Gym of the week: Urban Kings

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Gym of the week: Urban Kings

urbanest King’s Cross is located in the heart of London’s thriving new King’s Cross Quarter and is therefore surrounded by many exciting bars, restaurants, coffee shops and clubs. The best of London’s West End is also within easy reach.

Designed for you

The property offers an amazing range of rooms, including en-suite or private rooms, studio apartments and large studios.

The private and en-suite rooms are organised into a range of different size cluster flats that can comfortably accommodate 4 or 8 students.

It shouldn’t be forgotten also that the views from several of the shared living areas of the cluster flats are some of the best in London!

all urbanest properties, London King’s Cross has an exceptionally high quality specification. For us it is the small details that make the difference. This is why we have ensured that all our rooms have double-insulated walls to allow you to work or study in peace.

All of our super comfortable beds have a high quality memory foam mattress to give you a great night’s sleep and every room has luxurious under-floor heating which is controlled by an individual thermostat in your room to keep you warm in the winter months. Super-fast broadband keeps you connected and the entire building (including all study and social areas) benefits from free Wi-Fi.

In addition, the rooms are extremely well appointed in general with every student benefiting from a spacious, fitted study desk, plenty of storage for clothes, shoes and books and, depending on the room you choose, either a private or a shared kitchen with first class appliances. Within our studio flats there is a contemporary galley kitchen which features a ceramic hob, microwave and fridge/freezer.

Rooms within larger apartments with shared kitchen facilities feature a kitchen and living area with fridge/freezer, microwave oven, ceramic hob, extensive cupboard space, stone worktops and a dishwasher. The bathroom facilities are also of the highest specification.

urbanest King’s Cross has 2 main social and work areas for the exclusive use of residents. Both are generous in size and provide ample space for study and relaxation.

The first is a mezzanine area directly above reception.

This has been divided into private, semi-private and communal work spaces with free iMac stations for resident use, as well as a comfortable areas to chat and relax with friends.

The second area is designed more predominantly for social activity. On the 13th floor our main common room is extremely spacious and offers views across London. There is a very big lounge with a supersize flat screen TV, soft seating, and free Wi-Fi.

The building’s large reception area itself is a great place to meet up and socialise with friends with a table tennis table, 2 lounge areas and direct access to Cut and Grind, urbanest King’s Cross’s own on-site Restaurant, serving mouth-watering burgers, a range of breakfast options for those who have to rush to lectures or those who have the time to relax, as well as great coffee and other refreshments.

The ground floor also houses our bicycle storage facility. This is where we keep our fold-up bikes, which are available for our residents to use anytime to get around town – completely free of charge. All the other facilities you would expect from a high quality apartment building are also offered including laundry rooms, a cinema room and much much more!

On-site team, 24/7

Our large, friendly on-site team is on hand twenty four hours a day, 7 days a week to answer all your questions and attend to any needs you may have during your 2020/21 residence.

So whether your dishwasher has developed a fault, you are expecting an important delivery, need to know how to get across town or you are just looking for a great place for a local drink, we will do our best to help make sure that you feel welcome and at home during your stay in London.


Gym of the week: Urban Kings

Gym of the week: Urban Kings

Type of facility: Personal Training/MMA gym

Membership costs: Around £120 (call for info)

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 6:30-22:00 / Sat-Sun 9:00-16:00

Address: 4 Bravingtons Walk, Kings Cross, London, N1 9GA

Telephone: 020 7837 7774


: @urbankings

Located right next to London's insanely busy Kings Cross station, Urban Kings is one of the best-kept secrets in the capital.

It’s hosted seminars with everyone from pound-for-pound great Anderson Silva to UFC hall-of-famer Chuck Liddell, but it’s no spit-and-sawdust fight gym – with a sauna, pilates classes and nice showers, it’s equally welcoming to businessmen (and women) who just occasionally want to hit something. Manager Gyp Tessier breaks it down. 

What’s the story behind Urban Kings?

Well, the gym was founded Pierre Andurand – he’s a very successful hedge fund manager who has a passion for kickboxing, and he found that most London kickboxing gyms are a bit…dingy. He wanted a gym where people could train in a friendly, high-end environment – and so he created Urban Kings.

What’s the general ethos of the gym?

The idea is that it’s somewhere for people to train in a good environment, with good trainers, where everyone is welcome.

The training’s of a very good standard – we have guys Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt Jude Samuel, boxing coach Gary Logan and MMA veteran Ash Grimshaw on the staff, who are all very respected in their styles – but it’s also a very friendly environment. We get a lot of guys who want to fight, but if you don’t, that’s okay – plenty of people just train and have fun. 

What are your most popular classes?

Most people go to Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but boxing’s also getting more popular – a lot of people are interested in white-collar boxing at the moment. We also have classes yoga and pilates, and we’re about to start a class in hand-balancing and calisthenics with Sammy Dineen. It’s all about balance and coordination – it’ll be very interesting. 

Is there much crossover between the people who fight and the people doing pilates? 

Yeah, a little bit, but I think there should be more. I know from experience – when you’re young you want to fight and you’re not interested in taking care of your body so much, but when you’re older you tend to turn away from the heavy sparring. Yoga and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, for instance, complement each other really well – and yoga can get pretty tough…

We know. Okay, last question: if someone’s never fought before and wants to, how long before they can get in the ring?

Ah, it really depends on the guy. It’s really about how much you train and how much you understand it.

In Thailand you get guys who go train every day, twice a day, and they fight after three months, because they’ve worked the basics so hard.

Here, guys can’t train that often, but still sometimes we get guys who can fight after six months – but other guys spend years getting ready, or don’t want to fight at all. It’s really up to them. 


8 best Muay Thai gyms in London

Gym of the week: Urban Kings

If you’re looking for a good gym to train Muay Thai in London, you have plenty of options.

But if you’re new to London (Or even new to Muay Thai) it can be difficult to find the right gym to suit your needs.

So, I’ve put together this straight-forward guide to the best Muay Thai gyms in London to help you make the right choice.

I’ve trained Thai boxing at some of these gyms, but others I’m simply reviewing by reputation and publicly available information.

I’ve highlighted the most important features that I look for in a London gym, which are…

  • Location – Where is it?
  • Nearest tube station – How easy is it to get there?
  • Facilities – Do they have decent gear and equipment?
  • Coaches – Do they have experienced people teaching classes?
  • Prices – Is it good value for money? And do they offer a free trial class?

London fight factory | Old Street

London Fight Factory is a very popular mixed martial arts gym based just a short walk from the famous Old Street roundabout. Muay Thai is one of the core martial arts taught there (along with BJJ) but they also offer classes in MMA, wrestling, sambo, and even have a strength training section.

Muay Thai classes are available throughout the week and at weekends, with classes split up into experience levels. There is a nice mix of abilities, and they are very welcoming to new joiners – but you will be expected to put in 100% effort from day one.

I’ve personally trained here, and I think it’s a great gym to train at whether you are just starting out, or if you’ve got a few years experience under your belt.

Note: They also have a secondary location at Golders Green in North London, but it may be a bit too far out for those looking to train centrally.


  • Padded flooring throughout gym
  • Numerous heavy bags
  • Mounted pads
  • Pads and gloves
  • Skipping ropes
  • Strength training area with weights and frames


  • Free trial lesson
  • Pay per class – £15 per lesson
  • Monthly membership
    • £60 per month enables you to take any two classes per week
    • £75 per month enables you to take any three classes per week
    • £95 per month enables you to take unlimited classes
  • You can mix your classes up if you want to train other classes outside of Muay Thai

Visit London Fight Factory website.

MMA clinic | Angel

The MMA Clinic in Angel is another very popular and well-equipped MMA gym, offering Muay Thai classes on weekday evenings and mornings, as well as weekends. Classes are split by ability level and people of all abilities are welcomed.

When signing up to MMA clinic you have to make a commitment as they only offer monthly packages, and you must choose one discipline to stick to for the duration of your membership. Also you have to start with a “workshop” before you can join. This is a paid introductory session where you are assessed before joining, or taught the ropes if you are a beginner.

MMA clinic do tend to focus more on members progression than most other gyms, so although it may seem a bit pricey at first, the price is justified.

Fightzone London | East London

Another popular East London MMA centre is Fightzone London, offering Muay Thai, BJJ and more across a varied ability timetable throughout the week. Memberships don’t tie you into long term contracts and they even have their own coffee shop.

Diesel gym | Royal Albert Docks

The Royal Albert Docks in East London host Diesel Gym – They’ve recently moved to this location, so everything is brand new and in great condition. It’s an MMA gym, but Muay Thai is one of the more prominent martial arts trained, with classes during the week (afternoons and evenings) and the weekend.

It’s a very well equipped gym with padded gym flooring throughout, a full-sized ring and quality punchbags, pads and gloves.

Classes are split into fundamental classes, general classes and sparring – there’s also ladies only Muay Thai lessons offered, so there is something for everyone at every level

I’ve  partnered with Diesel Gym, and can offer you a free trial session with them which is only available through my site. Just fill in your details below and Diesel’s team will contact you to arrange your free session.

MMA Den | Battersea

If you’re looking for a gym south-of-the-river, then MMA Den in Battersea offers Muay Thai amongst it’s wide range of martial arts classes. Classes are available throughout the week and weekend, with all ages and abilities welcomed.

KO Gym | Bethnal Green

KO Gym, under the railway arches in Bethnal Green is predominantly a Muay Thai and kick boxing gym, although it does offer MMA and BJJ classes also. They offer a good range of classes for all levels of abilities from beginners to those who wish to compete.

Urban kings | Kings Cross

The most centrally located off all the gyms on this list is Urban Kings in Kings Cross. It also boasts the best facilities outside of the training area, such as sauna, cardio suite and juice bar.

But don’t let the luxuries fool you into thinking you will be getting an easy ride here, it’s still a serious MMA gym where you’ll be expected to train hard – you can also train a wide range of disciplines outside of Thai boxing.

Singdayt Muay Thai | Shepherds Bush

Singdayt Muay Thai are based in a dance studio in Shepherds Bush, so the equipment is minimal with only pad work and sparring on offer, but they still offer a decent level of coaching across the week for all levels of ability.

Are these really the best Muay Thai gyms in London?

If you know a great Thai boxing gym in London that you think should be featured here, send us an email to

Also, if you run one of the above gyms and would any of the info amended, please get in touch.

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And best Muay Thai gyms in Glasgow

Happy training!