The best tri suits

Triathlon Suits

The best tri suits

Triathlon suits are something that triathletes might consider investing in as they get more serious about the sport, or if they have a budget that allows for a more complete stock of tri gear.

While it is very possible to train for and race in triathlons with a simple sport shirt and tri shorts, the benefit of a triathlon suit is that it is engineered specifically for the sport and can significantly reduce transition times.

  The transition time reduction comes from the triathlete’s ability to keep on piece of gear on for the entire race, rather than changing at the first and possible the second transition.

  For someone who wants to get serious about their times, or do longer triathlons, a triathlon suit is a wise investment.

The Bottom Line: Our Favorite Tri Suit

DeSoto Forza ITU: Our #1, by a hair.

We will go through several very good triathlon suits a little further down, but if you are looking for one quick recommendation, it would probably have to be the De Soto Forza. It is a great all-purpose tri suit, capable of handling elites and beginners a, and suitable for any distance race including the Ironman.

  We have not spoken to any Forza users who don’t absolutely love their tri suit.  De Soto is a company that really focuses on triathlon, and triathletes around the world thank them for it.

  A very close second is the Blueseventy TX2000, a quality suit that is built to withstand long races, but also great for someone who is newer to the sport.

What Makes a Good Tri Suit

Our favorite triathlon suits have a few things in common.  First, they manage moisture well, wicking away sweat and water, and not holding dampness in the fabric.

  This is important because you will use the suit for swimming and immediately jump on the bike with minimal drying.  Second, a good triathlon suit will provide a moderate level of padding in the seat for cycling.

  You shouldn’t expect the same level of padding you would get in bike shorts, as that could cause chafing on the swim and run.

  Third, the better triathlon suits offer plenty of ventilation throughout, as no two racers have the same heat during a race, and need to be able to manage it.  Finally, good triathlon suits should fit snugly, a glove, with minimal chafing at the edges, in the crotch, or under the arms.

Not surprisingly, the best triathlon suits come from the same manufacturers as some of the top cycling or compression gear.

  Those types of garments share much of the engineering and even many of the same materials as good tri suits.

  Finding the old, trusted brands names Pearl Izumi, Sugoi, Tyr, and others is usually a good place to start when looking at tri suits, or any other triathlon gear for that matter.

We have tried dozens of triathlon suits, and the following five suits fit our criteria of what makes a good triathlon suit.  All come from manufacturers that have reputations for quality and endurance.

  Note that if you are a professional, you will want to cross-reference these with the USAT official list of approved speedsuits.

We are confident recommending any suits on this list, but have ranked them according to some of the finer points of the suits and our field tests.

The PI Octane Suit: Good value at $170.

Pearl Izumi Octane.  The Pearl Izumi Octane (here on Amazon) just looks fast, and with the best technology Pearl Izumi has to offer, it feels fast too.  It is the most premium suit on the market today, and we love that PI keeps investing in R&D, making them one of the key advancers of tri technology.

  The 10” inseam makes this suit a bit longer in the legs than some, something that we personally prefer.  Made with PI’s PRO Aero fabric, it is incredibly quick-drying coming the water, and doesn’t hold any sweat in the fabric, even on long runs and rides.  A zipper vent helps provide coolness on warmer days.

  This is one of our favorite triathlon suits that we would be happy to wear in a race of any distance.  For those wishing to spend less, Pearl Izumi’s Elite Intercool as a great product with all the key features, just without the high-end fabric of the Octane and seam construction that is a slight step down from the Octane.

  If we were going to recommend one “starter” tri suit, this would probably be the one for now.

De Soto Forza.  DeSoto has always been one of the more innovative makers of triathlon gear, making high-end pieces for serious triathletes.  The Forza triathlon suit (here on Amazon) is right up there with the very best you can buy, combining comfort with performance.

  De Soto switched from making a two-piece to a one-piece suit a few years ago, and in our opinion they did an outstanding job with design.  The suit has one of the better cycling pads that you will find in a tri suit, one that actually has buoyant qualities to help you in the swim.

 De Soto has also worked hard to make sure the suit feels smooth, “ silk” as the company says, and can help keep you cool.

 Serious triathletes will appreciate Desoto’s testing that shows the suit reduces swim times by about a minute per mile, while more casual races might the bolder color choices (blue, red, or black) than are found in many brands.

  The newest version features extended sizing, so if you feel your size runs much larger or smaller than normal, you can still special-order a suit.  We that feature in the spirit of getting more people into triathlon.  The list price on the suit is normal in the mid-$200s, and it is worth every penny.

Blueseventy TX2000.  Blueseventy makes some great wetsuits, something they have been known for for a long time.  They also make other tri gear, triathlon transition bags as well as one of our favorite tri suits.

 The TX2000 is an excellent suit for a number of distances, built to hold up for a long time but also provide comfort on the race course.

 Blueseventy used a product called VitaFabric which allows for better head transfer, preventing a heat build-up which could really haunt a triathlete during a warmer race day.

 An excellent heat transfer is why you will see many TX 2000’s being used during an Ironman — when the last thing you can put up with is a body temp that is off.  We also the nicely-placed pockets on the back of the suit – easily within reach but not in a place that hinders the use of the suit.  At under $200, this is one of the better buys for a high-end suit on the market.  Very aero.

LG LGneer Skin

Louis Garneau LGneer Skin.  Louis Garneau is perhaps best known for great cycling gear, and that shows in their Tri Suits.  With the LG LGneer suit (here on Amazon), we can almost say that LG thought of everything.  It carries a healthy price to prove it, but a good investment if you have the budget.

  The LGneer is a high-end, seamless suit that incorporates one of the more advanced seat pads on the market.  The pad sports an anti-bacterial top layer that can assist in the process of tissue regeneration on the bike, something anyone who has done a century ride will know something about.

  The seamless construction of the suit means less chafing and one less weak spot for the suit to fail during its lifespan.  We love the aerodynamics, the contrast between an aero upper and a tough, comfy lower, and the fact that the Coldblack treatment provides for a cooler uniform during those hot and sunny races.

 With the aerodynamics built into this suit, you will feel fast on the bike.  They improved on the last model by putting 2 inner and 2 outer pockets on the suit, which we feel is a must-have.  It might be the most sophisticated suit on the market, but you will pay for it.

  The LGneer Skin also features covered, angled side pockets to reduce the drag coefficient.  If the LGneer is above your price point, LG also makes the Comp which is not as expensive and intended for more of the beginner market.

  You give up much of the aerodynamic construction and features the upgraded pockets and seat pad, but you still get a garment from one of the leading cycling gear makers out there.  One thing we d is that it is chlorine-resistant, which makes it one of the few intended to be used in pools as well as open water.

Zoot Ultra. One of our favorites.

Zoot Sports Ultra.  A favorite of ours, the Zoot Sports Ultra (here on Amazon) sits firmly in the high-end category for triathlon suits, but a reputable maker Zoot knows how to make good Tri wear.

  The compression spandex allows for athletes to feel the benefits of compression on their muscles and skeleton, and Zoot has used higher-end features such as anti-chafing seams and low-friction pockets.  One thing Zoot has done as well as anyone is split their suit into panels, which creates zones focusing on support of major muscle areas.

  This paneling is a page Zoot’s wetsuit playbook, something they know well.  Our testing suggested that the quick-drying features of the Zoot were excellent, and the cycling pad dried quickly but was a little thin for longer rides.  For those on more of a budget, the Zoot LTD Performance costs less and provides a more entry-level option.

  It shares many features with the Ultra, but provides a few more affordable options (such as leg grippers on the hems vs. grip-less technology on the Ultra).

2XU Comp.  The 2XU Comp (here on Amazon) is a good triathlon suit that won’t break the bank (not to be confused with the LG Comp, above).

  It reminds us a lot of the Pearl Izumi line in its stitching and performance, but isn’t quite in the class of some of the $150+ suits listed above.

2XU has gotten in the game of making some of the best compression wear on the market in recent years, and that engineering carries over to the Comp triathlon suit.

  The suit features the same Lycra fiber that goes in much of 2XU’s compression gear, and testing suggested that this suit provided slightly more compression than some of the others we tried.  The strength of the Comp ly comes in the run, as 2XU has built a good suit for that leg of the race.  We preferred the Desoto and Louis Garneau models for long rides, but then again those suits are at a higher price point than the Comp.

Sugoi RPM.  Made by a manufacturer we have come to respect and admire, the Sugoi RPM (here on Amazon) is one of two tri suits made by the Canadian-based company that also owns Cannondale.  The other model is the RS, which is nearly twice the price of the RPM.

  We the RPM suit because of its amply-zoned construction, its focus on ventilation for warmer runs and rides, and attention-to-detail in areas such as the flat seams and comfortable leg band grips.  Commonly found at below $100, the RPM is easy on the budget as well.

 We find the Sugoi lineup to have a “softer” fit overall, versus some brands which tend to fit a bit more firmly.  The RPM would be in the same overall category as the LG Comp, profiled above.

So, Should You Invest in a Triathlon Suit?

As we wrote earlier, a triathlon suit is hardly an indispensable piece of tri gear.  When we look at everything else that deserves a spot on your race day checklist, the tri suit is not mission-critical.  In fact, one of our founders did more than 20 triathlons before even buying his first tri suit.  Still, there are a few times we think it would make sense to get one:

  • If you have ample budget.  Hey – maybe you are rich.  Get a tri suit
  • If you are training for a long race — an HIM or IM triathlon
  • If you plan to perform in numerous races, where you will get your mileage and money’s worth a suit
  • If you legitimately think that you will have a chance at regular podium finishes

Otherwise, you can have a lot of fun in triathlon for a long, long time by combining a good pair of tri shorts and a singlet.

Here is a quick video of some key features of a triathlon suit (this one focuses on the PI Octane).


Ask Chris: What’s The Best Triathlon Suit For Racing?

The best tri suits

There are things in the sport of triathlon that you can get away with. Triathlon bags, for instance, are not an absolute requirement for completing a tri. You can get away with a garbage bag. We went over this last week. There are other pieces of gear that make you faster—aerobars, carbon wheels, an aero helmet, and so on.

Some gear is so important that if you try to race with an alternative— sunglasses instead of goggles, or vice-versa—you’ll be 100-percent, entirely and thoroughly screwed. Not having the best triathlon suit for you falls somewhere between blindly flailing in the water wearing a pair of Oakleys and a garbage bag tri pack.

You’ll get through it, but your body might be so beat up afterwards, you may never repeat the feat.

The best triathlon suit is more than just shorts. Tri shorts involve some spandex and a pad and some pockets—a “suit” has a zipper, holes for those things you use to swim, and a hole for that thing that wears a helmet.

You’ll wear this suit from the swim to the bike to the run, all without any need to change, as the pad is thin enough to swim and run without extreme chassis damage, and thick enough to keep your underparts from falling off on the bike.

You can pair a tri top and tri bottoms for that two-piece look, or you can get a tri suit that’s one big piece.

In our search for the best triathlon suit, we’ll break down the differences between the two, get into some new features from that last five years, and help decode some of the marketing…stuff…that makes everything seem more awesome than anything else.

What we won’t do is a deep dive into the bottom half of the tri suit specifically, so please check out the “Ask Chris” on triathlon shorts for more info on short pads and short length.

One Piece or Two?

Though it may sound a phrase best blasted an unintelligible KFC drive-thru speaker, this is actually a pretty important decision (though no less important than that fried chicken combo query).

Lots of triathletes a two-piece (suit, not combo) because it allows them to mix-and-match top and bottom sizes. Others (male others) the option to go topless, though be sure you check the rules of your race before you go exposing yourself to unwilling spectators.

Some people the one piece because you can roll it down during a wetsuit-legal race and roll it up into T1, you could also peel back the top (check rules here, again), and a one piece won’t ride up or down, unintentionally exposing your midrift and causing that dreaded mankini look triathletes have tried to dissociate themselves from since the ‘90s. Also, don’t forget the all-important Bathroom Access Factor in a one-piece over two.


This is an important one when you’re looking for the best triathlon suit. While the majority of tri suits in the last 30 years were focused on a sleeveless cut to allow for better movement and cooling, the new trend is the have shoulder coverage at the least and often sleeves that run almost down to the elbows.

The idea being that better materials are allowing for adequate range of motion and increased cooling. For more higher-end suits, there’s claims that these upper-arm covering materials are also more aerodynamic.

Not only that, but shoulders, unsurprisingly, are one of the number one places for sunburn, so by covering those things up, we’re dodging yet another skin cancer bullet.


We spoke about this in the triathlon shorts post, but it’s important to bring up seams again because they’re not just crucial in your underparts. Be sure to look for flat (or nonexistant) seams in the armpit and side-of-the-neck area.

This is where some of the worst chafing (behind what can happen to your behind, of course) can occur.

While more panels of fabric are generally desirable for a better fit—some brands call this “body mapping”—just make sure that those panels aren’t attached in an area that’ll be rubbing over and over, say, during the course of a salty 2.4-mile ocean swim or a sweaty 26-mile run.


Here, even more than in triathlon shorts, it’s super important to get material that’s not only lightweight and breathable, but also sun resistant.

As triathletes who spend an inordinate amount of time in the sun, it’s absolutely crucial that the top of your tri suit does a good job of protecting your body from harmful UV rays.

Don’t assume the material is all the same, as most brands do a good job of letting customers know the SPF rating of their suits.


Just in the shorts themselves, nutrition storage is key in your best triathlon suit. Look for pockets that zip up, go at an angle, or are covered when not in use, for when you have a non-wetsuit swim and don’t want to be dragging a parachute behind you.

Even if you don’t want to carry your nutrition with you—you prefer to store it on your bike or in a belt—it’s still a good idea to have at least one pocket for errant trash or if things start to go south and you need to reload on goods.

I’ve never said, “I wish I didn’t have this pocket,” but I’ve definitely wished I had more.

Now that you’re better armed with some general info to help find the best triathlon suit for you, below we’ve assembled a few choices as a jumping off point:

Note: All suits also come in a women’s version except for the DeSoto Forza Flisuit.

Decathlon Triathlon Short-Sleeved Trisuit Front Zipper LD

$75,, 4 pockets

Yes, this is the price for the whole suit, not just the shorts or the top. For those who are unfamiliar, Decathlon is a European brand that literally makes everything from boxing gloves to road bikes and in between. And they make it super cheap.

This is a mid- to high-end level tri suit for nearly half of the price of an entry level one. A medium thickness gel pad covers your rear, and elbow-length sleeves cover your little stick arms.

The material is definitely on the thinner side, so great for drying off the water or hot days, but most tri suits don’t expect to stay warm if the temperature dips.

Huub Anemoi

$475,, 1 pocket

No, the price is not a typo, this is nearly a $500 trisuit. While it may be (super) expensive, the HUUB Anemoi is widely considered one of the fastest triathlon suits money can buy. Extensively tested in the wind tunnel, HUUB claims that this suit can save between six and seven minutes over the course of an Ironman race.

That’s actually a really big deal. Using some very interesting neoprene “trip panels” that look almost little jagged tassles coming off the legs, this suit has all of the bells and whistles one could want.

Longer legs and arms, alongside a special “coldblack” technology ensure you don’t get sunburned or overheated with all that speed.


$280,, 5 pockets

This could also be considered one of the best all around tri suit options, as it checks all of the major boxes: five pockets, sleeves, an (awesome) fly built in just above the pad for bathroom breaks, and a 4mm pad.

DeSoto has been in the business for a very long time, and this suit is a culmination of lots and lots of iterative testing.

We also love the compression material in the legs and the rated 90 UVB fabric on the upper for sun protection and cooling.

Orca Core Racesuit

$130,, 2 pockets

Boasting a great entry- to mid-level pricepoint and the most padding in the category, the Core Racesuit is a great choice for longer rides and those who don’t have issues with chafing on the swim/run, but prefer more cushion on the bike.

Boasting 6mm of chamois pad, while most brands are around 3-4mm, this is also a great option for those who want a sleeveless suit and prefer mobility over coverage.

Fairly standard features water-repellent fabric and vented side panels round out a decent all-around option that doesn’t break the bank.

Coeur Kenna Zele

$400,, 2 pockets

Though not cheap, this is another example of a no-holds-barred wetsuit that’s specifically made for women in a women’s only brand, run by women. As such, the Zele suit boasts tons of features a 3/4-length zipper, leg grippers on a 6-inch inseam, and vented rear and side panels.

The Big News on this suit is the dimpled Italian fabric that’s meant to reduce turbulent air while riding—a high-end feature that can sometimes be missing on other women’s offerings.

Bear in mind the fleece chamois is thinner than some, so be sure you’re a little more gracious on your saddle choice or are racing at a shorter distance.


The 5 Best Tri Suits for Men 2020

The best tri suits

Fining the perfect tri suit is one of the most essential purchases you will make when it comes to your triathlon activities. It is the one piece of gear you with have with you the entire time. You need to make sure you are comfortable, it fits properly, and there is nothing you will be adjusting or pulling at during your triathlon.

The 5 Best Selling Tri Suits for Men:

For your convenience, the below list shows the 5 best selling tri suits for men available for sale on The list is automatically updated once a day. Scroll further down for our full buying guide and tri suit reviews.

Bestseller No. 1 PEARL IZUMI Elite Tri Speed Suit, Black/Torch Red, Medium

  • ELITE Transfer In-R-Cool fabric powered by coldblack provides superior cooling and reflective sun…
  • ELITE Transfer In-R-Cool fabricfeatures LYCRA Sport that helps garments maintain original compression…
  • ELITE Transfer Aero fabric is strategically placed for improved aerodynamics
  • Merrow stitch construction for next-to-skin comfort

Bestseller No. 3 Sundried Mens Premium Padded Triathlon Tri Suit Compression Duathlon Running Swimming Cycling Skin…

  • MSRP $120. The Sundried tri-suit is designed with a second-skin fit to give full range of movement and…
  • Featured in 220 Triathlon and used by professional triathletes. Our technical materials are super…
  • The triathlon suit features a subtle hypoallergenic pad to provide comfort on the ride but you won’t…
  • Intelligently designed leg grippers mean the legs won’t ride up while you run and prevent irritation…

SaleBestseller No. 4 qualidyne Tri Suits for Men Trisuit Triathlon Duathlon Running Swimming Cycling Sleeveless Skinsuit…

  • 【FABRIC BENEFITS】- This upgraded tri suits make use of a quick -drying fabric that is hydrodynamic…
  • 【ZIPPERED & SLEEVELESS DESIGN】- The mens’ tri suit's 3/4 zipper closure allows you to open partly…
  • 【EASILY ACCESSIBLE REAR POCKETS】 – Made with two hydro and aero optimised pockets cut to sit plush to…
  • 【PAD & LEG GRIPPER】- Quick-drying triathlon chamois fused onto a high-density, hydrophobic foam base…

SaleBestseller No. 5 Synergy Men's Triathlon Trisuit (Charcoal/Black 19, Large)

  • PROVEN TECHNOLOGY EQUALS SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE – Quick drying, perforated chamois pad keeps you…
  • TRIMS – Flatlock stitching throughout. 2 mesh pockets in the back.
  • EXCEPTIONAL FUNCTIONALITY – Soft and effective leg grippers keep your shorts in place. Modesty panel for…
  • SUPERIOR FABRIC – Made from advanced semi-compression materials to help you perform at your peak. 3/4…

When searching for the best tri suit, it is often a personal decision. Every individual will have different preferences – some may love a certain material and others may dis it. You may want to consider how much storage and pockets you need in your suit? How important are leg grips? Do you have easy access to the suit’s pockets?

You should also consider what the temperature of the water would be and the time of year your triathlon is – is it in the winter or summer? Will it be hot or cold outside?

The 5 Best Tri Suits for Men:

Below, we list and review the 5 best tri suits for men currently available for sale online.

1. Zoot Men’s Ultra Tri Race Suit

Zoot has over 30 years of experience creating tri suits. This tri suit is designed with ULTRA Powertek with Coldblack.

These unique technologies reflect UV light and heat so you do not have to worry about getting too hot in your suit even in the direct hot sunlight of the summer.

The tri-suit also features ULTRAcarbon, which is an anti-friction panel that minimizes any thigh rubbing and uncomfortable chaffing. Additionally, it helps reduce moisture and odors to keep you fresh and comfortable during your triathlon.

These handy panels also aid with muscle support to boost endurance levels and eliminate muscle vibration and injury.

This tri suit also features SBR 2D pad construction and hip holsters and back pockets for nutrition storage that is easy to access.

What makes this suit and company so great as well is that they offer a 1-year limited warranty on the suit. If there are any malfunctions or defects not caused by you, Zoot will replace your suit.

2. 2XU -Vent Tri Singlet Suit

ICE X Technology is used in this suit to keep you cool and comfortable throughout your race. The material is made from yarns woven with Xylitol to help keep the surface of the suit cool.

The suit also has UV reflectors to prevent the material from absorbing any heat from the sun.

Additionally, high filament yarns help to dry the suit material quickly and efficiently so you don’t have to worry about uncomfortable moisture buildup within the suit’s material.

Sensor Mesh X Fabric with Ergonomic panels is used to create a suit with tons of breathability and support. Flatlock Stitching helps reduce any risk of painful chaffing. The suit also features 3 large rear pockets for your storage needs, fuel and nutrition

3. Riviera Flisuit Tri suit

This race suit has all the bells and whistles you could ever want. Firstly, this suit has Fli-Fly – this is a hidden fly just above the pad that allows you to have quick and easy bathroom relief.

The Clasico Integrated Pad has no stitching down the middle, is not bulky and uncomfortable, isn’t stiff, and stretched seamlessly in every direction. The seamless inner thighs also eliminate friction.

Furthermore, Forza Compressor leg panels greatly reduce the possibility of delayed onset muscle fatigue and the Mobius Comfort Compression Band provides much-needed compression around the legs, but without tightness. Skin Cooler 90 is a fabric used in the upper body of the suit that keeps you cool and won’t make you overheat.

This suit’s Liftfoil3 center panels help you to swim faster. Of course, your tri suit needs pockets so there are two Waterlid Pockets that are on each leg. The suit’s pockets are hydrodynamic when you are swimming and are perfect for storage during land exercises. Sun protection is important, so the suit has Shield Del Sol upper body to help protect you from the sun’s harmful rays.

4. Huub Dave Scott Long Course Sleeved Tri Suit

This special tri-suit was developed with six-time Hawaii winner, Dave Scott. This tri suit is meant to provide you with ultimate speed, comfort, and breathability.

It features Coldblack technology to keep you cool and is better than heat-resistance white fabric. This suit is a bit unique because it has a short sleeve design as opposed to the common tank top design.

The short sleeve provides some extra coverage for those looking to not have their entire arm exposed.

The front of the suit is fitted with a zipper for easily taking the suit on and off. Mesh panel along the spine and lower back help with heat dissipation and the silicone-free and leg openings increase your aerodynamics significantly.

5. Castelli Men’s Free Sanremo Sleeveless Tri Suit

Castelli’s tri suit incorporates eight different kinds of fabrics to make up a two-piece suit, which is unique to all the one-piece options above. Some may prefer a two-piece over a one-piece, which makes this a great option.

The chosen fabrics that make up this suit are water repellant and are tested in wind tunnels to ensure function and speed for the bike portion of a triathlon.

This suite also provides a ton of muscle support to help support your body throughout the entire triathlon.

Furthermore, their KISS anatomical seat pas in the suit provides ample padding, yet is not bulky or uncomfortable when running. This tri suit also offers UPF 16 protection – meaning 94% of the sun’s harmful UV rays are blocked by the suit (that’s 94%).


Best Tri Suits and Reviews: Guide for Beginners

The best tri suits

If you are in the market for a Tri Suit, you know how overwhelming it can be to choose from the hundreds of suits currently on the market.

Below are ten tri suit reviews, five for men and five for women, aimed to help you choose the best tri suit for your specific needs.

Whether you are looking for the best in comfort, muscle support, aerodynamics, or cooling technology, there is something on this list for every racer.

SLS3 USA Men’s Triathlon Suit

This tri suit from SLS3 USA has been constructed with your comfort and support in mind.

With lightweight moisture-wicking materials that stretch in all directions, this suit will keep you dry, cool, and fully mobile during without restriction.

Ventilated shoulder pads, a front zipper, and a padded chamois all work to keep you from chaffing and overheating during every portion of the race.


  • Skin-tight compression fit allows full mobility
  • Nylon/spandex blend is lightweight, cooling, moisture-wicking, and fast-drying
  • Foam cushion in chamois prevents chaffing and keeps you comfortable on your bike seat
  • 6″ x 5″ rear pocket allows for convenient storage
  • Front zipper puts you in control of chest compression, heat, and ventilation


  • Sizing is difficult for men over 5’10”
  • Sleeves may bunch up at the armpits, as this suit doesn’t feature the open arm design
  • Leg grippers can be too tight in larger sizes and cause skin irritation or discomfort

DeSoto Men’s Forza Triathlon Suit

This tri suit by DeSoto is constructed to be extremely durable and can handle extreme conditions during all of your races.

The leg area is designed specifically to offer the best hamstring supports on the market, and all other areas are reinforced as well.

Each intricate design on this tri suit, including utility pockets, sewn in padded supports, and ventilated zippers, were added to enhance performance while swimming, running, or cycling.

  • Double leg band compressor stays in place and eliminates the need for uncomfortable grippers
  • Five utility pockets that don’t interfere with seams or the sleek fit of the suit
  • Thick yet breathable material protects from sun damage
  • Fits well on all body types
  • Rear, abdominal, and hamstring supports allow for better stamina and muscle recovery


  • Compression fit and thicker material may cause overheating or a lack of ventilation

2XU Men’s LD Core Support Tri Suit

The 2XU Men’s LD Core Support Tri Suit is unique because of its zoned compression layout, which applies pressure in paneled sections rather than over the entire suit and allows for great circulation.

The 2XU ICE X2 fabric will keep your skin cool and prevents overheating, even in extreme weather.

Because of the front zipper, you can control the ventilation of this suit and even further cool yourself down no matter how hard you’re working.


  • Zoned compression focuses support on the sides, thighs, and the lower back to keep muscles safe
  • 2XU ICE X2 fabric keeps your body up to 5°F cooler and prevents over heating
  • Comfortable memory tech chamois offers padded support and prevents chaffing
  • Elastic grips keep leg portion of suit from riding up despite the light material


  • Sizing runs a bit small
  • Pockets are extremely small, so belongings can fall them easily or cause resistance during the swimming portion of your race

Orca Men’s Core Tri Race Suit

This high-quality tri suit is breathable, waterproof, and has a thick cushioned chamois, making it ideal for all of the types of racing you’ll be doing.

The side and back panels are made of mesh, ensuring ventilation throughout the entire suit so you can perform your absolute best for longer periods of time.

The water repellent coating on the polyester/spandex material will help you glide easily through the water at top speed.


  • 70kg density chamois provides extra comfort on the bike and support on the run
  • Soft mesh back and side panels offer ventilation and breathability for comfort
  • Two rear pockets keep your belongings in place and your way
  • Waterproof fabric glides through water and will dry quickly on the run


  • Sizing runs a bit small
  • Torso is smaller than most, so the suit may be uncomfortable for taller racers

Synergy Men’s Triathlon Tri Suit

The Synergy Men’s Triathlon Tri suit is an all-around comfortable product that will make the transition parts of your race easier. Chaffing won’t be a concern in this suit, as it features extra large arm holes and a gel pad chamois for your comfort. The spandex compresses lightly and offers great sun protection.


  • Superior comfort with large arm openings, mesh back panels, and gel chamois
  • Moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties to keep you dry and fresh at every point in the race
  • Extra long zipper for easy removal and ventilation
  • Excellent fit for all body types


  • Zipper can be uncomfortable from the inside of the suit, as it isn’t sewn in flat

ZOOT Women’s Performance Tri Race Suit

This tri suit for women will move with your body your own skin and keep you flexible and fast during your race. The suit features a seamless stitch construction so no chaffing happens against your skin, and the compression fit is skin tight all around. It’s so comfortable you won’t even know it’s there, but it will be protecting you from sun damage and discomfort the entire time.


  • Seamless stitches for maximum comfort and skin tight flexibility
  • Chamois is padded for protection, but not so bulky that it interferes with your performance
  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Hems are tight and don’t have uncomfortable grippers that might irritate the skin


  • Bra elastic is very tight, and some find it restricting to their breathing
  • Leg portion of the suit may ride up in larger sizes

TYR Sport Women’s Sport Competitor Tri suit with Front Zipper

This tri suit from TYR is top of the line in terms of compression and muscle recovery. The graduated compression focuses on your side, back, and hamstring muscles and improves circulation for muscle stamina during the race. This suit is great for athletes who take the recovery time after their race seriously.


  • Beaded leg grippers are effective and more comfortable than flat stitched-in elastic bands
  • Graduated compression stimulates blood circulation and allows for faster muscle recovery
  • Extra long zipper is comfortable and keeps chest secure during your races, but can be adjusted for extra ventilation


  • Sizes run very small, especially in the hip area, so it is best to buy a size up if you’re unsure

Sugoi Women’s RPM Tri Suit

The Sugoi Women’s RPM Tri Suit offers superior ventilation and breathability compared to other tri suits currently on the market.

The suit in constructed into mesh or compression zones and the mesh zone panels allow for easy airflow and prevent overheating even in hotter climates.

The flat seams are designed in a way that prevents chaffing to keep you comfortable and able to perform your hardest.


  • Mesh panel inserts allow for increased airflow and prevent overheating
  • Materials and seams prevent chaffing and remain comfortable when wet
  • True to size and a perfect fit for any body type


  • No built-in bra for those who need extra support

2XU Women’s Active Tri Suit

The women’s tri suit from 2XU is constructed to be one of the best suits on the market for every portion of the race. The chamois features an extra slim design but still provides the perfect amount of comfort on the bike. Transition times will be easy because the suit wicks moisture and dries faster than most other suits.


  • Y-shaped elastic grip keeps suit in place but remains comfortable
  • Mesh panel in front and back of suit allow for ventilation and have a body-cooling effect
  • Flat seams prevent chaffing and keep the suit as skin tight as possible
  • Quick drying materials allow for fast transitions between the different races and keeps you comfortable by wicking away sweat


  • Suit runs a little on the large side, so you may want to buy a size smaller than you normally would
  • The compression is loose-fitting and may not be great for muscle support, meaning that you could experience muscle fatigue earlier on that you would in a more supportive tri suit

Pearl iZUMi Women’s Elite Pursuit Tri Suit

The women’s tri suit made by Pearl is a great option if you value muscle support and recovery.

The In-R-Cool fabric technology not only keeps your body from overheating, it also offers a high-quality and durable compression fit that maintains its elasticity over time and keeps you from experiencing muscle fatigue.

The durable fabric also maintains a high level of flexibility and won’t hold you back when you need to be the most mobile.


  • In-R-Cool fabric technology cools the body and supports muscles
  • Compression stimulates circulation and allows for fast muscle recovery
  • Seams and pockets are placed for aerodynamics and high-level performance
  • Skin-tight flexibility allows speed and comfort


  • Leg grippers may be scratchy and irritate the skin as you move
  • The compression fit can feel restrictive in the chest area to some athletes depending on bra size

We hope that you find these tri suit reviews helpful in finding the perfect product for your racing needs and preferences.

Each tri suit on this list is of the highest quality on the market and comes with a great amount of features that make it beneficial for new and experiences athletes.

Each tri suit also comes with a few drawbacks, but none of them are major enough to outweigh the advantages that these suits have to offer.