Why Sam Thompson Is Taking Part In Movember’s Mo Mission Challenge

Sam Thompson thought he was dying before he realised he had anxiety

Why Sam Thompson Is Taking Part In Movember’s Mo Mission Challenge

‘I didn’t know what it was, I thought I was dying,’ Sam Thompson tells Metro.co.uk as he recalls the torment he endured in silence before he realised he was suffering from anxiety.

It only dawned on the 25-year-old Made In Chelsea star that he was suffering from a mental health disorder when, one afternoon, he broke down in tears in front of his mum who told him he needed help.

He’d just broken up with his girlfriend – fellow Made In Chelsea star Tiff Watson – and he began having inexplicable thoughts and feelings he’d never gone through before, suffering in silence for months before he plucked up the courage to talk about how he felt.

Now, Sam is on a one-man mission to urge men to speak up and put an end to the lonely suffering he also endured, not understanding he had a mental health disorder.

‘I didn’t understand and I was really tired and lethargic, not feeling nice at all. I kept feeling my brain was a cloud over my eyes,’ Sam tells us as we catch up with up for our Listen Movember series.

‘I couldn’t sleep and I didn’t understand what was going on. I never had a worry in the world. I never worried about school or exams and I always thought anxiety was a myth – something you just “get over” and that it doesn’t mean anything.

‘It was so weird and such a weird experience to explain but I didn’t know what it was – I thought I was dying.’

But now the E4 star is trying to encourage his fans – especially men – to speak up if they are feeling low or they may be suffering from something similar.

‘Men are taught at a very young age not to express themselves and to just deal with things and be a man. We are taught to just get over it and deal with it,’ he reflects.

‘But you can have a cry if you want. Mm god, I broke up with my girlfriend recently and if I hadn’t been crying with my family and friends, I don’t know what position I would be in.’

Sam admits that it was only when he found the courage to speak to someone – his mum, in this instance – that he realised he was suffering from anxiety and needed help.

‘I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I had it for nearly a year and it got worse and worse and worse. There was a point for about three days where I wasn’t sleeping,’ Sam continues.

‘I finally went to my mum and I burst into tears, telling her I didn’t know what was wrong with me.’

Anxiety is a general term for several disorders that cause nervousness, fear, apprehension, and worrying. These disorders affect how we think, feel and behave, and they can manifest real physical symptoms.

‘She was the one that told me I might be suffering from anxiety. That conversation changed everything for me because it was so nice to tell someone how I was feeling.

‘I learnt that it’s okay to speak to people about it. I don’t know what kind of condition I’d be in if hadn’t.

‘I was just suffering in my mind and the mind is such a powerful thing and I got locked into it. The worst thing you can be is locked in your own mind. Having someone to turn to was a real turning point.’

Although Sam admits he still suffers from anxiety now and knows he will always have it, he’s learnt how to deal with it.

‘You have to just understand that we are all human. My anxiety never goes, it’s still here. I’ve just learnt to live with it and the way that I’ve learnt to live with it is to speak to everyone I can about it.

‘They are my family and my friends and they love me.

‘People will listen if you just open your mouth. People want you to be okay. People want you to be happy. There is always someone in this world that wants you to be okay.’

Listen is a series supporting Movember, encouraging men to speak out. Stay tuned for articles throughout November and click here to donate to help the many charities involved.

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Source: https://metro.co.uk/2017/11/02/sam-thompson-didnt-sleep-for-days-and-thought-he-was-dying-before-he-realised-he-was-suffering-from-anxiety-7046837/

Why Sam Thompson Is Taking Part In Movember’s Mo Mission Challenge

Why Sam Thompson Is Taking Part In Movember’s Mo Mission Challenge

All of us have experienced anxiety at some point in our lives, but this doesn’t necessarily make it any easier to recognise when anxiety goes from a short-term emotion to a long-term mental health issue.

Made In Chelsea star Sam Thompson suffered with anxiety for a year before he realised what was wrong. Coach spoke to Thompson during Mo Mission, a Movember Move fundraising challenge in which a team of celebrities took on a series of SAS-style challenges over a 24-hour period.

How long did it take you to recognise that you were suffering from anxiety?

Fucking ages – a year! I didn’t have a clue. I’d just feel really weird and tired. I had a veil over my eyes. I was fuzzy the whole time, I wasn’t in the world. And I had really bad sleep patterns. I wouldn’t sleep for three days.

I wasn’t living life at all. I honestly felt I was dying. I kept it to myself for ages, which made it even worse. And then after a year I managed to figure it all out with the help of family and friends.

Who was it you spoke to who helped you realise it was anxiety?

It was actually my mum. I started crying to my mum, asking what was going on with me. She said it sounded anxiety. Then I went to the doctor and she told me I had anxiety and gave me the way to deal with it. I strongly believe that you should talk to friends and family – that’s what I did and it really helped.

Now you’ve been through the experience, looking back is there anything that was a particular red flag you didn’t recognise at the time?

The veil over the eyes thing, where you feel you’re in a dream world and you’re not quite… with everyone. That was the biggest red flag.

Did being in the public eye make it harder?

One hundred times. I didn’t have it until I was in the public eye. I remember when it first happened – I just couldn’t sleep. It just got worse and worse, and I was having to film. It was just as I was getting more prominent through Made In Chelsea that it started getting worse.

What has helped you deal with your anxiety?

You can go the gym or go for a run, which really does help – exercise is key in my experience. Talking to someone at the start was so key as well, because I didn’t know what was happening. It felt so good for someone to say “honestly, so many people have this problem”. Just to know what it is, and that loads of people get it – I felt instantly better.

That’s part of the reason I’m doing this – to make people more aware that it’s OK to talk to people about this stuff. It can save your life. I’m not saying I was going to kill myself but I was going down the road of desperation, because I didn’t know why I was feeling I was and I couldn’t do anything about it.

How do you maintain good mental health day-to-day?

Having a routine. Everyone will have different opinions on this, but I believe having a good routine is the best thing you can do. Know what you’re doing day by day and just be active. That’s what I’ve been doing. There are ways you can help yourself and I really believe that exercise and activity are massive.

Do you have some advice on what should people look out for, to know if they are suffering from anxiety?

Anxiety comes in many different forms and it depends on the person.

Mine was sleep deprivation and a feeling of fuzziness in the head, but for some people it can be sweating or heart palpitations.

Anxiety is the reason for so many problems, and the problem is that there are not really many ways to combat it – there’s not a pill you can take or anything that. You’ve got to get on top of it.

What I would say is that what you think might be an illness, if it’s not diagnosed as tonsillitis or something that, then more than ly it is actually anxiety.

I used to think “I’m dying, I’ve got this or that illness” but actually anxiety manifests itself in so many different ways. Just go and talk to someone, then you know.

That’s when you start the process – by opening up about how you feel.

Support Sam and the team as they go the distance in the ultimate Mo Mission for Movember. Find out more at Movember.com

Source: https://www.coachmag.co.uk/mental-health/7092/why-sam-thompson-is-taking-part-in-movember-s-mo-mission-challenge

13 Reasons Gamers Should Be Excited

Why Sam Thompson Is Taking Part In Movember’s Mo Mission Challenge

With the previous decade treating gamers to some amazing titles and moments, it’s with absolute glee that we look forward to what the next decade holds. And judging by these amazing titles coming to gamers in 2020, it looks it’s going to be an amazing decade.

Cyberpunk 2077

Release Date: April 16, 2020

Platform: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC

Without a doubt the most anticipated game this year, Cyberpunk 2077 is from the amazing developers of The Witcher series, CD Projekt Red. the tabletop game, Cyberpunk 2020, featuring a massive open world filled with missions, NPC’s, a boatload of weapons and abilities as well as a gripping story.

You’ll play as V, an agent that takes on various tasks in Night City. Rampant with homelessness, corruption and all-out gang warfare, V will have to step outside of the law to bring justice to this morally lost city. And of course it will feature Keanu “You’re Breath-taking” Reeves.

Instant game of the year.

Halo Infinite Screenshot Hologram Explosion

Halo Infinite

Release Date: Q4 2020

Platform: Xbox One, Xbox X Series, PC

Not a lot is known so far of the next iteration in the highly-rated Halo series, but one thing we do know is that it will feature the return of series mainstay Master Chief.

Many were disappointed with Halo 5’s story but developers have reassured us that Infinite will be heavily focused on the mighty Spartan.

With the release date set to late 2020, many are speculating that it will be a launch title for the new Xbox X Series consoles, but rest assured Xbox One and PC owners, it is definitely launching on current-gen consoles and on Game Pass to boot.

Dying Light 2

Release Date: Q2 2020

Platform: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC

The sequel to the 2015 surprise parkour-filled, zombie slasher hit, Dying Light 2 which was announced way back at E3 2018 will finally reach our consoles in 2020. Expect the same crazy parkour action around a brand new city, with updated visuals and even more terrifying zombies.

Throughout the game, players will have to make a series of choices, each of which will have unforeseen consequences. The developer Techland has also promised a much larger map as well as support and potential upgrades for the new generation of consoles that are around the corner.

Marvel’s Avengers

Release Date: May 15, 2020

Platform: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Stadia

When initially announced at E3 2019, many people were skeptical of the new Avenger’s game from Crystal Dynamics (developer of the recent Tomb Raider Trilogy). Many felt the gameplay looked off, the characters looked weird and many feared it might just be a quick Marvel Cash Grab. However, as more of the game has been revealed, the excitement for the Avengers has grown exponentially.

Marvel’s Avengers will begin at the events of A-Day, the unveiling of the new Avengers HQ in San Francisco. However, after a quick turn of events which results in the death of civilians, the Avengers officially disband. Fast forward five years later, and all superheroes are now outlawed. However, a recent world event puts humanity at risk, and the only hope is to reassemble the Avengers.

DOOM Eternal

Release Date: March 20, 2020

Platform: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Stadia, Switch

After the massively successful return of the Doom franchise in 2016, id Software returns with the direct sequel to one of the goriest and most action-packed games in the last decade.

Experience a combination of speed and power as you rip your way across dimensions as the epically named DOOM slayer. Eternal will bring the same fast-paced action and ferocity of the 2016 iteration and pump it up to eleven.

Bigger demons, more powerful guns and multiple ways to tear the otherworld demons apart is but a handful of reasons to get excited for the granddaddy of the FPS.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Release Date: March 3, 2020

Platform: PlayStation 4

One of the most celebrated and iconic games in videogame history finally gets its big remake and RPG fans around the world cannot wait.

With a complete graphical overhaul as well as brand new battle systems, Final Fantasy VII Remake looks absolutely incredible and it’s hard to believe it’s the 1997 original.

Although the look and systems have changed dramatically, developer Square Enix has made sure to stick to the original story and keep in place the elements that have made this game an all-time classic. It’s time to return to Midgar and relive the magical experience all over again.

The Last of Us Part 2

Release Date: May 29, 2020

Platform: PlayStation 4

Developer’s Naughty Dog have cemented themselves as one of the premier developers over the last two console generations, delivering gamers the amazing Uncharted series that set a new level for adventure games.

With Uncharted being the fun globe-trotting adventure, it’s their other classic The Last of Us that has stuck with gamers emotionally and when the sequel was announced many a gamer cheered as they knew it would be another emotionally draining venture through the post-apocalypse with a much older Ellie.

The game looks amazing and the story is as heavy as ever, so don’t be surprised when this shows up on a lot of ‘game of the year 2020’ awards come December.

Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2

Release Date: March 31, 2020

Platform: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC

The original was a clunky mess, but was arguably one of the most beloved RPG’s on PC back in the early 2000s. For years fans have been screaming for a sequel and finally in 2020 their screams have been heard.

the popular tabletop game, Vampire: The Masquerade, Bloodlines 2 follows the story of a human from Seattle, who wakes up as a vampire after being killed. Upon realizing they are now a vampire, players must upgrade their powers and join one of the five blood clans.

The wealth of choices and side quests is staggering and looks to live up to the 2004 classic.

Nioh 2

Release Date: March 13, 2020

Platform: PlayStation 4

Described by many as Dark Souls with samurais, yet the original Nioh was so much more.

Yes it shared a lot of similarities with the Souls series, but it brought a complex battle system, a deep and varied upgrade system and a unique story drenched in ancient Japanese lore.

The sequel will feature various upgrades to the already popular systems and will be set in a new and equally dangerous Sengoku era. Expect a tough-as-nails action RPG that will push even the most seasoned Souls player to the edge.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Release Date: TBC2020

Platform: Xbox One, PC

The last decade was not kind to flight simulator fanatics, with titles released few and far between, but Microsoft is set to change that in 2020 with a brand new entry into their every popular Flight Simulator series.

Expect the same ultra-realistic controls and plane behaviors from previous entries, set to photo-realistic graphics, captured using tons and tons of geographical information to create a near-perfect representation of planet earth, some might even be lucky enough to fly over their own houses.

Add in the challenge of real-life weather patterns and behaviors so you know potential pilot wannabes are in for an absolute treat.

Watch Dogs Legion

Release Date: TBC 2020

Platform: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Stadia

After a dreary first entry in the series, the original Watch Dogs had so much potential and with the release of Watch Dogs 2 developer, Ubisoft almost achieved its full potential. However, with Watch Dogs Legion, those early promises seem to be fully delivered.

A radical departure from the original concept Legion takes place in a post-Brexit London. The game will follow a London-based hacker group, known as DedSec, as they try to fight the new London authority.

Un the previous entries, there will be no single hero character, but instead you can recruit anyone in London to be part of the hacker group. So far our favorite is the mild-mannered granny.

Ghost of Tsushima

Release Date: Mid2020

Platform: PlayStation 4

After the incredible debut trailer earlier last year, The Ghost of Tsushima has been high on every PlayStation owner’s list. From the gorgeous landscape to the epic samurai showdowns, this game stood out from every single Sony announcement. Ghost of Tsushima is set in 1274 and explores the story of Jin Sakai.

In the game, Japan is invaded by the Mongol people, who place them under extreme oppression. Players will have to master the way of the Ghost, in order to free Japan from the grips of Mongols.

Featuring a beautifully rendered open world that can be explored without the use of waypoints or guidance objectives, this promises to be a sleeper hit for the PS4 goliath.

Elden Ring

Release Date: TBC 2020

Platform: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC

From the creators of Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Sekiro comes one of the most exciting titles of 2020, even though we hardly know anything about the game apart from an announcement trailer.

However, it was the details revealed in the announcement trailer that got people talking, as developer From Software will create their first truly open-world game but also team up with Game of Thrones maestro George R.R. Martin to create a unique world and story.

Considering the fantastic games From has created combined with the story-driven skills of Martin, this could quite possibly be their greatest game yet. 

Source: http://fhm.com/2020/04/23/13-reasons-gamers-should-be-excited/

Who is Sam Thompson? Everything you need to know about the Made in Chelsea star

Why Sam Thompson Is Taking Part In Movember’s Mo Mission Challenge

Sam Thompson is undoubtedly one of our fave ever Made In Chelsea cast members. It's got to be said. Louise Thompson's younger brother (AKA FITLORD Sam) has been on the show since 2013, but he did briefly leave the show.

However, he recently made a comeback in the latest series, with his new bae Zara McDermott and the Love Island 2018 star didn't hesitate making enemies on the show, heading straight for the drama by sticking up for Sam in an ongoing argument with his then BFF Jamie Laing. If you don't watch, Jamie has got with Sam's ex-girlfriend despite saying they weren't a thing.

Apart from MIC, Sam has appeared on Celebs Go Dating a number of times, and Celebrity Big Brother, so he's very much established himself as a legit celeb now. We thought we'd take this time to find out a little bit more about Chelsea's cheeky chappy now that he's dating Love Island 2018 star Zara.

1 of 27CREDIT: © Getty Images

You probably know Sam best for his appearance in E4's Made in Chelsea, but he also starred in the 2017 summer series Celebrity Big Brother (RIP) as well as not one, but TWO series of Celebs Go Dating.

Sam joined the cast of Made in Chelsea back in 2013 during the show's sixth series, when he moved into his sister Louise Thompson's flat.

He started off working as Jamie Laing's intern, helping with his Candy Kitten's business, doing his dry-cleaning and just being Jamie's general bitch. Now, Sam has established himself as one of the most central characters on the show – but he then decided to take a break from the show.

Speaking about his split from Tiffany Watson, Sam said, “That is why I kind of left in the first place. You don't want to be around your ex. Everyone on there is now more her friend and a lot of my friends have upped and left.

“I get a lot of things wrong, and I think to learn, evolve and grow as a human you have to make mistakes but when you're doing it on TV, people are judgey. It'll be nice not to have that level of scrutiny. Getting dumped all the time was chipping away at my confidence.”

However, he added that he would never say never to returning to the show, “Sometimes, you need to take a step back. There are a lot of new people joining, amazing cast members, and I think it will be a stellar series.

“I grew up on that show. I joined when I was 19, I'm 26 now. The door is not shut, but I don't see myself going back in the near future. I think I'll be back at some point, so I'm not too sad.”

Well, it didn't last too long because he returned very quickly.

At the time of writing, Sam is 27-years-old. He was born on 2nd August 1992.

Since first appearing on the show, Sam has been linked to several of his castmates. He first tried to win over Fran Newman-Young back in his first series.

Then his ex-girlfriend Riley Uggla appeared on the scene in 2014, although they didn’t rekindle their relationship.

Then along came Lucy Watson's sister Tiffany in series eight. They were on and off for a good few seasons, before finally calling time on their relationship before Sam went into the CBB house.

Sam then started dating Sophie Habboo (Habbs), that was until she dumped him in December. Now, in a dramatic twist, Sam has reportedly fallen out with his BFF Jamie Laing, after news emerged that Jamie is now dating Sophie. Awkward.

An insider told The Sun, “Sam has been left devastated by Jamie’s actions. They’ve been close friends for years and Jamie knows how heartbroken Sam was when Habbs finished with him.” It was previously reported that Sam – who was dumped in December 2018 by Habbs – had taken a break from the show because of the painful split.

However, it's now been confirmed that Sam is dating Love Island's Zara McDermott. After her less-than-amicable split from Adam Collard, Zara has been single since February 2019 – but not any more.

The pair went Instagram official and can't stop swooning over each other on social media.

They seemed to be besties on Made In Chelsea, but in 2019, reports suggested that Sam and Jamie were feuding after Jamie reportedly started dating Sam's ex, Sophie 'Habbs' Habboo.

However, Sam has now cleared everything up, putting the rumours to bed. Speaking to OK! Magazine, Sam said, “Honestly, I was only going out with her [Sophie] for a very short amount of time. I think that… it’s a whole Made in Chelsea thing, it’s not to do with me.

“My name keeps getting brought up though, I was getting Google alerts about it… I haven’t even said anything about it either, as I don’t really think there’s much to say on my part.

“It’s got nothing really to do with me.”

Sam Thompson and Tiffany Watson ©Channel 4

In 2018, Sam and Tiff announced they were taking a “planned break” from their relationship. Basically, they broke up for the summer so they could “find themselves”/get with a load of different people and work out if they actually want to be with each other. Turns out they didn't.

Amelia told The Sun at the time, “We're just hanging out. We're both very busy at the moment. I bumped into him on Friday. We went on a date last Wednesday and it was nice.”

She added, “We both came long term relationships so we're friends and hanging out and seeing where it goes. Who knows what the future holds.”

But, sadly, it wasn't meant to be. Sam subsequently appeared on Celebs Go Dating and met Emelia (who made a cameo in MIC), but it didn't work out and he went back on the dating show for a second time. Yet, that also didn't go to plan as he was still single at the end of filming.

During an appearance on Celebs Go Dating in 2020, in which Sam returned to the show to give his MIC co-star Olivia Bentley some dating tips, Sam revealed he had slept with Olivia around ten years ago before they were both famous.

The excitable reality star said, “Look Liv, I think we need to address the elephant in the room right now, we have actually slept together.”

Sam Thompson and Olivia Bentley ©Channel 4

The 27 year old then described Liv as being “bossy” and said she spent the night “telling him what to do” during their night of passion.

Not an image we needed in our minds.

Emelia and Sam Thompson ©Channel 4

Sam appeared on the fourth series of Celebs Go Dating, and we became literally obsessed with him and his habit of acting out Harry Potter on his dates. They weren't there for it, but we very much were.

He got together with Emelia on the show, and even brought her onto Made In Chelsea on a date with Louise Thompson and Ryan Libbey.

Sadly, it wasn't meant to be, and Sam returned to the show in 2019, again, he failed to find love!

Sam's sister is Made in Chelsea's Louise Thompson. Sam regularly shows brotherly support by mocking Louise and her boyfriend's Ryan Libbey's Instagram posts. See below lololol.

It's hard to pinpoint exactly when Sam's teeth went under such a dramatic transformation, and we're not sure exactly what has happened to them. But he caused quite the stir when he rocked onto the MIC set with a brand-new pair of nashers.

many of the MIC cast, Sam's had quite a privileged upbringing. He attended expensive boarding school, Bradfield College.

You can find all of Sam's social media handles here:

Sam also recently started vlogging and his own channel, just his pal and co-star Jamie.

If you love Little Mix and Lewis Capaldi wrap your lugholes around heat Radio. Listen now.

Source: https://heatworld.com/entertainment/tv-movies/cbb-sam-thompson-made-chelsea/