The 50 best fitness holidays

Top 13 Fitness & Spa Vacations on a Budget

The 50 best fitness holidays

In today’s health-conscious world, practically every major hotel offers onsite fitness facilities, yoga classes, and even fit packages for vacationers. However, there’s a big difference between choosing to take advantage of a hotel’s fitness services and taking a vacation focused on nothing but fitness.

The great part about taking a fitness vacation is that instead of coming back from a week away feeling lethargic and puffy, you come back feeling svelte, energized, and better than ever. And, because the adventure travel industry is booming, it’s possible to find all-inclusive vacations centered on everything from running, to cycling, to surfing, to yoga.

Is a Fitness Vacation Right for You?

While I believe everyone can and should look into fitness vacations, not everyone is going to fall in love with the concept. Due to the fact that most fitness vacations are packed with preplanned hikes, fitness classes, and bike rides, the spontaneous vacationer might not appreciate the stricter schedule.

Also, while there are fitness vacations for families, parents should think carefully about their family dynamic before signing up the whole gang.

You want your vacation to be a pleasant experience for all involved, so if you question whether your sulky teenager or wild five-year-old twins will enjoy cycling from campsite to campsite, maybe you’d be better off finding something a little more flexible.

Generally speaking, there are two “types” of people who will really enjoy a fit trip: Active individuals who love exercising and trying new things, and individuals who are looking for a way to jump start a healthier, more active life, and are ready for the kick-in-the-pants a fitness vacation offers.

Finding the Right Fitness Vacation

Before signing up for a fitness vacation, you should think about where you want to go and what you want to do.

There are options out there for practically every fitness personality, so it makes no sense to sign up for a yoga retreat if you don’t enjoy yoga and would rather spend your days hiking.

Start your search by deciding where you want to go, then narrow your options by what you want to do, what types of accommodations you want to stay in, and how much you want to spend. Other factors to consider include:

  • Whether you want spa treatments included with your trip
  • Whether you want food and drinks included with your trip
  • How many hours a day you want to spend exercising
  • Whether you want the trip to focus on a single form of exercise, or a mix of activities and classes
  • The expense of flying or driving to the vacation destination, as flights typically aren’t included in vacation package pricing

Fitness Vacations in the U.S

If you want to stay close to home, consider one of these fitness vacations located in the U.S. The thing to remember about U.S. trips is that travel t0-and-from the vacation destination is generally less expensive, but the costs of accommodation and amenities might actually be higher than those found at international destinations.

1. New Life Hiking Spa, Killington, Vermont

Located in Killington, Vermont, the New Life Hiking Spa offers all-inclusive vacations ranging from two nights to two weeks.

Starting at $239 per night for the hiking spa package, vacationers enjoy a room with a private bath, three gourmet meals each day, instruction in a nationally-renowned hiking program, access to all exercise programs including stretching, chi kung, strength training, water aerobics, yoga, core, Pilates, Zumba, and more, and one massage or facial for every three nights at the resort.

2. Red Mountain Essential Retreat, Ivins, Utah

When you want to enjoy a rustic vacation without roughing it, head to Ivins, Utah to the Red Mountain Resort.

The Red Mountain Essential Retreat package starts at just $200 per night and includes a deluxe room, three meals daily, guided morning hikes, unlimited fitness classes, healthy life classes, and access to hotel fitness amenities such as pools, bikes, and strength training equipment.

The Essential Retreat may be a good fit for families, as there’s a little more flexibility when it comes to picking and choosing which programs to participate in. Plus, with an onsite adventure concierge, you can have the fun of picking out additional outdoor adventures, such as mountain biking, rock climbing, kayaking, and horseback riding.

3. Running Away, New York City

Vacationing in one of the world’s greatest cities is never cheap, but if you’ve been dying to take a trip to New York, consider signing up for the Running Away Spring in Manhattan vacation.

This all-inclusive trip starts at $1,700 for double-occupancy and includes three nights hotel accommodation at the Excelsior Hotel, all meals, instruction from running experts, support vehicles for transportation, and a Wharton Performance Stretch Clinic.

Runners travel by foot across the Brooklyn Bridge, through Central Park, and along the last 10 miles of the New York Marathon route.

4. Backroads Alaska Multisport Tour

If you’re looking for a true Alaskan adventure, sign up for the Backroads Alaska Multisport Tour for six days and five nights of cycling, hiking, kayaking, rafting, and camping. This trip isn’t for the faint of heart – there are no spa services or comfy beds – so vacationers should be ready to rough it.

What the vacation does offer is meals, campsites, bikes, kayaks, and expert leaders to keep you safe and cared for while out in the Alaskan wilderness. Double occupancy rates for the six-day trip start at $2,000.

5. Fitpacking Foothills Trail, South Carolina

Fitpacking offers a number of fitness hiking vacations, all for a reasonable price, but I’m especially fond of the Foothills Trail excursion located in South Carolina.

The $1,050 per person rate includes two nights in a hotel, transportation to the trail, meals, permits, fees, and access to two knowledgeable trail guides who travel and camp with you.

You are expected to provide your own hiking and camping gear, although Fitpacking can put you in touch with rental companies if you don’t own your own equipment. All in all, the eight-day, seven-night excursion comes out to approximately $150 per day – a steal when you consider the amenities you receive.

6. Momentum River Expeditions, Oregon, Idaho, and Northern California

If you’d rather spend your days on the river than on the trail, check out Momentum River Expeditions.

These kayaking and rafting trips located in Idaho and Oregon are all-inclusive, offering three meals a day, including a gourmet, three-course dinner at the end of each day’s work.

And the days are spent working – expect to paddle the entire day with fellow adventurers and guide, getting an incredible upper-body and core workout.

When you hit camp, you have to set up your own tent – but when that’s done, you’re rewarded with a gourmet dinner, complete with a well-deserved glass of wine. Rates vary by length and location of the trip, but you can expect to spend roughly $1,900 for a six-day trip.

Fitness Vacations Abroad

If you have the travel-bug and want to immerse yourself in another culture, consider signing up for one of these reasonable and exotic fitness vacations.

7. Trek Travel Mallorca Ride Camp, Mallorca, Spain

Prepare for cycling season with the Trek Travel Mallorca Ride Camp in Mallorca, Spain. Trek Travel provides the carbon-frame bikes, water bottles, luxury accommodations, meals, and support vehicles for the daily guided bike rides.

The three-day, four-night camp starts at $899, while the six-day, seven-night camp starts at $1,299.

Vacationers can expect to ride about 40 miles each day across the beautiful Spanish terrain, skirting the Mediterranean Sea as they ride over rough terrain and coast past stretches of vineyards.

8. Kalon Escuela de Surf, Costa Rica

If you’re a diehard surfer or have always wanted to learn, there’s no better opportunity to throw yourself into the sport than at The Kalon Surf Week at the Kalon Escuela de Surf in Costa Rica.

Starting at $2,190 for a seven-night vacation, the trip includes transportation to and from San Jose, a private room in the mansion with an ensuite bathroom, meals, snacks, and drinks prepared by a private chef, five days of surf coaching (three to four hours each day), surfing video analysis, a one-hour massage, Pilates for surfing class, professional photos and video, sunblock, a rashguard, and your own mobile concierge.

9. Jungle Bay Dominica Fitness Boot Camp, Dominica

Explore the jungle and beaches of Dominica as you get in the best shape of your life. The Jungle Bay Dominica Fitness Boot Camp program includes seven days and six nights jam-packed with fitness experiences

Starting at $1,827 for double occupancy, a week-long vacation includes airport pickup and drop off, a private jungle cottage, all meals and fresh juices, instructor-led hikes and fitness programs, yoga, cooking and drumming classes, three 30-minute spa treatments, snorkeling, kayaking, and more.

10. Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat, The Bahamas

The pracrice of yoga is all about connecting with yourself and the world around you, releasing stress, and finding your center. What better place to recenter and de-stress than the beautiful beaches of the Bahamas?

The Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreats offer daily yoga and meditation classes, as well as beachfront access to activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, and beach hikes.

Yoga retreat package rates start at $99 per night for tent space, all the way up to $167 for a a beachfront deluxe room with two double beds and a private bathroom.

Rates include two buffet-style meals each day, wireless Internet, and the designated yoga programs.

Build Your Own Vacation

While fitness packages are nice, sometimes available packages don’t deliver exactly what you’re looking for. Consider keeping your eyes out for day-retreats or experiences that you can build into a standard vacation. For instance, if you’re planning a trip to the California Wine Country, look for a fitness day retreat that you can purchase separately from your accommodations.

11. Fitnessmomwinecountry Wellness Weekend, Sonoma, California

The Fitnessmomwinecountry Wellness Weekend is just one example of a day or weekend fitness retreat you can add on to your standard Napa Valley vacation.

This wellness weekend takes place in late May and includes a one- or two-day program of food, wine, yoga, hiking, and socializing.

The Friday program starts at $50 and the Saturday program at $150 – or, you can enjoy the full weekend for $175.

12. City Running Tours

If you’re traveling to any of the 11 U.S. cities offering City Running Tours, you can sign up for a personalized or group run around the city’s hot spots as the guide shares the history of the region. The nice thing about these runs is you can choose between 5k, 10k, or longer distances, your own fitness level and goals.

Group runs start at $25, while personalized runs start at $75. Given the variety of each city’s tours, you could add a different group run to each day of your vacation, enabling you to see the city in ways you wouldn’t see it if touring on your own.

13. “Glamping”

Traditional camping doesn’t appeal to everyone – sleeping on the ground and limited access to plumbing aren’t exactly big draws – which is why “glamping” has become a popular vacation alternative.

Glamping is camping: You stay out in nature, usually surrounded by parks and outdoor activities, but you sleep in tents, huts, or yurts that feature upscale amenities such as beds, bathrooms, electricity, and even access to spa services and private chefs.

When planning a glamping trip, look for glamp sites set up as resorts or affiliated with a nearby hotel so that you can add guided adventure trips and meals to your vacation package.

For instance, Blue Sky Ranch in Wanship, Utah offers yurts starting at $99 per night, then you can add a summer or winter adventure trip to your stay.

Choose from options including kayaking, horseback riding, snowshoeing, and yoga.

Similarly, River Dance Lodge in Idaho offers all-inclusive glamping packages with food, accommodations, and a host of guided outdoor adventures, such as whitewater rafting, horseback riding, hiking, and more. Rates start at $145 per person, assuming two adults and two children per luxury cabin, or just $79 per person, assuming two adults and two children per glamping tent.

Final Word

When taking time off of work, some people to just relax by the beach. But, if beach lounging gets boring and you need a little more excitement in your life, it’s time to try a fitness vacation.

Look at your vacation time as the opportunity to mark a few things off your bucket list, try something new, take a few classes, and embrace a fitter, healthier you.

When it’s time to head back to the office, you’ll feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to start looking for your next active vacation.

Have you ever taken a fitness vacation? What did you do?


The Best Fitness Retreats In The World

The 50 best fitness holidays

This story was written in collaboration with Forbes Finds. Forbes Finds covers products and experiences we think you’ll love. Featured products are independently selected and linked to for your convenience. If you buy something using a link on this page, Forbes may receive a small share of that sale.

Some adventures allow you to combine yoga and paddleboarding excursions for the ultimate fitness … [+] retreat.


If you dream of combining fitness with a luxury vacation, then look no further than this list.

These vacations provide the perfect opportunity to meet -minded people from around the world or travel with your best friend or significant other, and experience unique fitness retreats to help you get into shape and stay active.

These fitness havens offer an array of health programs, classes and activities in stunning destinations and have the ability to transform your life. Plan a getaway that will inspire you to stay healthy long after the trip is over.

Red Mountain Resort (Utah)

Biking is just one option at Red Mountain Resort.

Ellen Barone for Red Mountain Resort.

If you are looking for stunning red mountains and cliffs as the backdrop for your fitness retreat, check out Red Mountain Resort in Utah.

There are several packages to choose from and each retreat includes Desert Oasis accommodations, use of resort amenities and healthy meals.

Their Essential Zion Adventure Retreat includes a guided day trip to Zion National Park, fitness classes, guided morning hikes, use of bikes and healthy life classes.

Book Now

Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat & Health Spa (British Columbia)

Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat & Health Spa

Plan a trip to beautiful British Columbia and spend quality time among natural landscapes in Canada.

Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat & Health Spa is designed to help you lower stress levels, improve sleep quality, detoxify, strengthen mental health, increase your energy levels and, of course, stay in shape and increase muscle.

The rustic lodge is located in the village of Ainsworth Hot Springs, 45 minutes from Nelson, and is also home to an indoor and outdoor spa and large yoga room overlooking the mountains.

Book Now

Oodles Retreat (Spain)

Oodles Retreat

Cycling is a wonderful and exciting way to get in shape when traveling. Oodles Retreat in Spain offers cycling holidays that cater to all levels of athletes as well as adaptable programs to suit your particular needs.

Their ideal cycling location in Costa Blanca has a variety of bike routes to choose from with striking mountain views.

You will also be close to the historic and cultural sites in Costa Blanca so you can explore on your free time.  

Book Now

The Coast Ridge (California)

Robyn Tosick

Experience a unique four-day hiking and health excursion in California at The Coast Ridge. It’s located in San Francisco on a hillside overlooking Stinson Beach and the Pacific Ocean, the ideal location for hikes in the Bay area.

Start your day with yoga at sunrise, and then hike through the famous redwood forests for four to five hours taking in the seaside views. The Coast Ridge offers a variety of exercise classes including restorative yoga for core strengthening.

Enjoy daily organic plant-based meals to nourish your body on your reboot to better health.

Book Now

The Body Holiday (St. Lucia)

The Body Holiday

The Body Holiday in St. Lucia is packed with fitness activities including yoga, body spin, tennis, Pilates, water volleyball, Zumba, beach football, aqua fit and a morning run to start your day.

This all-inclusive luxury resort promotes wellbeing, and their distinguished Wellness Center includes a fabulous spa to soothe tired muscles.

You won’t go hungry here, with five restaurants including Ayurvedic cuisine that focuses on cooking with healing principles stemming from the ancient Indian philosophy of Ayurveda and living wisely.

Book Now

Active Escapes (Barbados)

Active Escapes

If you want to get in shape in beautiful Barbados, head to Active Escapes for a week of energy-boosting fitness regimes. Guests stay at Sandy Lane, a luxurious rsort overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

Your week of getting active includes hiking, mountain biking, training sessions, yoga, snorkeling and surfing.

Gourmet meals are included, and chefs use as few processed ingredients as possible and lots of whole foods.

Book Now

Wanderfit (Costa Rica)


Travel to paradise in the jungles of Tamarindo, Costa Rica, for seven days with Wanderfit and experience their daily active excursions.

If you love hiking, working out, water sports, zip-lining, whitewater rafting, yoga, surfing and ATV adventure tours through the rainforest you are in luck as they are all included. It’s a busy and highly active fitness retreat.

But you will still have free time to explore the beauty of Costa Rica, including its famous waterfalls, exquisite sunrises and sunsets before the farewell dinner.

Book Now


The Best Fitness Vacations to Take in 2018

The 50 best fitness holidays

Westend61/ Getty Images

Ready for a ‘fitcation’? From a Hawaiian yoga retreat to a half-marathon through South Brooklyn, here are the best wellness trips to book in the upcoming year.

Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission.

Courtesy of Kamalaya

If it suddenly seems all of your coworkers are using their vacation days to go on yoga retreats or sign up for destination races, you’re not mistaken.

So-called “fitcations” have become a major travel trend: according to the Global Wellness Institute, there was a 14% increase in global wellness tourism from 2013 to 2015, and Pinterest reports that searches for “fitness travel” jumped an astounding 618% between 2016 and 2017.

In other words, more and more people are using their PTO to master Downward Dog or check “Run a half-marathon” off their bucket list rather than sip piña coladas and avoid the hotel gym.

Here, a month-by-month guide to the best wellness trips to take in 2018, from Sedona to Seattle to an island in the Gulf of Thailand.



Courtesy of Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic

Reset your New Year’s health and fitness goals with an experience that is equal parts physically challenging and seriously relaxing.

Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic and exhale are teaming up for a new wellness voyage along the Sea of Cortez islands Espiritu Santo and Isla Partida, a region in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur known for its beautiful beaches and abundant wildlife.

The Base Camp Baja expeditions depart from the Baja California Sur city La Paz on January 1, 4, 7, and 10 for three- or four-night voyages aboard the 30-cabin National Geographic Sea Bird, which will serve as a “floating base camp” to explore the pristine Sea of Cortez coastline.

In addition to a long list of outdoor activities (think hiking among pink volcanic ash and snorkeling with sea lions), travelers will have access to exhale’s popular Core Fusion Barre Bootcamp, HIIT, and Power Yoga classes, plus SUP (stand up paddleboard) yoga and assisted stretching.

End the day with a Chill Yoga class, or indulge in relaxing neck and shoulder massages before cocktail hour (a free bar tab is included in the rates below).

Book now: Reservations can be made at Rates start at $1,990 per person double occupancy in a category one cabin for a three-night voyage, or $2,650 for a four-night voyage.

Courtesy of Mii amo resort

The Antelope Canyon 50-mile, 55K, and half-marathon race in Page, Arizona boasts views that are nothing short of spectacular. Although only the 50-miler passes through the much-photographed Upper Antelope Canyon, half-marathon runners will catch glimpses of gorgeous Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell.

After the race, recoup in Sedona, a three-hour drive from Page. Spring and fall are the most popular times of year to visit, but the city has four mild seasons, and February sees lower hotel rates and fewer visitors. If your legs are too sore for a hike to the iconic Red Rock Crossing, book an appointment at one of the town’s many spas.

Book now: A few miles from central Sedona, Mii amo resort (doubles from $2,450 for a 3-night all-inclusive package) is surrounded by a stunning red rock canyon and offers a slew of wellness-focused activities, including yoga, organic gardening, juicing demonstrations, and fitness classes.


Courtesy of Kamalaya

Although you can certainly go with other people, Kamalaya Koh Samui is a solo traveler’s paradise. The luxury health resort on Koh Samui (a Gulf of Thailand island) encircles a cave once used by Buddhist monks for meditation.

The resort offers a variety of curated wellness programs, including some specifically focused on yoga, emotional balance, and stress.

If you prefer, you can also create your own “a la carte” experience by scheduling individual sessions that interest you.

Between wellness activities, soak up some culture at the onsite art gallery, go for a dip in one of the resort’s two swimming pools, or visit the Monk’s Cave for quiet reflection.

Book now: Doubles start at $180 for a hillside room at

Courtesy of Edgewater Hotel

A scenic race immediately followed by brunch? Sign us up. Seattle Magazine’s popular Brunch Run will be held on April 7 in 2018. The 5K through Magnuson Park and Lake Washington ends with unlimited brunch fare from local restaurants at the finish line. Even better? The post-run “Boozy Brunch Garden” with Bloody Marys and mimosas.

Book now: The Edgewater Hotel (doubles from $250; recently announced a new collaboration with Seattle-based Brooks Running Company. Guests of the hotel, which is located right on the water in downtown Seattle, will receive complimentary running shoe rentals (one less thing to pack!) and urban running and hiking trail maps to help them explore the city by foot.

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

With its mild temperatures and relatively low number of tourists before the summer onslaught, May is ideal for visiting New York City.

Another draw: the Airbnb Brooklyn Half—the largest half-marathon in the country—is held at the end of the month. Registration for the race, which begins in Prospect Park and concludes in Coney Island, typically opens in late January.

But you’ll have to act fast: the New York Road Runners–hosted half-marathon sold out in a mere 26 minutes in 2017.

Book now: Stay at the newly opened 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge (doubles from $432; hotels.

com), which boasts unparalleled views of lower Manhattan and perks complimentary yoga, nature walks for kids, and an impressive fitness center.

Its location at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn Bridge Park, an 85-acre green space on the East River, means easy access to running and biking trails, sports fields, and picnic-ready lawns.



Andreas von Einsiedel/Body Holiday

For a getaway that will refresh both mind and body, you can’t do much better than BodyHoliday, an adult-only spa and resort on the Northwest tip of this Caribbean island paradise.

The resort’s Wellness Centre boasts a huge selection of treatments ranging from facials to body scrubs to aromatherapy to ayurvedic massage, plus activities yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, and water sports.

Select 50-minute daily treatments are included in rates, as is access to a personal trainer.

When you’re not being pampered or working up a sweat, attend one of the guided morning walks, explore the nearby tropical gardens and Cariblue beach, or lounge by the 50-foot infinity pool.

Book now: Rates start at $550 per person,

Courtesy of Kimpton Hotels

Often ranked as one of the best surf towns in the U.S., this SoCal beach has no shortage of surfing schools. Two for new surfers to consider: Learn 2 Rip, popular for its affordable rates, and HB Surf School, which offers 90-minute lessons to adults every Saturday (both schools provide complimentary boards and wetsuits).

Book now: The Kimpton Shorebreak (doubles from $175; has partnerships with both HB Yoga Collective and Equinox to offer fitness classes yoga and meditation to hotel guests.

Prefer to exercise on your own? The recently renovated, 1,600-square-foot gym is anything but basic, thanks to a 40-foot-wide outdoor bouldering wall. The hotel also offers free suroard rentals and onsite “surf ambassadors” who advise guests on weather conditions and the best times to catch waves.

After a surf session, quench your thirst with fresh-squeezed juices from the hotel’s restaurant, Pacific Hideaway.

Courtesy of 1 Hotel South Beach

You’re forgiven for not associating Miami with wellness, but 1 Hotel South Beach might just change your mind.

With an impressive fitness center (including ropes, obstacles, and dedicated trainers), an onsite SoulCycle studio, and complimentary yoga, Pilates, and meditation classes, there are plenty of ways for guests to keep active.

It’s easy to stick to your diet here, too. The hotel’s restaurant, Plnthouse, dishes out vegan and vegetarian fare from James Beard Award-nominated chef Matthew Kenney.

Book now: Doubles from $270;


Brian Farrell/Getty Images

You won’t regret timing a visit to Vancouver with the Lululemon–hosted SeaWheeze Half Marathon, which will be held on September 22.

Although the race through Stanley Park is the main attraction, SeaWheeze is really a weekend-long event.

Enjoy a variety of free fitness classes the day before the race, and recuperate at the Sunset Festival the following day for live music, complimentary yoga, and delicious food from local vendors.

Book now: A short walk from Coal Harbor, the Rosewood Hotel Georgia (doubles from $490;, has one of the best spas in town. Take your pick of rejuvenating treatments, including oxygen infusion facials, aromatherapy, and massages. Also good: a full fitness center and indoor saltwater lap pool.

 Red Mountain Resort

The Red Mountain Resort in St. George, Utah is a short two-hour drive from Las Vegas, but might as well be in a different world.

Booking a stay at the luxe oasis will give you access to amenities massages, nutrition seminars, black lava gardens, personal training sessions, and a to-die-for spa.

But the resort truly specializes in wellness packages, offering up themed retreats focused on topics such as weight loss and emotional fitness. In your free time, explore the Instagram-worthy red and white Navajo sandstone vistas just outside the front door.

Book now: Doubles from $220;

Cas Gasi

Although not quite beach weather, November in the Balearic island of Ibiza is typically mild, with temperatures in the 50s and 60s.

Yoga retreats at Cas Gasi, an idyllic resort in the Ibiza countryside, include two yoga sessions per day, one massage per day, and fresh vegetarian fare prepared by the in-house chef.

The “bespoke program” option is perfect for guests wishing to personalize their stay even further; build your own experience with yoga classes, personal training sessions, a curated meal plan, and access to an onsite nutritionist.

Book now: Doubles from $510;


Westend61/ Getty Images

When you’re not practicing Sun Salutations at the Kalani (below), explore the 40-mile Old Mamaloa Highway to Waipo Valley Overlook trail by bike. The incredible views of the Mauna Kea volcano will make the steep climb in the beginning of the ride well worth it.

Book now: Voted one of the best coastal yoga retreats by Coastal Living, the Kalani (doubles from $200; kalani.

com) offers an assortment of themed yoga retreats (check the schedule for updates on those available in December), plus weekly yoga classes.

Other onsite amenities include a massage studio, 25-meter swimming pool, and a variety of bodywork services, such as healing dance and aromatherapy.


These Are The 8 Best (And Most Luxurious) Fitness Retreats Around The World

The 50 best fitness holidays

Looking for an international escape but want to avoid just lounging around the pool and eating your bodyweight in rich foreign foods? Or perhaps you're a fitness fanatic who is seeking out an island retreat that will allow you to keep up your gym routine?Well, there is an incredible selection of luxury retreats that can cater to your needs—offering you the chance to get fit quick and come back more toned (and more tanned) than before you left on your holiday!

Amatara Wellness Resort—Phuket, Thailand

This luxurious Thailand retreat offers a number of wellness packages—including an ‘Amatara Active’ which gives you access to all the fitness facilities as well as tailored physiotherapy sessions and complimentary deep tissue massages to reward your daily workouts.See more about Amatara here.

The Ranch—Malibu, U.S.A.

Unplug from your busy daily life with this immersive, intense fitness retreat where there are no phones allowed.

Not only are your workouts planned for you, but your food is too—with a 1,400 calorie-per-day limit and cooking classes to help you get familiar with the recipes.

A typical day will include a morning stretch, breakfast, mountain hiking, lunch, naptime, strength conditioning, restorative yoga and an early night. The retreat promises to leave you feeling physically and mentally transformed.See more about The Ranch here.

Mountain Beach Fitness Retreats—Verbier, Switzerland

Looking for a workout with a view? Try this high-altitude training retreat in Verbier where you will undergo guided hikes, do yoga in the alpines and potentially even paraglide—if you fancy a pre-workout adrenaline rush!See more about Mountain Beach Fitness Retreats here.

Nescens Boot Camp at La Reserve Hotel—Ramatuelle, France Amid exceptionally beautiful scenery (as you are wedged between the sea and the mountains), Nescens Boot Camp offers a fitness program that combines Nordic Walking, spa treatments and a light Mediterranean diet for the duration of your stay.

See more about Nescens Boot Camp here.

Bikini Boot Camp—Tulum, Mexico

This gorgeous beach retreat offers the perfect combination of relaxation and extreme fitness. Daily activities include yoga, beach walks, bike tours, zumba, power abs, circuit training and salsa dance classes. Celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon, Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz have attended the Tulum Bikini Boot Camp. See more about Bikini Boot Camp here.

The Farm—San Benito, Philippines

The Farm’s fitness program is designed to push guests to the limit, bumping up their fitness and exposing them to new forms of exercise.

You would receive a personalised daily schedule and be assigned a medical profession to assess and recommend the best fitness plan for you.

There is also the option to go trekking in the nearby highlands as a way to keep fit, and check out the incredible scenery.

See more about The Farm here.

The Body Holiday—St Lucia, West Indies

The Body Holiday’s ‘BodyAware’ programme sells itself as a guide to becoming the best version of yourself through a combination of nutrition counselling, fitness testing and gym classes.

You work one-on-one with a lifestyle coach and personal trainer across a four or seven day retreat to build up your body, and can enjoy beach sessions afterwards to relax your muscles and your mind.

See more about Nescens Boot Camp here.

7 Secrets Resort and Wellness Retreat—Lombok, Indonesia

Aside from looking pure paradise, the 7 Secrets Resort offers three very well-thought-out treatment packages, including: a ‘Stress Recovery Treatment’ which is designed to cure guests of the side effects of high-stress work environments; a ‘Detox Cleansing Program’ that is designed to purge the body of unhealthy residues to achieve complete rejuvenation; and finally a ‘Balance & Harmony Program’ which is made for couples looking to achieve peace and tranquillity together.

See more about 7 Secrets Resort here.



9 Of The Best Fitness Holidays

The 50 best fitness holidays

  • We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article.

  • Want to lose weight in the sun? Take your gym routine international with these fabulous fitness holidays for all abilities…

    1. Treat your mind, body & soul in St Lucia

    Book into The BodyHoliday for an all-over transformation – with fitness classes, yoga sessions, personal trainers and outdoorsy workouts (such as sailing, waterskiing and scuba) on tap. And coupled with St Lucia’s gorgeous Caribbean setting, you’ll leave feeling a new woman.

    Each guest receives a 50-minute wellness treatment per day too – take your pick from facials, massages, body wraps and scrubs.

    The BodyHoliday 
    offers 7-night all-inclusive packages from £2,300pp, including flights – plus additional promotions available online.

    2. Spa & fitness in the Algarve, Portugal

    Want to come back from holiday feeling – and looking – 10 years younger? Then we have the perfect wellness holiday for you – a five-star summer escape to the beautiful Epic Sana resort in Portugal’s Algarve, exclusive to Woman & Home readers.

    This five-day wellness holiday offers so much more than your standard spa break – it’s personalised for you, with weight-loss advice, fitness classes and indulgent treatments, offering the perfect escape for mind, body and soul.

    Perched high on the cliffs above the golden sands of Falesia Beach and just half an hour from Faro Airport, Epic Sana has five outdoor pools, a heated indoor pool, fabulous sports complex and the relaxing Sayanna Wellness Spa.

    See the details

    3. De-stress in Italy

    There’s no better place to kick-start your diet than Preidlhof – a multi-award-winning five-star spa resort named the ‘Best Hotel Spa of Italy’. This South Tyrol retreat has an impressive 5,000 square metres of Spa and Wellness facilities, plus a Michelin-star restaurant where meals are designed to rebalance the body and promote weight loss.

    Our exclusive offer includes a body fat & energy balance analysis, metabolic rate measurement, two personal training sessions and complimentary fitness, yoga and meditation classes, guided nature hikes and bike or Vespa rides. Guaranteed to make you feel brilliant!

    Join Woman & Home’s 5-day Preidlhof fitness retreat, from £1,595 including flights, full-board accommodation and fitness/wellness facilities.

    4. Free yoga in Thailand

    The boutique Aava Resort and Spa, a peaceful wellness hotel in the fishing town of Khanom, southeast Thailand, is ideal for a week of ‘me time’ – with coconut palms swaying in the breeze and turquoise warm water gently lapping the shoreline.

    Our exclusive Thailand wellness holiday includes a relaxing welcome massage in the Aava Spa, half-board accommodation with superb fresh Thai cuisine, dolphin-watching tour and daily group activity – including Tai chi, Pranayama (yogic breathing), Sun Salutation yoga, Stretching class, Pilates, Group flow yoga class, and mindfulness meditation.

    Join Woman & Home’s 7-day Thailand Aava Spa retreat, from £1,499 including flights.

    5. Get outdoors in Lake Garda, Italy

    In Italy’s beautiful Lake Garda region, Lefay Resort & Spa combines a stunning location with tailor-made fitness programmes – with an emphasis on outdoor pursuits such as bike riding, yoga and nature walks.

    There are personal trainers on hand to take you through your paces, plus sociable group classes such as circuit training and core strengthening. After a full day of fitness, soothe your senses with indulgent spa therapies, or a rigorous sports massage to put the spring back in your step.

    Our exclusive three-day Lefay Resort & Spa offer includes return flights, daily activities and one-to-one fitness consultations and classes, and full board accommodation in a Prestige Junior Suite – from £1,269pp.

    6. Get on your bike in The Netherlands

    Amsterdam is famed for its love of cycling – so what better place to kick-start a bike tour of Holland? Join BSpoke’s six-day Amsterdam ‘Loop’ that starts and ends in the capital city, and takes in some of the country’s most beautiful sights along the way.

    After exploring the museums and galleries of Amsterdam, you’ll head out to towns such as Haarlem, through flat and hill-free countryside – with crowd-free cycling trails and great views galore.

    6-day Amsterdam and The Charms of Holland trip with BSpoke Tours from £565pp, flights not included.

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    7. Climb England’s highest mountain

    If you don’t fancy heading overseas for your fitness holiday, head to the Lake District: a stunning region of rolling mountains and glassy lakes, criss-crossed with cycling and hiking trails for all abilities. There are some lovely hotels up here too, so you can relax with a hot bath and a great meal after your energetic adventures.

    The towering summit of Scafell Pike, England’s highest mountain, presents the ultimate challenge for hill walkers. Though there are lots of different routes to the top, they all require a good level of fitness – and will leave you with a huge sense of achievement.

    It’s best to hit the trails with an experienced guide: HF Holidays’ Guided Walking at Derwentwater includes excellent leaders, as well as comfortable accommodation. 3 nights from £249.

    8. Swim between Caribbean islands

    The waters of the British Virgin Islands look they’ve been plucked from a swimming pool: clear, clean, and deep sapphire blue. Though your first impulse might be to grab a sunlounger to appreciate the view, the Caribbean is actually a growing wild swimming destination – and swimming holiday specialist SwimTrek hosts the perfect active holiday in the sun.

    Over seven days, you’ll explore the islands’ white-sand beaches and coves under your own steam – swimming to some incredible places, and seeing the incredible marine life up-close. You’ll stay in a lovely beach-side resort, and have back-up safety team to help you navigate the waters.

    SwimTrek’s 7-day British Virgin Islands trip costs from £1,590pp, not including flights.

    9. Perfect your tennis serve in Spain

    Follow in the footsteps of tennis greats Serena Williams and Boris Becker at Puente Romano Tennis Club, in Spain’s sunny Marbella – which has ten well-equipped courts and a talented team of professional coaches waiting to ‘serve’ you.

    Unleash your competitive side with twice-weekly group tennis tournaments, and channel your inner-champion as you put your new-found skills to the test. After a day of serve-and-volley, wind down with a personalised massage and relax in the beachfront Thalasso Spa with breath-taking views across the Med.

    Health and Fitness Travel offers 7 nights at Marbella Club from £2,100pp, including flights.

    All images from Alamy