Gym of the Week: GymClass

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Gym of the Week: GymClass

We pride ourselves on providing the best environment for our members, including world-renowned fitness classes from Les Mills. See our group fitness classes below.

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  • Free Childcare
  • Group Fitness
  • Steam Sauna
  • Tanning
  • Pro-Shop

As members, we offer FREE childcare that is staffed by loving, attentive, and responsible employees, to allow you to exercise worry free! Come in with your children and sign up for a FREE week pass to 180fitness! With over 45 classes per week, our FREE group fitness program offers classes for the beginner to the seasoned group fitness fanatic! Interested in joining? Stop by or call us for a FREE week pass! Sauna therapy is a relaxing way to ease both the body and mind. Stop by to sign up as a first time visitor and receive one FREE week pass to help melt away inches from your waist and the stress from your day! As a convenience to our members, we offer single visits or packages to our turbo bed so you can be sure to look sun-kissed year-round! Stop by and sign up to be a member to enjoy our tanning beds and more! Our pro-shop consists of popular energy, protein, and recovery drinks as well as water, protein bars, supplements, clothing, and workout gear. Our pro-shop is an added benefit to aid you inside and outside the gym. Check out our 180apparel, too! We offer 1 month, 3 month, semester, and 1 year membership plans. We also offer add-on discounts for “second person” memberships; student membership for any student over 12 years of age; senior rates for members 55 years and older; family memberships for 3 or 4 family members joining together; military rates; and corporate rates for companies with 5-10 employees who wish to join our facility.

For more information on any of our membership plans, please call us, email us, or stop by for a more detailed brochure.

The 180fitness Corporate Wellness Program is our partnership with businesses to answer the call for a comprehensive, cost effective employee wellness program.  Our program can be customized to meet the needs of your company and your employees to maximize health benefits and cost savings.

What does this mean for YOUR business?

  • Discounted membership rates for your employees (& spouses)
  • FREE, on-site health fair/seminar for your business
  • Lower healthcare costs
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Greater productivity and morale
  • Decreased sick leave

Contact our Manager to set up and appointment to discuss how we can impact your company!

Our programs are designed and personalized for YOU to reach YOUR GOALS! Our Nationally Accredited Personal Trainers are friendly, knowledgeable, and affordable! We have payment plans to fit all budgets! Receive the lowest corporate membership rate with ANY personal training package!

Call or stop by to sign up for a FREE consultation today!

  1. What is your guest policy? We offer a FREE week guest pass for any first time visitor.  Otherwise, we have a $5/day guest pass; $20/week; or $30/2 weeks.
  1.  How old do you have to be to workout at 180 fitness? You must be 12 years of age to work out.  If you are 16 years of age or younger, you must be accompanied by an adult or trainer at all times.
  1.  Do I have to be a GSU student to receive the student discount? No. Any current student (12 or over) enrolled in middle/high school, technical school, or university qualifies for a student discount.
  1.  What age qualifies for a SENIOR rate? Senior discounts start at 55 years of age.
  1. How do I set up a charge account for pro-shop items? There are 2 ways to charge items.  1) CLUB BUCKS – you can purchase club bucks for  any dollar amount.  The computer will keep a balance on charged items until your club bucks run out.   2) You can put your checking account or credit card on file, and any outstanding items will debit your account on the 1st of each month.
  1.  Do you offer Fitness Assessments or Circuit Training? Yes. We offer free, complimentary fitness assessments as well as circuit training on our resistance machines.  Call or stop by the front desk to make an appointment.
  1. Do I get any benefits from referring my friends? Yes! For every friend that joins, you are awarded a prize. The bigger the membership, the bigger the prize!  Don’t forget to notify the front desk when your friend joins!
  1.  When can I sign up for a membership? Anytime!  There is always a staff member here to assist you during operating hours, 7 days a week.

Any other questions, feel free to email us at View All


These Fitness Studios Will Stream Workout Classes While Everyone Is Staying Home

Gym of the Week: GymClass


Due to the Covid-19 crisis, many fitness studios and gyms are temporarily closing their doors. But a bit of good news: Many are also streaming their workouts. We’ve gathered classes and workouts you can stream while at home, and will update this list as we get more information. If you have tips or updates to include, please email Mimi Montgomery at

Bluebird Sky Yoga

The yoga studio will stream both free and for-purchase classes. To take a regularly scheduled class, head to the studio’s website, sign up and pay (you can choose from a membership, class pack, or drop-in price), and you’ll get a link to join the Zoom live broadcast. Additionally, the group will live stream classes on its page at 12:30 PM EST.

Flow Yoga Center

The group will live stream several of its flows via Zoom. To sign up, visit its registration page and make a donation. Additionally, the group will stream a series of talks about maintaining wellbeing during uncertain times.

Haus Yoga

The studio will live stream all its classes via its channel, and it also has pre-recorded flows that you can stream, too. The group requests you make a donation to participate.

The Bar Method

Via its online platform, the studio live streams its workouts, has a variety of pre-recorded workouts, and has a 14-day free trial for folks who are not already members. Any pre-existing clients that maintain their membership during the next few weeks will get 10-percent off the following two months of their membership.


The studio is giving folks free access to its On Demand streaming service. It includes a variety of pre-recorded flows, and the group will add new classes each week.

305 Fitness

The group has a channel with at-home workouts and choreography sessions, so you can keep learning the moves for your workouts while at home.

Fit4Mom DC

The DC-area prenatal and postnatal fitness group will move its workouts online. Check the website’s schedule to register for classes, and you’ll get a Zoom link to stream the workout. The group will also host virtual get-togethers via its private page for members.


The DC-area fitness group will live stream free daily workouts at 12 PM EST via its page. All the strength and circuit classes will be saved to its account, so you can access them later, too.

Fitness Snob

The DC fitness studio will live stream some of its workouts, such as a Bollywood-inspired Doonya workout. Sign up online beforehand to stream classes, which are $5 each.

Fuse Pilates

The DC-area pilates group will stream a series of its classes. To sign up, check out its schedule and either purchase a class or use your existing membership. You’ll then get a Zoom link to stream the class. A drop-in class is $22.

Cut Seven

The crew at the DC studio created a Google Drive folder where trainers will post free daily workouts for folks to do on their own. Check out their Instagram for workout updates, too.

Past Tense Yoga

The DC yoga studio has an online membership for folks who want to stream classes virtually. Options include yoga for kids, seniors, and expecting parents, and it’s $25 a month.

Honest Soul Yoga

The DC-area yoga group will stream classes via Live, and it has a list of pre-recorded classes that are free to use, too.


The North Bethesda studio has a series of prerecorded flows that you can stream via its page. If you use them, the group asks that you make a donation, if possible.

Sweat DC

Update: As of March 18, Sweat DC is hosting daily outdoor bootcamps for $10 and has launched its program Sweat DC Anywhere. The program will include two classes live streamed daily, which will then be available for folks to watch again later. It’s $99 for 30 days.

The DC studio will stream live workouts via Instagram. The group will also start hosting mid-day outdoor HIIT classes, which they will cap at 20 people. The studio will also rent out kettle bells and dumbbells for folks who need them at home. Keep an eye on their Instagram for updates.

Lighthouse Yoga Center

The DC studio will launch an online membership where folks can stream live classes via a Zoom link. If you can’t make the live class, they’ll be available for folks to replay and use at a later time. The online membership is $25 a month.

Realignment Studio

The group will being streaming two live classes a day. Yogis will sign up online they normally would, and they’ll receive a Zoom link to stream the class. Single classes are $20.

Be Here Now Yoga

The DC yoga studio will begin streaming live classes. Yogis will sign up as they normally would, and drop-in classes will be $16.

Pure Barre 

If you’re a member of the Falls Church Pure Barre location, you can live stream classes through a group. Additionally, Pure Barre On Demand streams classes online for $30 a month.

Mind the Mat

The pilates and yoga group has introduced a weekly digital access pass for $29. Once you sign up, you’ll have access to a series of live classes streamed throughout the day via .

Vikriya Lab

The Alexandria studio will stream its yoga and pilates classes online. Memberships range from $5 to $50 a month for virtual classes.

Bikram Yoga Works

The local yoga studio is streaming its classes online via . A drop-in class is $15.

Elevate Interval Fitness

Elevate members will be able to stream exclusive workouts via the group’s channel. Memberships start at $79 a month.


The group has an app and online portal where you can stream hundreds of workouts for $29 a month. Additionally, follow the 14th Street studio on Instagram—they plan to start live streaming workouts.

F45 Training

The trainers at both the Ashburn and Tysons locations will be live streaming free workouts and posting them to each group’s Instagram accounts. Follow the Ashburn location here and the Tysons location here.

Loudoun Pilates

The group will be streaming classes online, and will also offer online private sessions, too. Clients will register for classes as usual, and then will receive a Zoom link to stream the class. Each class will be $20, and all of the proceeds will go to the teacher leading the class.

Yoga District

The group will be streaming classes online. Sign up as you normally would—a drop-in class is $12.

Mint Gym

Update: The local gym chain will offer classes via Zoom for members and ClassPass users, as well as packages for virtual personal training sessions.

The local gym chain Mint will host outdoor workouts for its members at the Marie Reed fields—they will cap classes at nine people and require social distancing throughout. The group will also be posting workouts on its Instagram and pages.

Election Cycle

Cyclists stuck at home without a bike can rent one from Election Cycle for $79 a week. You can also grab a set of weights and cycling shoes, too, if necessary. The group will send you a daily instructor-led video for your at-home workouts. Email the group at if you’d to participate.

Spark Yoga

The local group will live stream daily flows that are available to the public. Check out its schedule online to sign up. Donations are requested, but not mandatory.


The meditation and power nap studio will live stream classes and workshops via Zoom. Classes will be $10, and folks should check out the group’s online schedule to sign up.


The group will upload one new workout video a day via its channel. The workouts will be both full-body and muscle-specific, and are free for anyone to stream.

Yoga Heights

The local yoga group will stream live classes on its channel, and it also has a series of pre-recorded flows you can check out, too. It’s all free for anyone to stream.

Rooted Pilates

The pilates studio will offer both one-one-one virtual training sessions and live streams of its classes. Private sessions range from $43 to $90 a workout, and a drop-in class is $26. Folks will have to sign up in advance for the online classes.

Thrive Yoga

The Rockville studio will stream its classes live via Zoom. If you’re already a member, the class will be included in your subscription. If not, it’s $10 a class.

Epic Yoga

The local group will be streaming classes live via its Instagram, and will soon be providing on-demand workouts via .


The group will live stream free workouts twice a day via its Instagram. After the live stream, you can still access the workouts on Barry’s IGTV.

Bhakti Yoga

The local group will live stream several classes a day via Zoom. Classes will be either $7 or $12 to stream; they will be free to access for those who already have memberships. An archive of on-demand videos will be available for members, too.


The local franchises of this strength-training workout have launched a virtual training membership. For $53 a week, you’ll get access to daily workout videos from the crew.

Ascend Cycle and Underground

The Del Ray studio is streaming cycling, HIIT, and strength workouts via Zoom and Instagram Live. If you want to rent a bike from the studio for $90, fill out this Google form.

Excel Pilates

The pilates studio is offering both virtual classes and private sessions via Zoom. A drop-in mat class is $20, and a private session is $85.

Formula Running Center

The Arlington studio will offer virtual workouts for free via its Instagram, and it also recently launched a $21-a-week FRC Home package, which will provide daily workouts, local running routes, nutrition tips, and streamed classes.

Village Yoga

The Potomac studio is streaming two-to-three live classes a day via Zoom. While it’s free to stream the classes, the group does request you make a donation, if possible. It will also have pre-recorded flows for you to check out, too.

Ease Yoga & Cafe

The Alexandria studio is offering free virtual classes via its page, and it’s streaming live virtual classes via its page, too. If possible, the group asks that you support the studio by purchasing gift cards or class packages for the future.


The local boxing group will stream its workouts online. It’s $50 for four weeks of workouts, with a new video every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. All profits will go directly to the coaches, and videos will be available for you to replay post-class.


The Alexandria pilates studio has a library of free online workouts that you can stream on-demand at home.

Balance Gym

The gym chain will post a daily workout on its and Instagram accounts, and it will also stream five classes daily via Live.


The YMCA of Metropolitan Washington is offering a series of on-demand fitness videos, on-demand fitness videos for seniors, and on-demand nutrition and cooking videos. All of the videos are free to stream.


The Virginia boxing group is hosting a series of free live workouts via its Instagram account. But you can still support the crew financially with donations via PayPal, if you’d .


The cardio and strength training group is posting daily workout videos online. Each is 30-minutes long, and they don’t require much equipment.

Biker Barre

The local group is live streaming cardio, barre, and HIIT classes online. Clients are asked that they make a $5 to $25 dollar donation, and unlimited streaming is $35 a week.

Mind Your Body Oasis

The Arlington wellness spot is joining forces with the Crystal City BID to live stream free weekly yoga and meditation classes through June. The meditation will take place each Wednesday at 12:15 PM and the yoga class will be each Sunday at 6 PM. Folks should sign up in advance and will receive a Zoom link before class.

Radiance Yoga

The Alexandria studio is pivoting to virtual classes: the digital membership is $45 a month and lets you stream a variety of flows kundalini and gentle yoga.

Ultimate Performance

The international group, which has a DC location, will offer both one-on-one and group personal training sessions starting at $80 a month.

Pilates Center of Rockville

The studio is hosting mat classes and private lessons virtually via Zoom. Mat classes start at $20 and a virtual private lesson for one is $70. The group will also host free workshops on Fridays.

Yoga NoMa

The NoMa studio is going virtual with its Unbound program, which offers vinyasa flows, meditation classes, power yoga, and bellydancing. While some content is on-demand and free, most Zoom classes requires you pay either $4, $8, or $12 to stream.

Good Sweat

The Arlington cycling studio is hosting both on- and off-the-bike workouts via Zoom for $5, as well as $65 monthly virtual memberships. The group is also streaming workouts via Instagram Live.

We will be updating this post as we get more information. 


Free Fitness Week

Gym of the Week: GymClass


The Lakefront and adjacent parks, beaches and trails; The 606 Trail; and all fieldhouses and playgrounds are closed.


Go here to learn more about the Chicago Park District COVID-19 Response.

Work out for free December 30, 2019 – January 4, 2020!

Take advantage of this opportunity to work out for free in all Chicago Park District fitness centers throughout the city.  These centers feature state-of-the-art equipment such as computerized treadmills, cross trainers, upright bikes, recumbent bikes, free weights and benches, cable cross-overs, multi-station weight machines and core-focused weight equipment.


Chicago Park District fitness centers offer a high-quality, low-cost alternative to private gyms. These centers feature state-of-the-art equipment such as computerized treadmills, cross trainers, upright and recumbent bikes, free weights and benches, cable cross-overs, multi-station weight machines and core-focused weight equipment.


After a free week of fitness, sign up for a fitness center membership!

  • Single Site Passes Monthly, 3-Month & Annual Passes are available for each fitness center.  Starting September 3, 2019, the fee ranges are $10-$20 for a Monthly Pass, $30-$60 for a 3-Month Pass, and $100-$225 for an Annual Pass.
  • Gold Card – access to all Park District fitness centers throughout the city Annual Gold Cards are available for $200. 

View fitness center membership options & sign up for a membership today!


Get fit in a safe, fun and non-intimidating exercise class.  Our qualified staff of nationally certified and professional instructors holds leading credentials ranging from group exercise instruction to personal training and cardio dance.  We will motivate, encourage and help you achieve your personal fitness goals!

Find a variety of classes in parks across the city, such as:

  • Kickboxing
  • Small Group Personal Training 
  • Cardio Conditioning  


  • SIGN UP FOR FITNESS CLASSES NOW – Click on the Free Fitness Week fitness class you plan to attend and register now.
  • SIGN UP IN-PERSON AT THE PARK – Registration is also available on-site during Free Fitness Week. 


Get a great total body workout in the water.  Lap swim sessions are available at many parks throughout the city.  Hours and times vary by park.


  • SIGN UP FOR LAP SWIM NOW – Click on the Free Fitness Week lap swim session you plan to attend and register now.
  • SIGN UP IN-PERSON AT THE PARK – Registration is also available on-site during Free Fitness Week. 


After a free week of swimming laps and getting a great workout, sign up for a lap swim membership!  

Membership provides access to all lap swim times at any park that offers lap swim. 

  • Three-month memberhip:  $40

View lap swim membership options & sign up for a membership today!

Fitness Center Waiver With Prescription Program

The Chicago Park District offers complimentary use of park fitness centers for three-months to a single fitness center location with a doctor's prescription.  Learn more.


10 things no one tells you before you join a gym

Gym of the Week: GymClass

When you first sign up for a gym membership, the normal intention is to head there a couple of times a week to get some pretty attainable results.

The reality is that the more you get drawn into the training culture, the more you become invested in your results; healthy living starts to creep into every facet of your lifestyle.

You start planning what you eat, counting the calories, and refusing that last drink on a night out because you know you have a training session the next day.

As sad as it sounds, what happens in the gym doesn't stay in the gym.

It's inevitable that your training schedule will coincide with others'; the more you work out, the more you see them. Sooner or later, you start talking to these people.

You share conversations about training to begin with, and then, as your gym-buddy relationship develops, you start to learn about each other's lives outside the gym.

But you never actually shake hands and introduce yourself.

I think the semi-anonymous aspect of these relationships helps guys unload with honesty. I’ve seen guys speak about relationships, divorces, investments, parenting tips and life plans, only to come over to me shortly afterwards and ask ‘what’s that guy's name again?’

3. Big Guys will unload The Knowledge on you

Big Guys to think they know their stuff. Join a gym as a newbie and it's a fair bet that within the first week you'll be on the free-weight floor when a Big Guy will sidle over and offer some advice. Sometimes it’ll be great advice, sometimes it'll be old rhetoric from the 70s.

Correct protocol is always to listen to the Big Guy. You don’t have to take his advice on board, but you do have to look you will. He’s a big dude, and that's just the way it is.

4. Approach the sauna with an open mind

Never assume that the sauna rules of your local gym are transferable to sweat boxes elsewhere.

Sauna culture is always fascinating: it’s fairly common knowledge that on the continent they bath in the buff, but did you know that in LA it's not uncommon for gym members to take fitness equipment into the sauna and continue their workouts?

I’ve seen extensive phone conversations and even fully dressed guys who want to get a sweat on before they start training. Be prepared for the unexpected.

5. You learn how to read a personal trainer's behaviour

Many of the chain gyms are packed with personal trainers, who compete against each other for clients with ferocious tenacity. Learning how to parry or embrace their advances is crucial to your first weeks at the gym.

Later down the line, it's a pretty fair sign that you are training well and looking good when all the PTs acknowledge you, but never try to sell you personal training.

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Gyms can seem intimidating places, filled with people with amazing bodies who seem to know exactly what they are doing. The worst thing you can do when you join a gym is to try to maintain your sense of 'cool' in the face of such a sea of experience. Everyone has to start somewhere, so forget about how you compare to others and throw yourself into your training.

7. You don't need to go to every class

Gyms will try any means necessary to get you through the doors of their exercise classes to fill numbers. Of course, any exercise is better than no exercise – but don’t fall into the habit of having your whole schedule and training program determined for you by a class timetable.

Cherry pick the classes that will help you towards your particular goal, and never be afraid to interrogate instructors on whether a class is actually useful for you.

8. Personal space and hygiene rules aren’t universal

There is always That Guy in any gym who wants to have an entire changing room conversation stark b****** naked.

So, while you may habitually wrap a towel around your bits and pieces social awareness, don't assume that everyone else does. This also applies to the amount of space you consider your own when changing.

I’ve seen some people take up half the changing room all to themselves, while others seem keen to get changed right on top of your toes.

You’ll come across the everyday shavers and the toe clippers – both of which are tolerable. It's the body hair shavers that you'll learn to truly fear.

The eight most annoying things men do in the gym changing rooms

Most gyms have a set induction program and whilst you may get a generic workout program for someone of your exercise experience and goals, essentially the talk is going to be about using the equipment safely.

I recommend requesting a more thorough assessment with one of the trainers of the gym before really diving into your workouts: you should know that what you’ve been instructed to do is actually right for your body and aims.

An irrefutable law of gym-going is that you never have enough clean training clothes. You'll be surprised how little time it takes before you happily wear the same dank and mank kit all week long.

Scott Laidler is a personal trainer and personal development coach based in London. Contact Scott at for personal training and online fitness coaching


Gym closed? Here are some free or discounted workouts to do at home

Gym of the Week: GymClass

Washington, D.C., resident Taylor Jackson, 28, was asked to work from home for at least the next two weeks. She signed up for Tone It Up’s free month of workouts to help maintain her active lifestyle.

“I know it’s a big part of my mental health in addition to my physical health,” she told NBC News.

Jackson took the mindfulness meditation class, as well as the yoga classes in her living room.

“I’m an extrovert, so I know the mixture of cabin fever and not being active will put me in a funk. So, I’m trying to stay as active as I can with the resources I have at home,” she added.

Don't miss: Working out at home? Train, tone and lose weight with these 30-day plans

For many, going to the gym is becoming an increasingly difficult decision, and others cannot go at all.

Katie Martin, 32, of Dallas, said she was searching for workouts to do at home to avoid unnecessary exposure.

She has a ClassPass membership, as well as individual fitness memberships.

ClassPass, the popular app which allows users to find workout classes and studios in their neighborhoods, is waiving all cancellation fees related to COVID-19 and rolling over unused credits at the end of a user’s cycle, the company said in a news release posted to on Friday.

However, Martin said that she's opting to find new ways to work out at home “rather than risk continuing the chain of transmission that probably won’t affect me but could potentially affect others who may be more vulnerable.”

Albert Aydin, 31, said he stopped going to his gym last Wednesday. The Jersey City, New Jersey, resident is working from home now, and finding ways to fit his fitness routine into that schedule.

“I invested in some free weights for my apartment and will be doing workouts on my own with a mix of cardio videos on ,” Aydin said over . “There are so many but I haven't researched enough. [I] may just try Beachbody On Demand trial for 2 weeks.”

If you're looking for more ways to work out at home, these fitness companies offer free workout videos or trial periods:

  • Fitness Blender: Free cardio, strength and stretch workout videos
  • Tone It Up: Daily online workouts with a 7-day free trial
  • Beachbody: Online classes with a 14-day free trial
  • ObéFitness: Live fitness classes with a 30-day free trial (use code ATHOME)
  • CrossFit: Free at-home workout videos, including single exercises and drills
  • The Sculpt Society: Online cardio and sculpting workouts with a 14-day free trial
  • NEOU: Various live, on-demand workouts with a 30-day free trial.
  • P.volve: Streamed functional movement workouts with a 30-day free trial (use code ONEPVOLVE)
  • Fhitting Room: On demand HIIT and strength workouts with a 30-day free trial
  • YogaWorks: Online yoga classes with a 14-day free trial
  • Down Dog App: Free yoga, HIIT and barre classes until April 1, 2020
  • SkyTing: Online yoga classes with a free 7-day trial
  • The Bar Method: Online barre classes with a 14-day free trail, plus some free workouts via Instagram
  • Physique 57: Online barre classes with a 7-day free trial
  • Barre3: Online barre classes with a 15-day free trial
  • Blogilates: Free workout videos, challenges and plans
  • Pilates Anytime: Access to over 3,000 Pilates classes with 15-day free trial

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