The best gym shoes

  1. 17 Best Training Shoes for Less Than 0 Out Now
  2. Reebok Flexagon Force 2
  3. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star
  4. Nike Varsity Compete TR 2
  5. New Balance Minimus 20v7
  6. Puma Lqdcell Hydra
  7. Adidas Powerlift 4
  8. Nike Flex Control 4
  9. Puma Tazon 6 Fracture FM
  10. Nike Air Monarch 4
  11. Whitin Cross-Trainer
  12. Whitin Cross-Trainer With Bungee Lacing System
  13. Reebok Dart
  14. New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Trainer
  15. Adidas Solar LT
  16. Under Armour Commit TR EX
  17. Nike Renew Retaliation TR
  18. The 11 Best Gym Shoes for Every Type of Workout
  19. Introduction
  20. Nike Metcon 5
  21. Reebok Crossfit Nano 9
  22. Nobull Clay Trainers
  23. York Athletics The Henry Mesh
  24. Under Armour TriBase Reign
  25. Mizuno TC-01 Training Shoe
  26. APL TechLoom Pro
  27. Adidas AlphaBounce Plus
  28. Altra Solstice XT
  29. New Balance 40v1 Minimus Cross Trainer
  30. Reebok HIIT TR
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  32. The 10 Best Gym Shoes for Every Kind of Workout
  33. The Best Running Shoes for the Treadmill
  34. The Best Shoes for Spin
  35. The Best Shoes for Cardio and Weights
  36. The shoes fitness trainers swear by for every type of workout
  37. More fitness recommendations
  38. 10 Best Workout Shoes [ 2020 Reviews ]
  39. What to look for in a workout Shoe?
  40. Make Sure you’re Happy with the look!
  41. Make Sure it Fits!
  42. Make Sure you’re not Wearing old Shoes!
  43. Make Sure you’re Stable!
  44. Make Sure you’ve got the Right Traction!
  45. Make Sure you Allow your Feet to Breathe!
  46. What Sport will you be using the Shoes For?
  47. When Should you Replace Workout Shoes?
  48. How to keep Shoes from Slipping off heel During a Workout?
  49. How to Double knot Workout Shoes?
  50. Expert Tip
  51. Did you know?
  52. What Are the Best Workout Shoes for Women?

17 Best Training Shoes for Less Than $100 Out Now

The best gym shoes

If you’re looking to buy a solid gym shoe but don’t want to spend a lot of money, there are plenty of options on the market for less than $100. Regardless of the workout, whether you’re doing heavy weightlifting or high-intensity interval training, there’s something out there for you.

Below, consider 17 options that are in stores now.

Reebok Flexagon Force 2

The least expensive option on this list, the Reebok Flexagon Force 2 was designed with minimalism in mind. The shoe features a breathable upper, shock-absorbing cushioning and overlays for optimal support.

Buy: Reebok Flexagon Force 2 $60 $29 with code GETDOWN

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

The iconic shoe isn’t necessarily built for the gym, but since cushioning often has an adverse impact on heavy lifts, bodybuilders often lace up a pair of these.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star. Buy: Converse Chuck Taylor All Star $50

Nike Varsity Compete TR 2

If heavy weightlifting and working on explosive movements is your thing, this shoe may be for you. It features a durable mesh and synthetic upper that’s reinforced to resist abrasion, laces that integrate with the mid-foot straps for support and a rubber outsole made to grip all surfaces.

Nike Varsity Compete TR 2 Buy: Nike Varsity Compete TR 2 $70

New Balance Minimus 20v7

This cross-training sneaker from the Boston-based brand is ideal for the person who does it all in the gym. It features grippy Vibram outsoles, knit uppers and lightweight Revlite midsole cushioning.

Buy: New Balance Minimus 20v7 $100

Puma Lqdcell Hydra

This is the first training sneaker from Puma to feature full-length Lqdcell cushioning, which was designed to promote stability. It also features EVA and rubber that wraps up the lateral side of the shoe for added stability.

Buy: Puma Lqdcell Hydra $100

Adidas Powerlift 4

If you’re looking for a lifting shoe that won’t break the bank, the Adidas Powerlift 4 may be the one for you. The shoe is lightweight and built to keep your foot locked in place. It also features a durable Adiwear outsole.

Buy: Adidas Powerlift 4 $100

Nike Flex Control 4

This shoe was built with reducing weight in mind, all while staying stable and comfortable. It features a flexible upper, a mid-foot strap for stability and deep flex grooves on the outsole to promote natural movement.

Buy: Nike Flex Control 4 $65

Puma Tazon 6 Fracture FM

This simple and sleek look from Puma is designed with a textile and synthetic upper and a rubber outsole for traction, and it’s ideal for training that involves running.

Buy: Puma Tazon 6 Fracture FM $70

Nike Air Monarch 4

It’s not just an ironically cool sneaker. The Nike Air Monarch 4 actually has performance features made for working out such as a Phylon midsole paired with full-length Air cushioning, keeping the shoe light and plush underfoot.

Buy: Nike Air Monarch 4 $65

Whitin Cross-Trainer

This look from the brand sold on Amazon features a zero heel-to-toe drop, an anatomical foot shape and minimalist construction — a simple shoe that doesn’t get in the way of a great workout.

Buy: Whitin Cross-Trainer $35

Whitin Cross-Trainer With Bungee Lacing System

This style from the Amazon-sold label is executed with a bungee lacing system, zero heel-to-toe drop and minimalist construction.

Buy: Whitin Cross-Trainer $40

Reebok Dart

Although this shoe has a far cheaper price point than others, the Reebok Dart is still built to withstand grueling high-intensity workouts. The shoe features a lightweight mesh upper, a cushioned EVA midsole and a multipurpose outsole for traction on most surfaces.

New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Trainer

This lightweight gym shoe features Fresh Foam midsole cushioning made to give the wearer a plush and natural ride, a stretchy collar and a breathable mesh upper.

New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Buy: New Balance Fresh Foam Zante $90

Adidas Solar LT

Adidas kept things light with the Solar LT, which is made to tackle all workouts. The shoe is built with lightweight and flexible textile uppers and springy Bounce midsole cushioning.

Buy: Adidas Solar LT $56 was $80

A shoe built for intense workouts, the Nike Renew Fusion features a foam midsole to cushion for the impact from high-paced activities and a midfoot cage to lock your foot in place.

Buy: Nike Renew Fusion $85

Under Armour Commit TR EX

This versatile look features a lightweight mesh upper, an external TPU heel counter for support and the brand’s acclaimed responsive Charged Cushioning midsole.

Under Armour Commit TR EX Buy: Under Armour Commit TR EX $80

Nike Renew Retaliation TR

Made for people who incorporate lots of running in their high-intensity workouts, the Renew Retaliation TR is executed with abrasion-resistant mesh on the upper, and resilient and stable Renew cushioning in the sole.

Nike Renew Retaliation TR

Buy: Nike Renew Retaliation TR $75

All products featured have been independently selected and curated by our editorial team. If you buy something through the links included on our site, FN may earn a commission.

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The 11 Best Gym Shoes for Every Type of Workout

The best gym shoes

This guide to the best gym sneakers of 2020 covers the best shoes for weightlifting as well as mixed-use options.


When it comes down to it, so to speak, shoes can make or break your gym-going experience. And no matter your fitness goals, this list has an option for you. While it can be tempting to use the same pair of sneakers for all your walking, running, jogging and gym-going, it’s ideal to have a pair of shoes that you use just for the gym.

Beyond extending the life of your running shoes, swapping out that pair for a gym pair does a lot for your workouts.

Shoes designed for that purpose are closer to the ground, lending more support to your muscles and joints, giving you better stability during unilateral (one-sided) moves and providing a reliable platform for lifting heavy weights.

When purchasing true running shoes, people often leave space in the toe box for toe splay. It makes sense and can improve your running form and performance.

But with weightlifting and mixed-use gym shoes, it’s best to avoid unnecessary space in the toe box. You want the sneaker to snugly fit so that there’s support for your feet during unilateral moves.

The more space between your toe and the end of the sneaker, the harder your body has to work to balance, which is unnecessary. Go with an exact fit.

Nike Metcon 5

The Nike Metcon is always a top contender in the gym space — the fifth iteration of this sneaker is pretty darn close to the perfect weightlifting shoe. If CrossFit is your work choice, or you to hit the gym and only lift weights, this is the shoe for you.

The grip is tough and will help you crush sled pushes and pulls without slipping. There’s not much cushioning between your feet and the ground, so there’s more of a stable launch point for tuck jumps and power cleans — and the sneakers are a breeze to tighten with an added sixth lace loop option.

If you’re heading out to just lift, you can also add the included Hyperlift insert under each heel.

Reebok Crossfit Nano 9

Reebok’s Nano is synonymous with CrossFit. Last year’s award-winning update includes a Flexweave material upper that is breathable, stable and durable. This year’s Nano For All asked the CrossFit community what updates they’d to see and implemented them.

You’ll find a CrossFit specific outsole design with MetaSplit grooves for better traction and grip. A wider-than-average toe box gives your feet room to breathe and enough toe spread for improved balance and a stronger base to push off.

The unchanged minimal drop outsole keeps you close to the ground.

Nobull Clay Trainers

The speckled outsole adds a bit of personality to these otherwise minimalist sneakers. A super-durable upper paired with a perforated microsuede tongue is breathable and comfortable for all-day wear, if you need them to last that long.

High-carbon lateral and medial guards add balance support and help during rope climbs and deadlifts. The lighter colors can get dirty very quickly — especially in the weight room — but there are loads of colors and designs to pick from that ly won’t have the same problem.

Similar to the Nike Metcons, these shoes feature a 4mm drop.

York Athletics The Henry Mesh

These unisex sneakers felt light for the amount of support they provided — they weigh in at 8.3 ounces despite having the highest offset with a 9mm drop.

Originally designed for fighters, the Henrys feature a mesh upper that is exceptionally breathable whether you’re box jumping, pistol squatting or throwing punches. There’s not much support underfoot, but there is enough to get through sprints and a boot camp class.

The high heel pull tab didn’t rub during squats, lunges or mountain climbers. At $99, this is (narrowly) the most affordable option on the weight lifting list — plus it looks good enough to wear all day long.

Under Armour TriBase Reign

The Under Armour TriBase Reign features a full rubber outsole that wraps around the edge of the shoe to help your grip during rope climbs. The foam midsole is firm and built for lifting, not running.

We don’t recommend wearing these on the treadmill for even short sprints.

But as long as there’s little to no running involved, the abrasion-resistant upper makes for a durable shoe that’ll hold up to even the toughest of WODs.

Mizuno TC-01 Training Shoe

The TC-01 is Mizuno’s first foray into gym sneakers, and they hit the mark. Our tester found them to be perfect for heavy lifting given the 4 mm drop and 11.8-ounce weight. These are the sneakers to pull out when you’re heading into the weight room to do squats or Olympic lifts. A knit upper and soft midsole feel comfy from the first step.

APL TechLoom Pro

These sneakers are priced more running shoes, and they lean that direction, but they are not as supportive as Asics or Hokas and not intended for long runs. The dual-layered woven upper is reinforced with a sock liner and has a neoprene-feeling tongue.

The tongue is attached, so there’s no easy way to move it around, and the laces tie underneath — a feature introduced with aesthetics in mind — but you can pull them out and re-lace if you prefer a more traditional style.

The 8mm drop is slightly more than the other shoes on this list, but there were no performance issues when completing squats, reverse lunges, mountain climbers and even spider planks.

Adidas AlphaBounce Plus

The cushioning on these sneakers is what sets them apart from the others on the list. They’re comfortable enough to handle miles on the treadmill, yet also geared for multidirectional movement.

The grippy Continental rubber outsole means they’ll work just as well in the grass as they will on the mats at the gym, while the breathable mesh upper keeps your feet cool.

We highly recommend these for HIIT classes Barry’s Bootcamp, as well as for your day-to-day gym trips.

Altra Solstice XT

These training shoes are built to help you tackle compound lifts and cardio routines with equal aplomb. The dual-purpose sneakers are stable and durable thanks to a foot-friendly toe box and full rubber outsole. Meanwhile, the abrasion-resistant mesh upper features a liquid rubber cage to keep your ankles safe during lateral movements.

New Balance 40v1 Minimus Cross Trainer

These cross trainers are run-friendly and up for your everyday weightlifting challenges — a HIIT or strength class, or a day on the machines. Easily tackle the TRX or ski erg with these 10.

2-ounce breathable sneakers that feel stable and have adequate grip on the otherwise thin sole.

The synthetic and mesh upper keeps your toes happy — even if you hop on the treadmill between reps and sets.

Reebok HIIT TR

If you’re looking for something less stiff than the Nano 9s, Reebok’s HIIT TR is a stellar all-around sneaker that’s particularly adept at high-intensity interval training (as the name implies).

The outsole boasts bifurcated high-performance rubber to optimize multi-directional movement, while the midfoot support cage and beefy, cushioned collar keep your feet locked-in and secure during explosive exercises.


The 10 Best Gym Shoes for Every Kind of Workout

The best gym shoes

The best workout shoes might not be your old running sneakers.

It seems most guys work out in running shoes, and this is fine. You certainly can rock the kicks from your last half marathon for plyometrics and in the squat rack. But if you really want to take this gym thing more seriously, it’s important that you match your shoe choice to your chosen activity.

“Wearing the right shoe for your workout is a game-changer, not just because you’ll be able to perform better, but you’ll also reduce your risk of injury,” says Dan Giordano, DPT, CSCS, co-founder of Bespoke Treatments.

Giordano offers up the example of a running sneaker with a lot of cushion—that wouldn’t be the right pick for lifting weights. “The cushion that helps protect your feet from the repetition of your stride on the run could throw you off balance in the weight room,” he says.

This could also decrease force production, or the amount of force you can put into the ground during your lifts—that foam is standing between you and your next PR, in other words.

But what if I want to do both? Plenty of workouts these days involve some combination of running with weights. In that case, Giordano says the best workout shoes are something in between.

“Look for an option that’s not too high off the ground in the heel,” he says.

“This will reduce the potential for you to rock backward or forward in your lifting movements, and give you a sturdy platform of support.”

With so many options out there, how are you to choose the right one for you? We tapped top trainers with different sweat styles for their go-to picks.

The Best Running Shoes for the Treadmill

1. On Running Cloudswift

Recommended by: Dan Castillo, trainer at GRIT BXNG

“This sneaker is extremely lightweight, which is what I look for in a traditional running pick. They have a very flexible sole and bottom, which feels it caters to my foot type. I would not use them for heavy lifting, but they're amazing for everything from sprints to longer runs, as well as moving around the city.”

2. Hoka One One Clifton 6

Recommended by: Matthew Luke Meyer, coach at Mile High Run Club

“This has been my go-to daily trainer for the last two years, I’m on my twelfth pair, and I don’t plan on switching any time soon. They’re great because they’re the trifecta of light, supportive, and comfortable.

3. Saucony Men’s Glide 13

Recommended by: Michael Hornig, trainer at SLT Tread and SLT

“I’m flat-footed so I need a shoe that is supportive but not corrective. The Saucony's alleviated my knee pain and enabled me to run longer and more consistently. Insider tip, make sure you get fitted for running shoes and try on as many as you can. One size (or type) does not fit all.”

4. Nike Pegasus Turbo 2

Recommended by: Oliver Lee, Peloton Tread instructor

“If you’re looking for a good workhorse for workouts that include outdoor running or more than 30 minutes of running on the tread, these are it. I find them to be really stable, supportive, and sleek.”

The Best Shoes for Spin

5. Scott Road Comp Boa

Recommended by: Jason Tran, instructor at Swerve Fitness

“The first thing I did when I got into Spin, long before teaching, was get my own pair of shoes.

Clipping into the bike helps you get the most the workout, and allows riders to push and pull on the pedals evenly without worrying about losing your footing.

This Scott shoe has a Boa system, which is a dial that really customizes the fit to the foot, giving you a locked in feel. There’s also a lower Velcro strap, which keeps the foot secure and offers a tight, comfortable fit.”

The Best Shoes for Cardio and Weights

6. Nike Zoom Winflo

Recommended by: Casey Field Gilbert, trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp


The shoes fitness trainers swear by for every type of workout

The best gym shoes

Trainers share their tried and true picks for the best workout shoes.

Getty Images

Whenever you start a new workout or training program, one of the first things you should do is figure out the best workout shoes to wear.

The right type of shoe can be crucial to your workout (and your feet, from heel to midsole to toe), even if you just plan on weight lifting, cycling, or you just need walking shoes.

Making the right choice with footwear sneakers is even more important if you want to run or do CrossFit workouts or HIIT classes, where you need gym shoes that are breathable, offer comfort and support your weight and joints. 

If you're new to working out, chances are you're a bit lost about which gym shoes will be the best to support you and your feet in your new workout.

And you don't want just any pair of gym shoes, especially if you're going to be investing a lot of time (and potentially money) into your new training routine.

Do you need breathable mesh, anti-slip rubber or a rubber outsole? Do you need shoes for women or men's workout sneakers? Do you go for the big brands Nike, Reebok and Adidas? The options are endless.

Read more: 9 of the best running shoes for 2020 

Sneakers can ultimately be a personal preference. But if you're looking for some suggestions, the best people to ask (in my humble opinion) are fitness trainers.

Why? Trainers pretty much spend 24/7 in gym workout shoes and ly have tried all the sneakers out there.

They know which sneakers to skip, which sneakers to invest in, and oftentimes can save you from a headache (in your head or your feet) when you've just bought four different pairs of sneakers but hate to wear all of them.

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So let these fitness training experts save you some precious time (and hopefully money, and pain in your feet, including the dreaded plantar fasciitis) by checking out their recommendations for the best workout shoes to wear for every kind of exercise. No matter if you're running, boxing, dancing, doing high-intensity interval training, or lifting weights and weight training — this guide to sneakers has you (and your feet) covered.


“For trails, I prefer Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX.  These are Gore-tex to keep your feet dry and have firm soles for added stability on the trails.

  The toe box is also reinforced to keep you from stubbing your toe. As these shoes are sturdier, they are good for indoor cycling and some indoor exercise classes.

  With a firm sole, some activities (such as calf raises) might be difficult in these shoes.”

— Mollie Millington, runner and certified personal trainer.

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“I love the Asics Kayano as they provide additional ankle stability for people with muscle imbalances, which we all have. Once the ankle and knees are supported correctly, the proper shoe can relieve pain in the knees and ankles and help correct over-pronation which is when your foot rolls inward, causing shin splints and can cause knee pain and swelling.

“A good stability shoe will help minimize the rolling inward and help the heel-to-toe transition slowly, correcting your running form over time.

“I personally love how light this model has become over the years. The shoe has transformed into a fashionable and light shoe while helping correct the form of our feet while we run while improving the pressure on our joints while we run with added cushioning. Every client I put in these shoes loves them, as they can be worn while strength training or running.”

— Holly Roser, certified personal trainer. 

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“There are two main things you look for in a CrossFit shoe: durability and versatility. A good CrossFit shoe takes you from squats to rope climbs to burpee box jumps all in one workout. A good pair of CrossFit shoes feels just as comfortable during an 800-meter run as it does during a couplet of deadlifts and push-ups — and NoBull surpasses standards for all of the above.

“NoBull shoes have a reputation for being heavy-duty yet comfortable, supportive yet flexible. Plus, they're sleek and simple, and you can choose from high-top, mid-rise and regular to find your perfect fit,” 

— Amanda Capritto, CrossFit Coach, certified personal trainer and CNET writer.

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“My fave sneaker model is the Asics Gel Nimbus. They were the first pair of shoes I bought when I started training with DanceBody in 2016, and I'm seriously committed to them. I've tried a bunch of different sneaker brands and models, but I always come back to the Gel Nimbus. 

“They have amazing shock absorption for high-impact movements, but are light enough that they don't feel clunky moon shoes; the perfect balance for dance cardio.” 

— Sam Ostwald, trainer and instructor at DanceBody


“For boxing workouts, these are super-comfortable and feel you're walking on clouds! I also that they can be slip-on and not tied with laces. I do a lot of strength training and high-impact moves and have loved these shoes for the past four years. I still wear them whenever I do boxing workouts, drills and high-impact training,” 

— Amanda Alappat, former pro boxer and personal trainer. 

The best health tech at CES 2020

More fitness recommendations

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The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.

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10 Best Workout Shoes [ 2020 Reviews ]

The best gym shoes

If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that will help you workout, there are many things you should consider.

What to look for in a workout Shoe?

You really need to spend time, effort and money searching for the right workout shoe. Think about it, you’ve already spent a lot on your gym membership, equipment, and your workout outfit, so it makes sense that you invest in protecting your feet.

Make Sure you’re Happy with the look!

While how your workout shoe looks are not the most important thing to look for in a workout shoe. These days there’s such an abundance of different shoe models suited for every workout need but also every outfit option. And you know what they say, if you look the part – you’re going to start to play the role.

Make Sure it Fits!

It sounds the most obvious thing to make sure of, but too many times do people end up buying some workout shoes that don’t fit them. There are many reasons for this so make sure you try on your workout shoe around the same time of day you’re ly to working out in them in. If you’re looking for training shoes for lifting, we always recommend getting a size up from your usual shoe size.

Make Sure you’re not Wearing old Shoes!

Generally speaking, you should change your workout shoes after 300 – 500 miles, this isn’t always easy though when the primary function of your workout shoes isn’t for running. But fear not you can easily tell if your shoes need updating how sturdy their material is and how much rubber is still left on the sole.

Make Sure you’re Stable!

It’s imperative you pick the right workout shoes for the type of training you’ll be undertaking. We’ll go into it later, but in general, you need to make sure your foot is well protected for jumping, parkour and weight lifting, and if you’re long distance running you need cushioning.

Make Sure you’ve got the Right Traction!

If you’re going to be doing a variety of activities including things HIIT and Tabata workouts in your new shoes you need to make sure the rubber is firm and able to cope with quick movements without letting you slip.

Make Sure you Allow your Feet to Breathe!

It’s really essential not just to keep the smell away but the sweatier and hotter your feet are while you work out the more this will impact on how well you can perform.

If you know your feet are going to get pretty hot and sweaty, it’s best to look for something with lightweight fabric or mesh panels.

Workout shoes and socks for sweatier feet with a material such as these allow your feet to breath during those intensive workouts!

What Sport will you be using the Shoes For?

The first thing you should think about when shopping for a new pair of workout shoes depends on what sort of sport you’ll be using your new workout shoes for. Different models of workout shoes will be more suited for various different sports.

Gym Cardio: If you’re one of those who favor the cardio or training style workout class you best get yourself some supportive shoes.

You’ll find as you jump around in classes such as Tabata or HIIT workouts you need shoes which provide ample cushioning and support.

If you have a normal to wide sized width foot, you may want to look for workout shoes with additional width, as this allows for maximum movement.

Treadmill Runner: For those of you that are all about clocking up the miles on a treadmill, you’re going to need some running shoes. When looking for a running workout shoe, you should definitely check whether or not you overpronate or not – this will help define what type of running workout shoe you’ll need.

Weight lifter: If working out for you involves lifting the heavyweight you’ll know you need a secure solid form and grounding to help give you the power you need to lift.

This means your workout shoes will also have to offer you a proper form and therefore need to be firm, flat and sturdy.

If you try wearing your Nike runners while lifting weight, you’ll find you ache a lot more the next day.

When Should you Replace Workout Shoes?

It can be harder to know when to replace workout shoes as un regular running shoes, you won’t be able to work out when to replace them based upon how many miles you’ve run. Instead, the best way to know when it’s time to replace your workout shoes is every three to six months.

How to keep Shoes from Slipping off heel During a Workout?

There’s nothing worse than your shoes slipping off your heel during a workout, trust us we’ve all been there midway through pushing our bodies to the extreme our foot slips out, and we’re suddenly thrown of our game or reaching our personal best. There are two ways to avoid this happening to you during your workout.

Firstly, no shoe should ever be slippy at the heel as any shoe which is slippy at the heel does not fit. Secondly, make sure your shoe is tight across the middle of your foot. This mid-foot part of the pump should be tight enough to feel sturdy without being too tight to cause any injury or pain.

How to Double knot Workout Shoes?

Many people swear by tying their shoes into double knots as it promotes better comfort and stability for a workout. Firstly you should pull the laces tight and make sure they’re an even length.

Then cross the laces and pull tight again. Then you need to manage to create and hold two parallel loops and loop them left over the right. We advise folding the left loop under, around and then under again.

After this, you can pull your laces as tight as you to suit your needs.

Expert Tip

You should never try and use the same workout shoe for every type of workout you do. As running shoes are made for the flexibility of running and shoes for walking or lifting weights will be stiffer to suit these sports needs.

Did you know?

Sneakers were given the name because their rubber soles didn’t make a squeak as most other shoes did when they were walked in.


What Are the Best Workout Shoes for Women?

The best gym shoes
Outdoor running included. Photo: Mike Powell/Getty Images

While we might be reaching peak streetwear sneaker, sometimes you need a bit more — technology, support, strength — in a shoe you’re going to work out in.

But not all workout sneakers are created equal: Wear the wrong type when you hit the gym, and your performance may be seriously impacted. To find the best workout sneakers for any sort of exercise, we spoke to 16 fitness-minded cool women.

Read on for their picks, which include workout sneakers for doing double-dips at Barry’s, traversing 18 miles of asphalt, and practically every other way you can work up a sweat.

On Cloudventure Trail-Running Shoes

When it comes to outdoor running, On Cloud Trail Shoes are a favorite of yoga teacher and author Shona Vertue, who says that after trying quite a “few trail-racing shoes in my lifetime, these are by far my favorite.” The sneakers are lightweight and breathable enough to carry you through long distances, while their “Missiongrip” outsoles provide traction to keep you from slipping on wet and uneven terrain.

Nike Joyride Run Flyknit Running Shoe

For running indoors on a treadmill, Vertue prefers Nike Joyride sneakers, which combine the brand’s popular Flyknit material with new cushioning technology.

“The beads in the shoe act a beanbag and support your foot where it’s most needed, according to your gait,” she explains. This allows the Joyrides to adapt to a variety of runners and their specific support needs.

Rachel Lapidos, a beauty and fitness editor at Well + Good, agrees. “I feel I’m bouncing when I wear them,” she says.

$150 at Dick's Sporting Goods

The Strategist’s resident running expert and senior writer Karen Iorio Adelson loves the “lightweight and generously cushioned” Saucony Triumph ISO 4, which she credits for getting her back to a regular routine after a nagging hamstring strain.

“My hamstring is thankfully feeling better, but I’ve been sticking with the Triumph just because it’s a well-constructed shoe that feels great on the foot.

” Adelson notes that while these sneakers will work for all types of running, they’re especially great for outdoor distance runners because the added cushioning protects your joints from a lot of impact.

Adidas UltraBoost

Caitlin Carlson, the deputy editor at Equinox’s digital magazine Furthermore, says that while she was initially skeptical of Adidas’s UltraBoost sneakers when they first came out, they “actually do feel clouds on your feet, and I’ve never felt faster.

” She’s since run three marathons — in Boston, Berlin, and New York City — in different versions of the UltraBoost, and used the sneakers to train for other competitive runs. Carlson adds that these are “one of the most stylish workout-shoe options out there,” saying that she tries to keep one pair “just for running and another for the gym and for walking around.

” Personal trainer Bari Lieberman is also a major fan: “They’re comfy, springy, and have been my go-to option for anything from just a few miles to half-marathons.”

Hoka One One Women’s Cavu

“When I was training for an Ironman (after coming back from knee surgery), a friend who had done the race a year before recommended I check out Hokas,” says Jen Ator, editor-in-chief of Women’s Running magazine, who runs both on treadmills and outdoors. “After going to the gym and doing a five-mile run in them, I was hooked.

” She says that while they may look big and bulky, they actually feel very light when running. The toe box is also slightly wider than a standard running shoe, which gives a “noticeably more comfortable and relaxed fit” without having your foot slide or shift around.

“And thanks to the ample amount of cushioning packed into the outsole, I have far less aches and pains in my knee compared to other sneakers when running long distances.”

Nike Metcon 5 Sneakers

For cross-training, Vertue s shoes that are “varied in flexibility and stability” to adapt to the different types of motions those workouts usually require.

The Nike Metcons — which she calls her “go-to all-around shoe” for working out— fulfill both requirements because “they’re flexible at the front of the foot, which allows for good movement through things lunges or running” while also having a “stiff heel, which creates stability in movements heavy deadlifts and squats.

” Miracolo also loves the Metcons because they have a “sleek design, incredible fit, perform great, and stabilize your foot when doing any cross-training workout.”

Nike Zoom Fly 3

While Lapidos says she digs “the futuristic style” of these shoes, she promises that they “don’t just look cool.

” There’s a carbon-fiber plate within the cushion that “literally springs you forward more nimbly as you move” and gives “cloud- support” when doing strength training, or even running, she explains.

If you don’t the jazzy colors (ocean blue, bright pink) that the Zoom Fly 3 sneakers come in, Nike also offers the option to customize them to your taste.

These Nikes, which have a bit of a throwback look to them, are “one of the most comfortable sneakers on the market,” according to Miracolo, who says that they get her through some of the toughest cardio classes she takes. The shoes are “as unique and stylish” as they are cozy and supportive, she says, with a “chunky design that is an updated version of a sneaker you probably wore in the ’90s.”

Nike Air Max Thea Ultra Flyknit Sneaker

“I found these kicks strolling through a boutique in Montreal and walked out with them on my feet,” says Julie Mayville, senior client partner at , who wears them for her cross-training and strength-training workouts because “the fit is super lightweight and airy.

” She admits that the sneakers are a little tough to get on and off, but once they’re on, she says they make your foot look slim and narrow, un other athletic sneakers that make can make feet look bulky. “They can also get you through an Orangetheory class,” she promises.

Lapidos says that these “dependable” shoes are very popular in the Well + Good office, and that she and a handful of her colleagues wear them “because they’re consistently that good.” They have a light, responsive cushioning that provides a smooth, supported landing, making them versatile enough to wear on runs, at boot camps, and for strength and weight training, she says.

$100 at Dick's Sporting Goods

Professional stuntwoman April Sutton says these “have an awesome snug fit, which is helpful for my high-intensity interval training.” But that’s not the only time she’ll work out in them. “I cross-train in them and even wear them for agility and plyometric training, such as box jumps or ladder drills,” she adds.

APL TechLoom Phantom

Both Lieberman and freelance TV producer Brooke Lessinger love APLs for their stylish look and comfort. Lessinger told us she “had been looking for a sleeker pair of sneakers to wear to some of my favorite classes, Fhitting Room and Rumble, when I came across this pair.

” She says they will definitely fit the bill if you’re looking for a pair of workout shoes that have the right support to “comfortably do burpees and box jumps,” but still want a “more fashionable look” that you can wear throughout the day. “My feet feel secure and — bonus — they look so cute.

” According to Lieberman, they are a “go-to pick when a workout class includes a mix of everything.”

Asics GEL-Nimbus 19 Running Shoe

Samantha Flax, an account manager at Pinterest, says that she wore trendy lightweight running sneakers for years — until she started experiencing knee pain. After switching to Asics, however, her “knee pain completely vanished.

” The added benefit of these Asics, she explains, is that they’re “super lightweight and flexible, making them perform well in high-intensity training classes where there is a lot of jumping and other activities that put stress on my knees.

” And although she admits that “they’re not the best-looking sneakers,” she favors support over style when it comes to workout shoes.

Nobull Women’s Training Shoes

For weight lifting, Lieberman loves the “versatile and durable” Nobull training shoes, which she initially told us about when we investigated the next status gym sneaker for women. The Nobull shoes have a flatter sole, Lieberman explains, which allows you to stay more “grounded and stable during heavy lifts.

” Well + Good style and fitness editor Zoë Weiner agrees: “I fell in love with these shoes before I actually put them on because of how sleek and minimalist they looked, so I was very happy to discover that they are also the most comfortable shoes my foot has ever become acquainted with.

” She says they have great traction so they can be used for lots of different workout styles. “It feels I’m standing on a cloud.”

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