you from the fridge.

Take a twist on your normally heavy dishes by incorporating them into one of these 20 fiber-rich, nutrient dense treats.

They can be used for anything from breakfast to dessert, without all the excessive sugar, fat, and refined carbs. Because don't forget: Summer bodies are made in the winter.

And if you're headed to the grocery store anytime soon, why not also find out the 21 Times You Should Choose the Generic Brand so you can save some money?!

Oatmeal is the perfect way to start your day—especially with a little help from one of the season's favorite sauces: cranberry sauce. Add in a spoonful with a handful of shaved almonds and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

This warm winter breakfast is loaded with antioxidant rich spices, good-for-you fats, and waist-whittling whole grains.

If you have some extra oats, learn how to make overnight oats with our 20 Ultimate Tips for Making Overnight Oats!


Is there anything that screams holidays more than homemade pumpkin pie?! Once you've capped your cravings for dessert, try incorporating pumpkin filling into a smoothie instead. Combine a vanilla protein powder, pumpkin puree, cinnamon, nutmeg, a touch of maple syrup, banana and ice. Make this rich smoothie in the a.m. to start your detox the right way!

Turkey is always on the table during the holidays, and we're not mad about it.

Not only is it one of the leanest proteins out there, it also can be easily flavored with different spices, seasonings, and sauces, meaning it can be added to almost anything! For lunch or dinner, shred the leftover turkey and then add tomatoes and vegetable to make a light meal that is sure to satisfy. Speaking of mid-day meals and habits, don't miss these 18 Lunch Rituals to Help You Lose Weight.


There are so many salad options to add your leftovers to. Top a bed of spinach, kale, or quinoa with any of the leftover veggies and meat, and a drizzle of oil and balsamic vinegar. This superfood bowl packs in all your vital nutrients that will get you back to your routine!


There's no way you're going back to that sad desk lunch after all the holiday dishes you've been enjoying. Instead, wrap up your leftover meats in large lettuce leaves for an anything-but-carb-laden dish to help you get back to your healthy diet. This is the perfect way to fill up without over-stuffing yourself at the table.

When in doubt, egg it out! Mix in any of your leftovers with eggs and stick it all in the oven to make a frittata you can indulge in any time of the day. Eggs are a protein rich source of energy that will get you through your mornings or keep you satisfied at night.

DON'T MISS: 26 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Carton of Eggs

Make a simple soup by shredding any leftover turkey with defrosted frozen vegetables, spinach, white beans, and broth. Heat it up together on the stove with any additional seasoning and viola! You've got a bowl you can bring for lunch or save for dinner. Homemade soup is an easy winter dish that will keep you cozy and is void of any harsh chemicals or additives.

The answer to “What do I do with this food?” can always be a casserole. A casserole is just a bunch of layers of delicious food with the addition of a sauce to help them all blend together. And somehow it always turns out just right. Find out the 25 Best Casserole Tips Everyone Should Know!

There's no such thing as tiring out from too many potatoes. Make them feel fun and new by transforming any leftovers into pancakes. Create mini ones mashed potatoes and dip them into a healthy sauce as a snack or form bigger ones and stack them up with a layer of turkey and a small amount of gravy. Yum!

When in doubt, stuff it in a mushroom. Pile in turkey, stuffing or mashed potatoes with veggies into a large Portobello mushroom with a sprinkle of cheese. Cook it in an oven at 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes. This is an entirely new dish with some added health benefits of the mighty mushroom.

When you get a hankering for the flavors of the season, go for a simple sandwich made decadent! With whole wheat or Ezekiel toasted bread, a layer of cranberry sauce, turkey, avocado and a slice of white cheese. This bite is one you can't miss and definitely won't regret!


With a pumpkin turkey chili, you'll evoke those happy memories that come with the holidays, even after they've passed! Bring the warm flavors of pumpkin puree and the hearty taste of turkey together with the addition of beans, diced tomatoes, onion, chicken broth, and all your favorite chili spices.

Use the turkey meat and the mashed potatoes sitting in your fridge to make a comforting shepherd's pie by loading in some classic vegetables carrots and peas.

If your fam is a ham fam, make a cauliflower risotto with any of the leftovers slices! Risotto is typically made with heavy ingredients rice and cheese.

Just cut the heaviness in half and chop up a head of cauliflower (or pulse it in a food processor) until it resembles the texture of rice.

Add a tablespoon of flax meal and chicken or vegetable broth with any additional seasonings and a sprinkle of cheese and diced leftover ham. This dish feels you're indulging, despite being only a quarter of the calories of a classic risotto.

Brown rice, barley, farro, and quinoa are all nutrient-filled whole grains that will satisfy your hunger while helping shed those pounds away. They're one of the lightest ways to fill yourself up without any bloat or guilt. Add in your leftover sweet potatoes, turkey, a spoonful of cranberry sauce, and gravy to make this a delish dish.


Whether you eat your holiday sweet potatoes with marshmallows and pecans or just baked and mashed, you can turn them into something completely new by making fritters. Combine sweet potatoes with whole wheat or almond flour, egg, and your favorite spices. Cook them in a tablespoon or so of EVOO until crisp on the outside.


Scoop out the inside of zucchini and fill them with leftover meat and veggies. Sprinkle cheese over the top and bake until the zucchini has softened and the cheese is melted and slightly browned. Zucchinis are super low-calorie vegetable with a high water content so you'll be nice and full.

Here's a flavor combo that we need to see more often. The rich flavors of chocolate and the sweet tartness of cranberries join together to make an undeniable duo. Make these pancakes healthier by using a whole wheat, almond or coconut flour instead of any of the bleached artificial stuff that comes in the pre-made mixes.

No holiday table is complete without a bowl or two (or five) of stuffing. There's no reason to toss any to waste either, thanks to a little help from a waffle maker! Mix together stuffing, egg, and vegetable broth for a twist on your average waffle mix. Have this for breakfast or for dinner topped with turkey. This is a great way to keep your portions down, too.

Take a bite of the holidays for breakfast with quick mini muffins made from eggs, veggies, stuffing, and turkey. This gets in all your favorite festive flavors and even more nutrients.

Keep them in the fridge for a week of grab-and-go breakfasts that won't put any of those leftovers to waste.

And for more satisfying morning meals, bookmark these 18 High-Protein Breakfasts That Keep You Full!

Want to lose 10, 20, even 30 pounds—all without dieting?! Get your copy of Eat This, Not That: The Best (& Worst) Foods in America!, and learn how to indulge smarter and lose weight fast!


Easy Ways to Turn Thanksgiving Leftovers into Healthy Meals

Healthy Christmas leftover ideas

Pictured recipe: Loaded Mashed Potato Pancakes

I live for leftovers. In fact, I plan all of my meals around them. Ever since I've been on my own I've made dinner with the intention of also having lunch the following day.

So when I'm cooking for one, I always make enough for two, and when I'm cooking for two, I always make enough for four.

If I'm going to make chicken at all, I make a whole chicken so I can use the leftovers in other meals throughout the week. Same deal with roasted veggies. You get the idea.

So when it comes to Thanksgiving, you better believe we have enough food to feed all 21+ guests plus enough leftovers to last the rest of the weekend (we make three birds every. single. year.). The rest of the weekend is spent seeing who can make the best sandwich.

But don't stop at sandwiches! Thanksgiving leftovers turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, green beans, mashed potatoes and roasted veggies can be used in so many other ways.

These creative ideas not only get dinner or lunch on the table in a flash, they're also even more delicious and healthier than a sandwich.

Try These: The Most Genius Recipe Ideas To Use Up Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

Make a Salad

Pictured recipe: Leftover Turkey Salad

Putting leftover turkey on top of a salad for a protein boost may seem an obvious way to use leftovers. But don't stop there-for a truly genius Thanksgiving leftovers salad toss in leftover roasted vegetables squash and brussels sprouts, turn leftover cranberry sauce into a delicious salad dressing and toast up leftover stuffing into “croutons.”

Related: The Only Formula You Need to Make a Delicious Healthy Salad

Make Soup

Pictured recipe: Cream of Turkey & Wild Rice Soup

The flavor possibilities with turkey soup are endless, plus you surely have leftover celery, carrots, onions and broth (the perfect base for soup) from roasting the bird and making the stuffing. Just add in other leftover veggies and rice or amp it up even further by stirring in beans, or give it a little Mexican flare with tomato, corn, cilantro and plenty of spices.

Related: How to Make Soup Without a Recipe

Make Appetizers

Pictured recipe: 3-Ingredient Cranberry-Brie Bites

Appetizers is leftover cranberry sauce's time to shine! Use it to slather over crostini, on top of baked brie or in cheese tarts. Looking for something a little heartier? Turn mashed potatoes into loaded potato pancakes-the perfect snack for game day!

Related: Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauce Recipes

Make a Mexican-Inspired Meal

Pictured recipe: Crispy Turkey Tostadas

Shred leftover turkey breast and toss with a little salsa, pico de gallo or your own spiced up tomato mixture. This turns leftovers into the easiest taco filling ever. Use it for tacos, tostadas, burritos or burrito bowls.

Try These: Healthy Mexican Recipes

Make a Casserole

Pictured recipe: Turkey-Green Bean Shepherd's Pie

Casseroles are the perfect medium for packing in a smorgasbord of leftovers. Got leftover mashed potatoes? Use leftover turkey to make shepherd's pie and top it off with the leftover mashers.

Or set out individual-sized casserole dishes or ramekins and let everyone build their own leftovers casserole.

You can add leftover turkey, veggies green beans, top it with mashed potatoes and cheese and bake until hot, delicious!

More: Our Best Casserole Recipes

Make Elevated Sandwiches

Pictured recipe: Turkey-Cranberry Wrap

Sandwiches are an obvious choice for using up Thanksgiving leftovers, and we're all for it. But that's not the only packable lunch you can make with all that turkey and cranberry sauce. Use the cranberry sauce to spread on a whole-wheat wrap or on the inside of a pita, then stuff in leftover sliced turkey and some leftover salad greens and you have a healthy lunch in a flash!

Try these: Healthy Sandwich Recipes

WATCH: How to Make Cream of Turkey & Wild Rice Soup

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17 Delicious Leftover Turkey Recipes

Healthy Christmas leftover ideas

These 17 Delicious Leftover Turkey Recipes are the perfect ways to use up that extra turkey from Thanksgiving or Christmas – these holiday leftover ideas will ensure nothing goes to waste!

What To Do With Leftover Turkey

Leftover turkey (or roast chicken) can be a big problem when you no longer have a giant holiday crowd to help you eat it. You could just freeze any leftover turkey to save for future meals, or you could try some of these awesome leftover turkey recipes to help you make sure nothing goes to waste!

There are so many creative ways to use leftover turkey – everything from leftover turkey soup to pot pies, leftover turkey casserole, leftover turkey chili, turkey pasta and more! This round up of leftover turkey recipes will help give you some holiday leftover ideas so that you never have to worry about too much food ever again!

How long is leftover turkey good for you might ask?

How long do you have to use leftovers?

Just make sure that you use it up in these recipes within the first five days if you are going to repurpose your turkey leftovers – if not, you can throw it in a Ziploc bag in the freezer up to 3 months or so – just make sure you come back to this post so you have more ideas on what to make next time you're looking to use up some holiday leftovers!

Freezing leftover turkey

If you can't use up that leftover turkey within 5 days, then you can always freeze it in glass containers with lids, or in freezer bags. Make sure you defrost in the fridge overnight or sprinkle some water overtop and microwave for 5-6 minutes from frozen when reheating.

You can then use the leftover turkey in these recipes below – you have up to 3 months to eat those leftovers so freezing provides some more flexibility.

Mini Chicken Curry Pot Pies via The Girl on Bloor (sub in turkey for chicken!)

Holiday Leftovers Whole Grain Pizza via The Gourmet Rd

Turkey and Caesar Stuffed Sweet Potatoes via Simple Roots Wellness

Turkey Enchiladas via Creme de la Crumb

Turkey Tettrazini via She Wears Many Hats

Spiralized Zucchini Chicken Noodle Soup Jars via The Girl on Bloor

Loaded Turkey Panini via Pinch of Yum

Leftover Chicken Teriyaki Stir Fry Noodles via Kids Eats by Shanai

Leftover Turkey Detox Soup via Sweet Peas and Saffron

Leftover Turkey Pasta via Salt and Lavender

Sundried Tomato Turkey Roll Ups via Fit Foodie Finds

Easy 30-Minute Turkey Noodle Soup via Averie Cooks

Turkey Lasagna via Ambitious Kitchen

Turkey Pho via Pinch of Yum

Caprese Spaghetti Squash via The Girl on Bloor (use leftover turkey instead of cooking up fresh chicken)

Quick and Easy Leftover Turkey Curry via The Cook Report

Turkey and Wild Rice Soup via Lively Table

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Reinvent Your Christmas Leftovers With These Top Tips

Healthy Christmas leftover ideas

Christmas can often be the time of overeating and also over-cooking, but there’s no need to let good food go to waste. If used wisely, leftovers can be just as exciting and delicious as the main meal!

Only a few generations ago, many families conformed to a weekly schedule and nothing went to waste: roast chicken on a Sunday, leftovers on a Monday and a pot of nutritious bone broth for making other dishes later in the week. This made preparing food easier and more economical: you know what to shop for so there’s no need to dig deep for inspiration after a full day at work.

These days we’re spoilt for choice, but getting back into a way of eating that looks ahead and uses food economically, using the fridge and store cupboard, will help you plan and eat well every day. It doesn’t have to be boring or restrictive either. So with this in mind, we’re sharing a few tips we’ve learnt along the way for how to make the most of your Christmas leftovers.

-Straight after the big day, use leftover meat and roast veggies for salads and sandwiches. We love an open-faced flaxseed bun so that you can pile up the toppings! Find the recipe for these naturally gluten-free, fibre rich buns in our book Good + Simple.

-Once you’ve carved all your turkey and ham from the bone, store any leftover meat cuts in the fridge in an airtight container and transfer the carcass or bones to a big pot or slow cooker to make bone broth. More on how to make that here!

-Combine that bone broth with leftover vegetables to make tasty soups. Add fresh garlic, coconut milk or herbs and spices to mix up the flavours.

-Leftover brussels sprouts? Slice them up and saute with scrambled eggs, spring onions and a dash of smoked paprika for a quick and easy lunch. You could even throw in some pancetta.

-Use any other vegetables you have lying around for frittatas or muffin frittatas and top with leftover cheese from the cheeseboard. The recipe for these is right here!

-Our socca pizzas are a quick and easy combo of chickpea flour, salt and water and they make great vehicles for leftover vegetables, and cheese for that matter! Here’s the recipe.

-Another tip for leftover cheese – make grilled toasties! We have a delicious recipe in Good + Simple.

-Any leftover fruit can be whizzed up into smoothies or frozen for using in smoothies at a later date.

-Save your leftover smoked salmon and combine it with creme fraiche which wasn’t used up with mince pies to make tasty canapes for new year’s eve  these daikon and pomegranate bites.

-Make sure leftovers are stored and reheated safely. We to keep our food in airtight glass containers and defrost food in the fridge overnight before reheating. You can shop our favourite kitchenware here.

-No leftover is too small! It may be tempting to toss away the last bits of a stir fry but it can make the perfect snack, or combined with green leaves, fresh herbs and a dressing a tasty salad.

Here are some of our staple long-life condiments to have on standby ready to turn leftovers into a whole new recipe.

– Dried chilli flakes in extra virgin olive oil to spice things up with a quick drizzle.

– Miso paste for stirring into your homemade bone broth for a nourishing, soothing drink. Miso is also really nice in dressings. We opt for the unpasteurised kind, this one.

– Toasted seeds for sprinkling over soup or salad to add crunch and healthy fats. We love pumpkin seeds, pine nuts and sunflower seeds.

– Tahini for making dips hummus or drizzling over roast vegetables.

– Pesto will jazz up pretty much anything from soups and stews to salads, eggs and vegetables. We to make up a big portion using up any wilting herbs we find in the fridge and store it in a glass container ( an old nut butter jar). Find our fab brazil nut pesto recipe here. 

-Chutney makes a fantastic addition to meals curry or a simple sandwich, making them that little bit more special and you’re bound to have some leftover after Christmas. Come December, we make multiple jars of our festive chutney.

You can take this frugal attitude beyond Christmas and be super efficient all year round. We are big fans of cooking in bulk (it doesn’t mean double the work and it isn’t just for families!).

Our freezer is our best friend too! If you have the freezer space, you can stockpile individual portions of homemade ‘ready meals’.

Be sure to label and date each dish and over the weeks, you will build up a variety of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, breads and baked goods to pick and choose from!

Food should be good for you but it should also taste good, make you and your family feel good, be good for the environment and your pocket. For more on how to reduce food waste, check out our ‘Love Food, Hate Waste’ blog post.