Paragliding in Spain

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Paragliding in Spain

If you were thinking about go paragliding or give this activity as a gift to a loved one, you need to know that you are taking a big decision. And is because you are going to experience one of the most unique moments in life. To fly in the sky is not something you will do everyday!

1. The easiest way to fly

Forget about boarding a plane, light aircrafts, etc…. Thanks to the paraglide, anyone can fulfill one of the most common desires of the human being and that is to fly through the clouds, just a bird does.

Because the flights are carried out tandem way, the instructor will be the one in controlling all the technical maneuvers, leaving you as the spectator, to enjoy each instant of the trip, without any pressure.

2. Listen to the silence

Think about it. You will found yourself at various, hundred, meters of height from the ground, you alone with the pilot. There is no motor, there is no any noise, noone talking, just only the sound of the wind. That’s why, in spite of being one of the most exciting adventure activities, paragliding can also be a way to relax and see the world from above.

3. Get a report you will never forget

The majority of paraglide flights companies offer the option of booking with an extra service of photos and videos of the activity.

Also, they normally have the best cameras in the market, GoPros, so you leave a folder full of high definition files and be able to enjoy each detail every time you watch it.

Sometimes, is enough to bring a MicroSD, to leave with the report from second one. In other occasions, the company will edit your video to send it after.

4. It doesn’t matter if you the beach more or the mountains

To carry out a take-off with a paraglide, a cliff it is required, but it is not necessary to be in the peak of the Everest, nor less. That’s why this sport can be also carry it out in the coast, since the mountains cliffs near the coast are enough to start the flight and see the sea from the heights.

5. Would you to fly alone? Become the pilot!

To fly with a two-seater paraglider next to an instructor is an impressive experience, but logically there is nothing to be YOU who carries out the take-off to then fly in solitary, controlling everything at all times.

Don’t see something unreachable, and is because you can find initiatory courses in which it is fundamental the theory part, the practical. First, on a small hillside to carry out jumps and short flights, and ach time, the altitude and distance will increase.

Finally, you will get your degree to be able to face the wind alone.

Would you to prepare a flight experience?

This is a very known discipline that can be found, practically, in almost throughout all Spain, both in the peninsule and Balearics and Canaries (specially Tenerife).

The season of the year does not represent a problem, since is enough to bring warm clothes during Winter. Although, because is an aerial activity, depends on climate conditions 100%.

Because this motive, availability will always be subject to this factor, and is because safety is the first thing, and only the pilots will fly under the best conditions.


Andalucia paragliding holidays: Learn to paraglide in Spain

Paragliding in Spain

Always wanted to fly? To soar high above the countryside? With a great climate, stunning scenery and ideal conditions, Andalucia paragliding holidays provide the perfect environment to learn to paraglide in Spain.

Southern Spain, with its reliable sunny weather is undoubtedly one of the best places in Europe to paraglide. With a range of guides and instructors all who have more than a decade of experience, FlySpain in Algodonales is one of the best paragliding schools in the business and one of the largest in Europe.

Step 1: Tandem flight

The best way to start your learning experience is on a tandem flight with a qualified instructor. Not only will this give you a thrilling insight into paragliding, but your pilot can begin to explain the basic principles of controlled flight.

Once safely soaring, your instructor might give you the controls to allow you to get a feel for flight and the movements in the air. You’ll probably be instantly hooked, the great news is there are courses you can do on Andalucia paragliding holidays.

Step 2: Paragliding courses


The course lasts four to five days working through the theoretical side of flying working towards solo flight. Training on a small hills the goal of the course is to make small height flights directed by radio.


Courses again last four to five days, with students making larger height flights with radio assistance. You’ll also spend more time studying air conditions and thermics.


You can also take on more extreme tuition, where pilots learn advanced manoeuvres to use in dangerous conditions. Plus you could learn acrobatic paragliding tricks used in freestyle competition flying.

Private coaching or group lessons

Whatever your level, Fly Spain offer the option of tuition that suits your budget and time restraints. The quickest way to learn is on the ‘zero to hero’ course which offers one on one tuition. Private coaching is available whatever your level, and works very well for one or two students to one instructor.

If you are looking to keep prices down then join a group course. It takes a bit longer to learn but is a more social experience. Typically there are five to eight students to two or three instructors at the largest BHPA school in Europe.

Paragliding vs Paramotoring vs Parabuggying

Tandem flights and paragliding courses can be either free flight or assisted by a motor, which is known as paramotoring. Paramotoring can be combined with a three-wheeled bike or buggy which is called parabuggying.

Before a paraglide flight, you’ll normally drive up to high ground to launch which helps increase the flying time. On a tandem flight your pilot will take care of all the setup before you take to the skies.

With the motor assisting you paramotoring and parabuggy flights can take off from sea level. Paramotoring has fewer physical restrictions for launch, whilst parabuggying needs a short runway to takeoff.

BHPA – The Gold standard in teaching

The BHPA (British Hang-Gliding and Paragliding Association) exists to promote safety within the sport. It oversees pilot and instructor training, and for 50 years has been the backbone of the UK paragliding community with over 8000 members.

BHPA is widely regarded as the gold standard in paragliding, with it’s only equals being the French and German equivalents. Fly Spain is the only BHPA accredited school outside of the UK to offer the full range of courses for all level of pilot.

So Andalucia paragliding holidays with FlySpain come with the highest level BHPA instructors and follow their rigorous safety procedures. If you learn to paraglide in Spain with them you’re qualification will be accepted globally.

Andalucia paragliding holidays: Why?

The climate and conditions are perfect in Andalucia. Not only it is one of the sunniest regions in Europe – 340 days a year – but it’s also home to reliable winds and great thermals.

Along the coast you’ll find Tarifa Europe’s wind and kitesurfing Mecca. This reliable wind, combined with temperature differences create the thermals that’s help make Andalucia’s interior famous for its paragliding.

Fly high above the stunning southern Spain you look down on small, whitewashed villages, rugged natural terrain and beautiful scenery. Plus of course you can paraglide here all year round, so there is no need to worry about the weather as you would in much of Europe.

Learn to paraglide in Spain with FlySpain for a truly unique combination of destination, experience and activity. Start off with a tandem flight, work towards solo flying, or learn advanced maneuvers all under the watchful eyes of some of the best instructors in the business.

To find out more about FlySpain head to their website:


Tandem Paragliding | High Sierras

Paragliding in Spain

An easygoing panorama 20 – 30 minutes flight. Calm soaring and relaxed thermals make you feel very comfortable.  After the flight all passengers are genuinely pleased and excited. 


Cross Country tandem flight

On this type of flight we try to fly as far as possible, normally 10-15 km and the flight last about 30 – 50 minutes with heights that can be over 6000ft (2000 metres) (depends on the conditions). As we cover a certain distance and use all available thermals you will get a real feeling in flying a bird!


Fly with the Eagles and Vultures

  A unique experience to fly alongside these magnificent birds. There are many vulture colonies in the area along with various types of eagles! 


Just before take off you receive short induction and safety instruction from our experienced pilots. You will also learn how the paraglider launches, steers and lands.

The flight can be an easy and smooth or a roller coaster with acrobatic bits. You choose. Lots of our passengers decide to extend their basic flights to thermal flight while airborne.

That’s not a problem, but is at extra cost.

If the conditions are good you will get the chance to fly the paraglider yourself! Unfortunately we live on planet Earth, so good weather can not be guaranteed. We will stay in touch to keep you informed about the latest weather updates and plans.

We have experienced tandem pilots. They will never commence flight operations unless they are sure that conditions are safe to do so. We operate our tandem flights in the beautiful Andalucia see map for the area we operate in.


Surprise someone with our gift voucher. An unique and unforgettable experience.

A tandem paragliding flight is a fantastic and unusual gift, so you can buy a gift voucher to please your relatives, girlfriend, boyfriend or perhaps your boss.

Vouchers are valid for 12 months, so the recipient can book in when they have their free time. Please note, our maximum passenger weight limit is 120kg.

We provide you with the passenger personal and third party insurance and we only use the latest certified equipment.

Tandem paragliding holidays in Spain

Come and visit us in southern Spain. A unique experience staying in a mountain village, flying as a passenger each day, we fly with the eagles and vultures. Price includes a tandem flight each day (weather permitting)  accommodation, including airport transfers.

We also have other activities such as visits to the local mountain white villages, Bird watching days, trail walking and cycling days and horse riding contact us for details. 

€850.00 each per week


Q: Who can do it?

A: Flying is for everyone! Our oldest passenger so far was nearly 100 years old! Anyone under 18 needs written parental consent.

Q: How fit do I need to be?

A: You just need to be able to take a few steps on take-off and landing, and spend the rest of the time sitting comfortably in the harness. We can accommodate most people’s needs, so if you have any concerns, just contact us first.

The BHPA (British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association) operate a flyability scheme that subsidises people with various disabilities. I fully support this scheme and if possible will fly people with disabilities. Please ring and have a chat to find out more.

Q: Is it dangerous?

A: Yes. There is an element of risk but done correctly the risks are lower than that of horse riding, skipping or even crossing the road. Our pilots have worked all over the world flying tandems and have made thousands of flights. Your safety is our first priority.

Q: I’m scared of heights. Does that mean I can’t paraglide?

A: No. A lot of pilots claim to be scared of heights. For most people, the moment we are airborne, fear and anxiety vanish.

Q: Some schools charge less than you. Why?

A: We guarantee a 20 minute flight, but it is often more. We also offer good discounts for students or groups. Contact us if you want to know more.

Q: How long does it take?

A: We guarantee at least 20 minutes flying time although it is usually more half an hour depending on the conditions and number of bookings. I recommend you set aside at least half a day so we can wait for the conditions to be just right. Also one of the sites requires a gentle half hour walk to the launch.

Q: Where do you usually fly?

A: All our flying sites are around the south west of Andalucia see map for the area. All the take off areas and landing fields are designated and prepared for paragliding. The site we fly is determined by the wind direction and strength.

Photos and Videos​

We can record for you a DVD with footage and photos of your flight, so you have a memory that you will see whenever you want and re-experience the wonderful feeling of flying. The DVD comprises one to three HD quality footage and 10 to 30 photos.​

€20.00 DVD 


Guiding paragliding in Alicante Spain

Paragliding in Spain

Hey you all, maybe nice to introduce me,

who am I ¿

I ve been a traveler all my life.   And 30 years ago I discovered paragliding, made it my trade 20 years ago moving down to Spain, Alicante region with its best climate, mountains and coastal sites nearby.

I choose Alicante because of its diversity and I love the sun !   We have coastal sites and mountain sites.  Best of both worlds.   And if not flyable ?  Well you ll be in the least boring region of Spain, with lots of side activities possible.   Watersports, climbing etc… all you d wish for.

I m passionate in my guiding, to help you out, becoming a better pilot.   I brief according to your interest.    I welcome beginners to XC pilots, acro pilots and will show and guide all pilots to our more than 25 sites all year round.   Spanish roadtrip with all the comfort you ll need.

About our roadtrips :

II ve been travelling and always been fascinated by nature, culture, history, gastronomy, people.

If dont fly comps, but fly every possible day.  Always eager to find the best spot to fly.   I can be high fiving after a XC flights, but also after a flight on a new born site.   A soaring session over the azure blue sea, a winched flight over the desert, a mini wing discovery flight over a just discovered hill.

During the years I’ve read a lot about travelling with a paraglider.  But what I saw and heard was that companies just go to foreign, sometimes exotic countries with their paragliding friends but tend to stay on the hill and don’t move.    Spending non flyable time  waiting in a bar or a  hotel.

That’s not travelling with a paraglider for me.

Travelling with a paraglider for me is going around in a country, move from site to site, following the weather, and meanwhile visiting, nosing around in the country.   Not wasting valueble non flying hours or days waiting but instead explore the country in all his beauty; culture, food, landscape.. 

That’s exactly what my roadtrips are about.  I started to use the word roadtrip, and in particular not ‘paragliding trip’ to emphasize on our different approach.

Of course paragliding is the main thing of the trip, but the package around is as important.  

That’s also the reason why we choose Morocco, IRAN etc… . Countries where we can move around from site to site and be amazed by the country, its people, food, nature, culture etc… name it,

If you think this is your approach to a fascinating paragliding journey, then you ll be more than happy joining me on my roadtrips.

I ll take you where you never would go, due to my drive to show you things off the beaten track.   Years of experienced travelling, my choice of countries to fly our paragliders, surely helps out knowing local habits, local friends and pilots.

 A huge network of friends abroad, great assistants and qualified partners are ready to assure you a non forgettable roadtrip.

You can ask your country fellows more about the guiding, roadtrips etc, here they are, give them my regards :

– Johan from Sweden : – Hans from the Netherlands : – Remi from France : – Arnold from Belgium : van.remoortere.arn@telenet.

be- Sven from Norway : John from USA : Michael from Germany : Michael from Switserland : michael.huebner@bluewin.


– Sara from Teheran Iran :

Nick and team

Hope you get in touch !

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Paragliding in Alicante Spain, the experience of your life

Paragliding in Spain

20 to 30 min flight time. You'll steer the glider by yourself Acrobatic session.   Transportation from Santa Pola to the flying park. 20 to 30 min flight time you'll steer the glider by your self Acrobatic session transportation from Benidorm to the flight Park. 20 to 30 min flight time. You'll steer the glider by yourself Acrobatic session included. 20 to 30 min flight time You'll steer the glider by yourself. Acrobatic flight session. 20 to 30 min flight time. You'll steer the glider by yourself. Acrobatic flight session. Tandem paragliding in Alicante Spain Transportation from Alicante include. 20 to 30 min flight time. You'll steer the glider by yourself. Acrobatic flight include.   A unique and unforgettable experience,Tandem paragliding in Alicante is 


Tandem Paragliding Spain – Soar Up In The Spanish Sky

Paragliding in Spain

Have you ever dreamed of what it would feel to fly?  Well now is your chance to have an experience no other! Paragliding Spain on the Costa Tropical is the dream destination for many.

La Herradura and Cenes de la Vega are in the heart of Europe’s most southern flying sites for paragliding Spain!  There is year round thermal activity, so it is an ideal location to give it a try.  If you are wondering what thermal activity is, don’t worry.  You can fly with an expert, so you can enjoy the moment with no experience.

If you are curious about the sport and want to give it a try or you just want an amazing experience in Spain, then you should give Tandem Paragliding a try.

 That’s right, you can soar in the Spanish skies with a professional, fully licensed and insured tandem pilot, who has many years of flying experience and is wonderful to make you feel at ease.

  You will fly safely attached to your pilot and take in all of the wonderful views, while he is doing the work and guiding you to assist.  Of course you will need to listen to his instruction carefully to ensure you have a wonderful flight.

Paragliding Spain! Costa Tropical

Flights will be in Cenes de la Vega or La Herradura, in accordance with the best wind, so it really depends on the Andalucia Spain weather forecast for the day.

 From Almuñécar you can see people paragliding just above Marina del Este.  If you are in La Herradura, just look down at the east end of the beach and you will see them dotting the sky.

 Better yet, hop on over to that end of the beach and watch them land.  It is  particularly spectacular to watch at sunset.

What do you need to go Tandem Paragliding?

  • An Expert:  Contact Dirk at Hotel California in Almuñécar
  • What to bring: long trousers, a windproof jacket, sports shoes and your camera
  • Weight:  min 40 kg – max 100 kg
  • Age:  Old enough to weigh 40 kg and young enough to want to give it a try.  Yes the kids can do it too, provided they meet the age and weight requirements.
  • Cost:  Check the website for pricing and availability

Weather conditions need to be just right in order to support a tandem flight.  There may be times when you need to wait for the wind to pick up or perhaps fly on an alternate day.

 Please check the website for weather details and pricing information.

Oh by the way, if you want instruction or already know what you are doing up in the sky, check out the Hotel California website below, for more paragliding package options.  They also have a nice hotel with an amazing terrace, easy parking and great service.

If you would to see what the experience is , Wagoners Abroad has shared their video with us.  Watch Now!

Hotel California Spain Tandem Paragliding Information

Website:  Hotel California Spain (Paragliding and Hotel)
Email: (Español, English, Français, Deutsch, Nederlands)
Telephone:  +34 609 526 408   +34 609 218 698
Location:  Ctra de Malaga KM. 313  18690 Almuñécar Granada, Spain

If you contact them for information, please let them know you found them through Almuñécar Info!  We to make sure people know we sent you there.  Have an enjoyable flight!

More Things To Do in Almuñécar

If this wasn't enough for you or you want more adventurous activities, please review our full list of Things To Do in Almuñécar, including 1/2 day and full day trips from Almuñécar.

Organized Tours

If you are heading to the bigger cities of Granada or Málaga check out these great tours.  There are also many for you to enjoy from being active on walking or biking tour, to enjoying a food or wine tour.  There is so much to do and many great offers for you. Click here to see their latest Deals!

Let us advertise your business and reach thousands of people each week!

Contact us today for more information.


Tandem paragliding flight near Málaga

Paragliding in Spain

Tandem paragliding flight near Málaga

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Tandem paragliding flight near Málaga

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241 people recently chose this activity

  • Sport level Beginner
  • Spoken languages English, Spanish
  • Duration 20 min
  • Opening seasons:

Organized by Escuela Parapente Eolox

Fly with Eolox and discover the beauty of the Malaga region in Spain while experiencing the freedom of gliding on a paraglider!

A tandem paragliding flight is the best way to discover free-flying in its most pure state. Get ready to let yourself go and to put yourself in the hands of one of the professional paragliding pilots who will take you to the skies!

During a paragliding flight, you will get to relax and enjoy the flight, or you can take advantage of the outstanding views you'll have and capture amazing photos or videos. The only effort you will have to do is to run a little bit during the take-off so the canopy can get filled with air, then you can just kick back and have fun!

The paragliding flights take place around Malaga and the instructor will take you to the best spot considering the weather conditions. Thanks to the weather conditions and the geography of Andalusia, the team can guarantee you will have a magnificent flight!

minimum 10 y/o

Cancellation policy: 

flexible1) Cancellation 4 days or more prior to the agreed activity starting date → You are automatically refunded for the full activity price 2) Cancellation between 48 and 96 hours prior to the agreed activity starting date → You are entitled to a 50% refund 3) 48 hours or later are what we call last-minute cancellations

→ No refund will be made

Offer Description

Since paragliding flights depend on the weather, the particular take-off point will be decided when the weather forecast clears (usually 48 hours before your flight).

These are the most common paragliding take-off spots:

Valle de Abdalajís


Almuñecar-La Herradura

These are all located less than 1 hour away from Malaga. You can also easily reach them from Marbella, Fuengirola, Torremolinos and the main spots in Costa del Sol

Activity requirements

Participants must weigh between 40 and 120 kg.

Special terms

All minors must have authorization from their parents.

Please get in touch with your instructor after the booking is confirmed to arrange the specific meeting point.

Meeting point

Average ratingTime of year not great for this activity

Posted Thursday, June 13, 2019

NNoel Q. Ireland

Superbe expérience

Posted Saturday, May 19, 2018

EEmilie A. France

Vol en parapente à Almuñecar au-dessus de la mer!

Family Christmas present – Paragliding

Posted Tuesday, October 10, 2017

RRenee W. Germany

We had a fantastic day paragliding with the family! Our meet time was 15:00, and as scheduled we flew at 16:00. We were home by 21:30. So plan for a whole day event.

Even though 2 tandem paragliders were there, each flight was more than the 20 minutes they give. Since there were 5 of use, between getting set up, flight and landing, taking everything off, this uses more time.

It wasn't a problem for us, but incase you want to schedule your day accordingly.


Southern Spain Paragliding Flight Locations

Paragliding in Spain

In Andalucia, southern Spain, you will find the best weather for paragliding, especially in autumn and spring, but you can fly all year round…

even in winter!There are different kind of flights you can make here: we have big mountains, easy ridges for soaring and a sand dune on the beach,

It does not matter if you are a beginner or an expert paragliding pilot, here you can find good flying sites and there are easy and huge landing areas for beginners and easy and understandable XC flights.

ALGODONALES. Paragliding Spain

LUCENA. Paragliding Spain

Ronda la Vieja. Paragliding in Spain

MONTELLANO – Paragliding Spain

MATALASCAÑAS – Paragliding Spain


  • Location: Algodonales – Cadiz – Spain
  • Wind directions: North, North-East, North-West, West, East, South, South-East, South-West
  • Altitude: 800-1.025 m ASL
  • Access: any kind of vehicle
  • Pilot level: Any level. The official west landing field is not good for beginners, but there are easier landing options.

Algodonales is one of the best flying areas of Southern Spain and one of the most popular in Europe, especially in autumn and winter, when the conditions for flying are still good. Our paragliding school is based right here.

 It is a great thermal site and has good cross-country potential, even for pilots who are looking for their first XC flight… it is a very easy place, full of landing areas.


  • Location: Ronda – Malaga – Spain
  • Wind directions: North, North-West, South.
  • Altitude: 800 m ASL
  • Access: any kind of vehicle
  • Pilot level: Any level.

“Ronda la Vieja” is the name that the locals call to the place where the Roman town of Acinipo was. Nowadays, You can fly over the ruins of the theater. It is one of our favorite sites for teaching beginners.

Here they can make an easy top to bottom flights and it is ideal for the first soaring flights or top landing training.

This is a private site. You have to contact the local Club or with ZEROGRAVITY PARAGLIDING SCHOOL  before flying here. The security of a private flying site allows us to ensure safe paragliding tuition without limitation of having to share the space with other pilots.


  • Location: El Bosque – Cadiz – Spain
  • Wind directions: West, North-West.
  • Altitude: 500 m ASL
  • Access: any kind of vehicle (+10 minutes hiking)
  • Pilot level: Any level.

El Bosque is situated on the edge of the Grazalema Natural Park, so if you take altitude you will enjoy the fantastic views of these beautiful mountains.
The flying conditions are so good here that the locals talk about “la magia de El Bosque” (The El Bosque Magico)…

when the wind is too strong for flying at Algodonales it is probably not bad here!


  • Location:  Almonte – Huelva – Spain
  • Wind directions: South-West.
  • Altitude: 30 m ASL
  • Pilot level: Any level.

What to say about this place?… just a paradise for your senses: the sea, the beach, the marine breeze,… and 20 kilometers of sand dunes for flying!


  • Location: Teba – Malaga – Spain
  • Wind directions: North, North-West, East.
  • Altitude: 200 m ASL
  • Access: any kind of vehicle
  • Pilot level: Any level.

Have you flown in a town ever?…

here, you can: the takeoff spot is located just at the end of the street. This place is ideal for beginners; they can make a lot of top to bottom flights because the driving to the take off from the landing area takes just five minutes, and the landing field is massive.

It is also a good place for soaring, but you must be careful if you fly very high because you can find some big planes on the way to Malaga airport.


  • Location: Montellano – Sevilla – Spain
  • Wind directions: North-East.
  • Altitude: 300 m ASL
  • Pilot level: Any level.

When the wind blows from the NE, everybody goes to Montellano.

.. this flying site is usually very busy because there are not more places around to fly with this wind direction.There are two takeoffs: the lowest is only 20 meters high, but the lift works very well when the wind is strong.

The landing fields are private and it is forbidden to land on them during the crop season (top landing is possible).

With the good conditions, some Xc flights are possible here and, if you do the right things, you could finish your flight on the beach at Sanlucar de Barrameda, drinking a glass of manzanilla and eating the best prawns in the world.


  • Location: Lucena – Cordoba – Spain
  • Wind directions: East – Southeast
  • Altitude: 300 m ASL
  • Pilot level: Any level.

When the “levante” wind is too strong to fly at Algodonales we move to Lucena, where the wind normally is lighter.This is a great spot for students because there is a good landing area and a nice road to the top which makes the rotations very quickly and allows the students to make a lot of flights.

But it is a great place for cross-country too; many flights of 200 km have been done from here!


  • Location: Vejer – Cadiz – Spain
  • Wind directions: West
  • Altitude: 100 m ASL
  • Pilot level: Any level.

Nice place to enjoy a soaring flight above one of the most beautiful white villages in Andalucia in front of the Atlantic. A few minutes from the natural beaches of Conil and Caños de Meca.

The take-off is a bit small, but there is a chill-out cafe just a few meters away!


Top 10 Iconic Places in Spain for Paragliding I Perfect Paragliding Places in Spain

Paragliding in Spain

Piedrahita is one of the best places to paraglide in Spain. A number of flying competition takes place here. Piedrahita offers you a perfect combination of plains and mountains. The climate in Piedrahita is perfect for high altitude flying. Piedrahita is an attraction for paragliding experts for cross-country flights as well as for beginners who just want to fly low.

2. La Lastra del Cano

La Lastra del Cano is the place where paragliding records are made and broken. Three times the European record has been accomplished here. When you are up in the sky you will see beautiful mountains covered with pine trees and the Tormes River flowing through the valleys.

  Come here to the famous places for paragliding in Spain.  The most ideal time to glide is either early morning or in the evening. During the daytime, conditions are too harsh for paragliding usually.

One more thing, when you are up in the sky, vultures that nests on the ledges of the mountain will surely come to accompany you.

Visit: Beautiful National Parks in Spain

3. Andalucía

Andalucía in Spain is also acknowledged as Mecca for Spanish paragliding. It is one of the ideal places in Spain to get your feet off the ground and cruise into the sky in a paraglide. Andalucia provides you a vast range of geography to fly over.

If you wish to cruise over the sea, the Atlantic beaches of Tarifa in Cadiz is the place for you to go. If you want to glide an eagle over a jungle then Grazalema Natural Park is the venue you should go to.

Another one is the Sierra Nevada Mountains which gives you a chance to paraglide over spectacular snow-covered hills under a bright blue sky.

4. Teide National Park

If you need to feel your adrenaline rush then just fly over Teide National Park. This one of the spots to paraglide in Spain offers you the highest takeoff spot in Spain which is 2,200 meters high.

Surely it will be a breathtaking experience jumping from that height and touching the ground. You can glide over the picturesque gorge of La Orotava and the beautiful town of Puerto de la Cruz.

The most ideal time to come to Teide National Park for paragliding is in the summer season that is from April to October.

Tour: Popular Castles in Spain

5. Berga

If you are in Barcelona for a Barcelona FC match then after or before the match you can visit Barga which is located just north of Barcelona. The weather here is mild throughout the year.

It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or an expert, Berga is just ideal for both. In Berga, you will also find a very welcoming flying community. The best time to visit Berga for paragliding is during the spring or autumn season.

In summer Berga gets a little windy this is not ideal for paragliding.

6. Mallorca

Mallorca is a beautiful island in Spain situated in the Mediterranean Sea. 400 m above the ground enjoying the stunning view of the island along with the sea is just breathtaking.

This place is considered as one of the best spots to paraglide in Spain. You can either go for gentle tandem paragliding or acrobat tandem flight to experience some breathtaking acrobats in the air.

In Mallorca, you will fly over Llucmajor coast enjoying the stunning view of the Mediterranean.

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7. La Muela

La Muela is located in central Spain. Spanish paragliding spots are incomplete without it.

Paragliding the sky of La Muela with a picturesque view of the sunset is an experience of a lifetime. The plateaus of La Muela offer a takeoff height of 250 m.

You can experience thermal flight and XC paragliding here. It is a place to just stay in the sky, play with the wind and enjoy the sunset.

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8. Organa

Organic is just the right place for all intensities of paragliding. Organic is located in the beautiful Pyrenees Mountains.

If you are looking for the best place in Europe to practice some acrobatic flying, then Organya is the best place for you. The high winds are blocked by the mountain creating a condition ideal for attaining flying height quickly.

In Organya the mountain landscape is stunning and flying high in the sky you can have a bird’s eye view of Peak Orri, Cadi and Pedraforca.

9. Alicante

Alicante is one of the ideal and top places for paragliding in Spain.

In the presence of the thermal air, in the midst of breathtaking mountains of Alicante along with a picturesque spectacle of the Mediterranean Sea, you can experience the amazing feeling of flying a bird in the sky while paragliding. The climate and weather condition of Alicante makes perfect paragliding for you throughout the year.

10. Ager

One thing is guaranteed in Ager that is sunshine and this sunshine you can only find while paragliding in Spain. With consistent conditions for flying Ager is the home of cross-country paragliding.

With the Pyrenees in the background, you can experience the scenic beauty of Ager while flying a bird. Ager offers you the bird’s eye view of lakes, valleys, plains, and rocky lands.

You may also be accompanied by vultures which itself is an experience of a lifetime.

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So these are the best places for paragliding in Spain, with respect to the best time to go, travel distance and estimated per-person cost. You can plan according to your comfort. I hope you will love this article as we have tried to provide you as per your concern and kindly share your views in the comment section.