Sexy pictures: Take hot home snaps

Sexy Selfies 101: Tips for Taking Hot Pics Guaranteed to Drive Your Lover Wild

Sexy pictures: Take hot home snaps

Snapping and sending the occasional sexy picture isn’t just a great confidence booster on days you’re really feeling yourself.

It can also be a great way to get a new lover excited about an upcoming meet-up or prep a spouse for a spicy homecoming once they’re done at the office for the day.

However, knowing you’d love to have a selfie game as strong as Kim Kardashian’s or Miley Cyrus’s is one thing. Understanding how to do it successfully is another.

We hear all the time that all you really need to look five-alarm hot in your sexy photos is confidence, but while confidence is definitely important, there’s more to it than that.

Those that have the sexy picture game mastered also have a solid understanding of what separates a really great photo from one that’s just so-so… or, worse, really embarrassing.

Become one of them by keeping the following tips in mind.

Average Joes and Janes aren’t the only people that glean inspiration by checking out other people’s pics. Even seasoned professionals know that the best way to stay inspired is to regularly log on and check out what others are up. That said, definitely don’t be afraid to look for great ideas online.

Take a moment to really analyze some of the shots you and pinpoint what makes them work. Is it a unique or extra-flattering pose? Is it the look in the person’s eyes or a really interesting outfit choice? Whatever it is, think about how you can imitate it yourself or – better yet – improve upon it.

Seasoned selfie-takers look a million bucks in every shot because they’re hyper-aware of how they photograph. They know what their most flattering angles are. They know what expressions, lighting choices, and make-up options work best for them as well. That level of self-awareness comes from lots of practice.

After settling on some poses and shots you’d to try out, it’s time to start shooting test pics. Take lots and lots of shots from different angles and in different lights. Eventually, you’ll develop an understanding of which ones totally work for you and which don’t. You’ll develop a deeper understanding of how the whole process works as well.

If there’s one thing almost everyone gets wrong about sexy pictures, it’s the assumption that “sexy” automatically equals “nude”.

While nudes definitely can be awesome when taken for the right person and under the right circumstances, you don’t have to be totally naked to get your point across (unless you want to be, of course).

In fact, sometimes it’s much more titillating to leave something to the imagination.

The trick to a really hot selfie is to leave the viewer wanting more. If you’re showing off all the goods right from the get-go, there’s nothing left to look forward to. Instead, try teasing your viewer with implied nudity or a sexy costume that leaves at least a little to the imagination.

Sexy Selfies 101: Tips for Taking Red Hot Pics Guaranteed to Drive Your Lover WildTweet it

Picking out something to wear in a sexy picture is a lot choosing just the right outfit to wear out to dinner with someone you really want to make a good impression on. We’ve all got a few go-to pieces in our closets that we instinctively reach for when we want to look as drool-worthy as possible. When it really matters, those staples are what we fall back on.

In other words, that little black dress that makes you feel just Kate Upton isn’t just a good choice for a hot first date.

The same goes for that magical pair of skinny jeans that never fails to stop traffic when you’re out with your friends. Those pieces can be awesome choices for sexy selfies as well with a little creativity.

And of course lingerie or intimate wear is always a great option for those times you really want to get your point across.

Don’t simply assume that a pouty duck face shot is the way to go with your selfies just because so many other people do it. Not only do techniques that definitely not work for everyone, but there are always people out there that find them profoundly unattractive almost on principle. Plus, gimmicky facial expressions can sometimes come across as insincere or silly.

Instead, practice taking shots that showcase a variety of facial expressions. Don’t be afraid to get a little creative either. Anything from a shy smile, to a naughty smirk, to a quirky expression that adds a subtle hint of tongue can be incredibly effective. Experiment until you’ve discovered a few go-to gems to fall back on in the future.

It’s impossible to overemphasize just how important lighting is when it comes to any sort of photography and racy selfies are no exception. Terrific lighting highlights your best features and can make you look even better than you do in real life. However, bad or inadequate lighting can ruin even the greatest angles and compositions.

If it’s available, natural lighting – especially through a window — is always best. It has a way of making skin glow in a way that’s flattering on absolutely everyone. It also shows off colors at their best and delivers great results without a lot of fuss. However, artificial lighting or even a standard flash can work in a pinch as well.

Making sure you look incredible in your shots is about more than choosing the right lighting, facial expression, and wardrobe. The way you frame your shot in general also counts for a lot. As with lighting, a composition that’s well thought out can really elevate even a quick, casual selfie, but a bad one can be distracting (if it doesn’t ruin the quality of the image altogether).

Your composition choices are ultimately going to be what guides the viewer’s eye.

For instance, taking the sexy picture from a high angle places the length of your body along the camera’s vanishing point, making body parts that are further away appear smaller and while emphasizing those that are closer.

Frame orientation matters too. Portrait orientation should always be used for close-ups and selfies of your face, but landscape orientation is definitely better for full body photos.

While it’s definitely possible to make a selfie sizzle while looking away from the camera, don’t underestimate how powerful eye contact can be.

When the subject of a photo is looking at the camera, they’re also looking at the viewer.

A smoldering gaze directed straight into the lens generates sexy photos that imply an intimate interaction between the subject and the person on the receiving end.

That said, definitely get comfortable with taking shots that have you looking at the camera. As  with poses, composition, lighting, and so forth, practice makes perfect. Shoot until you get it right. You won’t be sorry when you experience the effect such shots will have on your lover firsthand.

If you want a fun, easy way to give a sexy selfie a flirty, playful feel, consider adding a prop or two to the mix. As with clothing choices, poses, or facial expressions, a clever choice in props can instantly add creativity and originality to your shot. It can help lend a given photo a specific mood you might be after as well (e.g. sweet and innocent versus hot and horny).

Just about anything can make a good prop, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

Try using common household objects to strategically hide portions of your nude body for a fun and flirty feel or surrounding yourself with red roses to add a hint of romance.

You can get playful with food or triple-X sexy with actual sex toys. Absolutely anything goes, so let your imagination run wild and see what you come up with.

While we’re definitely living in the day and age of Instagram filters and easy post-editing, resist the urge to rely too heavily on them.

You might think you’re polishing your photo and making it more appealing, but it’s a lot more ly that you’re making your photo look unnatural and contrived in a way that’s distracting to your viewer.

Sexy photos at their best are supposed to feel spontaneous, natural, and real, so too much extra tweaking really defeats the purpose.

Instead of falling back on filters and editing, spend more time working on your choices in lighting, poses, and composition. A good photo shouldn’t require more than a few minor adjustments here and there. If a shot feels it requires major photoshopping before it’s fit to send, you’d be better off just starting over and trying again. Remember, practice makes perfect!


Sexy selfies are getting these ladies through quarantine

Sexy pictures: Take hot home snaps
Olivia Pudelko and Michaela Shae LaGesse Olivia Pudelko and Michaela Shae LaGeese

There are lots of ways to cope with the coronavirus lockdown blues: family Zoom calls, remote therapy sessions, online shopping sprees.

Or you could just take some smoking-hot selfies and post them online.

“Thirst trapping and getting attention is totally getting me through this quarantine!” Michaela Shae LaGesse tells The Post. Over the last few weeks, the 29-year-old has been filling her Instagram feed with sexy snaps showing off her abs and arms on Instagram. “It’s amazing what some mascara and a good photo can do for you and your self-esteem.”

Michaela Shae LaGesseMichaela Shae LaGeese

Instead of languishing in week-old sweats, scores of sexy singles — and even a few celebrities, including Lori Loughlin’s influencer daughter Olivia Jade and Victoria’s Secret model Martha Hunt — are taking advantage of their extra time at home to take tantalizing pictures for fawning followers on social media. And while the sudden surge in selfies may seem short-sighted during a pandemic, a study by the University of California Irvine found that taking selfies is actually linked to feeling less lonely — something experts agree we should all strive for at the moment.

Olivia JadeOlivia Jade

“If there was ever a time to boost self-esteem, it would be now, during these difficult times,” says Shaudi Adel, the clinical director at Centered Mind Therapy, a virtual therapy company.

She says that, in these crazy circumstances, thirst traps can actually be a powerful form of therapy.

“Selfies can be a picture version of a positive affirmation, such as ‘I am enough,’ or ‘I am beautiful,’ or ‘I accept me as I am in this moment.’ ”

That’s why LaGesse, of Nashville, Tenn., started posing for her camera. When the massage therapist began self-isolating on March 20, she felt herself morphing into a couch potato.

“I laid around, watched way too much Netflix and joined the ‘Tiger King’ train,” she says, referring to the hit Netflix docuseries. “After about a week and a half of no discipline or schedule, I was feeling pretty bad about myself and needed to do something.”

So she started following a few Instagram fitness models for inspiration, meal prepping and working out. Soon, she was back on a healthy routine — and feeling herself.

“I wasn’t intending on taking a bunch of photos of myself, it just turned into that,” says LaGesse, who has posted nearly 20 seductive portraits on Instagram since April 2, mostly of her workout routines. “I enjoyed the attention I got from my friends and complete strangers, and I am gaining confidence in myself and my image.”

The practice has lifted her spirits more than ever.

“I had been jerked around by a series of liars and cheaters in the past that left me feeling broken and unwanted,” she says. “Now, dressing up and making myself look good has helped me to stay in touch with being in love with myself.”

Miller PykeMiller Pyke

For Miller Pyke, 28, “Taking hot snaps gave me that spring feeling.” The Brooklyn resident recently posted a series of skin-baring mirror shots to Instagram. In spring, “We get to throw off our winter coats, show off our revenge bodies and finally remember why we live in New York City.”

Showcasing her thrift store finds has also been a “fun distraction,” she says, to “keep myself motivated and give myself something to look forward to once we are quarantine.”

Sustainable fashion brand owner Olivia Pudelko, 25, loves to take selfies as a way to connect with people while she’s locked up in her apartment alone.

“If I am feeling lonely, it’s definitely nice to have a response after I post an image,” says Pudelko, who runs Western Affair. “It’s so easy just to stay in pajamas or loungewear, but putting together an outfit, or a look, even if it’s just for yourself or your Instagram friends, it changes how you see yourself and what you think you’re capable of.”

The pics come with other perks, too — including lustful DMs from potential post-pandemic love interests.

“[My] thirst traps have woken up some hungry wolves on Instagram,” says LaGesse, laughing.

“,”author”:”Melkorka Licea”,”date_published”:”2020-04-17T19:20:24.000Z”,”lead_image_url”:”″,”dek”:”There are lots of ways to cope with the coronavirus lockdown blues, but many women are taking smoking-hot selfies and posting them online.


10 Hot Pictures To Send Your Partner That’ll Tease Them Crazy

Sexy pictures: Take hot home snaps

Back in the day when you wanted to take hot pictures to send your boyfriend, you had two choices: Polaroids that made every nudie look a crime scene, or taking your photos to be developed. Which, sadly, is how I sent my first nekkid photo.

Yep, I took it on my old camera, and then marched my butt down to Target and had them developed.

It worked, but it means that now I live with the knowledge every day that somewhere out there is a former Target employee who probably still has photos of my teenage side boob.

Fortunately, these days, thanks to smart phones, we don't have to involve a third party to get naughty for the camera. There are still things consider before sending a naked selfie, namely: revenge porn, cloud hackers, and the fact that once something is on the internet, it's there forever.

But that doesn't mean you can't send your partner sexy snaps: You just have to be smart about it. It really is all about what you don't show that will get their imagination going into overdrive.

Try some of these oh-so-hot poses that will turn your partner on without compromising your chances to run for the Senate someday.

1. A PG-Rated Body Part… Naked


Instead of a money shot, try picking a more family-friendly part of your bod and presenting it in a sexy way, your legs. Sit on the bed with your bare legs crossed at the ankle. Or sit on the edge of the bed with your legs crossed to the side. Add some sexy heels to really drive your partner crazy.

2. An R-Rated Body Part… Clothed

Is your partner crazy about your booty? Then why not send them a suggestively tasteful shot of your backside in a some boy shorts? The more you leave to the imagination, the more you will drive them wild.

3. Steal Some Of Their Clothes

Did they leave a button up shirt or jacket laying around? Uh-oh, better let them know with a photo of you draped in their forgotten garments strategically unbuttoned. Or maybe just an over the shoulder shot of you in nothing but their boxer briefs.

4. In Just A Towel

Next time you’re hopping the shower, take second to snap a pic of you in nothing but your towel. Your wet, tousled hair and skin covered in water droplets fresh from the shower will have them dreaming of unwrapping you and doing things so dirty, you’ll have to get back in.

5. A Close Up Of Just Your Lips


Something as simple as a pic of your lips can be enough to drive your lover crazy. Put on your favorite shade of lipstick and send them a snap of you biting or licking your lips.

6. A Lingerie Tease

Does lingerie turn your partner on? Why not send them a sneak preview of their favorite (or soon-to-be new favorite) panties, to let them know what they can look forward to seeing you in later tonight?

7. You In Bed

Get to the point by making your bed your very own sexy portrait studio.

Try laying on your stomach in nothing but underwear, bend your knees, cross your ankles, and take a selfie with your body slightly focus in the background. It's tasteful and yet oh-so-tantalizing.

You can also lay on your back with the blanket strategically placed for modesty and your hair fanned out around you. Hotness achieved.

8. A Sexy Series

Send them a visual scavenger hunt with photos of your bare skin leading a trail to somewhere exciting. Then stop just before you reach the… um… destination.

9. Go Bare Back

Your back is beautiful, don't be afraid to show it off. The bonus is that you can display a mile of bare skin without being explicit. Just head to the nearest mirror, take off your top, look back over your shoulder, and think dirty thoughts. Trust me, the recipient of this text will totally get your point.

10. Two Words: Under. Boob

Don't get me wrong, good old fashioned cleavage is hot, and no doubt your partner would be thrilled to get a pic of your décolletage. But how about something a little more unexpected? Go down under with some tasteful under boob. There's no need to get crazy though — a little under boob goes a long way.

Go forth and photograph!

This post was originally published on Oct. 5, 2017. It was updated on Aug. 14, 2019 by Lilli Petersen.


25 Tips For Sending Sexy Snapchat Photos He’ll Definitely Masturbate To

Sexy pictures: Take hot home snaps
Twenty20, jaylene

1. Take a selfie, fully naked, and then use the drawing function to censor your pussy and nipples. It’s the perfect way to tease him. If he agrees to be extra nice to you, tell him you just might give him the unedited version.

2. You don’t actually have to remove a single item of clothing. Just show a little cleavage, purse your lips, and use a simple caption , “I miss you.”

3. Or, if you want to make your feelings blatantly obvious, try, “I’m horny AF.”

4. If you aren’t looking your best and don’t want your face in the picture, then take a picture of your lingerie while it’s on the hook. Caption it, “Think I would good in this?”

5. Or take a picture of your dildo and caption it, “I’ll be thinking of you the entire time.”

6. You could also try taking a picture of a bottle of wine with two glasses and tell him to get to your house ASAP.

7. Or just take a picture of your bed, with or without you in it, and tell him that you wish he was there with you.

8.Try turning it into a game. Tell him to send you a picture of a naked body part, and you’ll return the favor with the same part of your body.

9. Instead of taking a photo, take a sexy video. Record yourself lifting off your shirt so he can see what’s underneath.

10. If you have a seductive voice, you could always try dirty talking to him in your video clip.

11. Or you could go all the way and take a video of yourself masturbating.

12. If you’d rather stick to pictures, take a shot of your naked tits, but hold your hands over them, so there’s a little left to the imagination.

13. Or take a photo with a phallic object in your mouth, a lollipop or a banana. Of course, you might want to take this photo a few times before sending it, because it’s easy to look silly instead of sexy.

14.Take a photo while you’re leaning forward, so he sees the maximum amount of cleavage possible.

15. Or play dirty and take a picture of a pitch black room and caption it, “You can’t tell, but I’m completely naked right now.”

16. You can always turn him on without showing off private parts of your body. Try taking a picture of your long legs in a pair of short shorts. He’ll go nuts.

17. Or take a picture in a skirt with your legs crossed, but tell him you aren’t wearing any underwear underneath (it doesn’t matter if you’re a liar).

18. Take a video of your car radio while it plays an overtly sexual song. It’ll let him know what you’re thinking about doing to him.

19. Take a picture in your towel after you get the shower.

20. Or take a picture from the knees down while you’re in the bath.

21. Find a full-length mirror to take a picture of yourself from behind. It doesn’t matter if you’re in yoga pants, in a thong, or are completely naked, because he’s going to love the view no matter what.

22. If you want to turn him on, but don’t want to be obvious about what you’re doing, put on a filter that gives you a puppy dog face while wearing something skimpy. That way, it won’t look you’re trying too hard.

23. Ask him to answer questions about you, what your cat’s name is or how many drinks you’ve had. Whenever he gets one right, you’ll remove an item of your clothing and send a new pic to him.

24.You know, you can upload photos from your camera roll to Snapchat, so if you’re not feeling your sexiest, upload an old nude photograph and pretend you just took it.

25. If you’re still not in a picture taking mood, Snapchat has a text function, so you two can just talk dirty over the app. The conversation will be deleted as soon as you’re finished, so you won’t have to worry about the words getting around and ruining your good girl reputation. 

“,”author”:null,”date_published”:”2016-07-29T14:20:15.000Z”,”lead_image_url”:””,”dek”:null,”next_page_url”:null,”url”:””,”domain”:””,”excerpt”:”Take a picture of your dildo and caption it, “I’ll be thinking of you the entire time.””,”word_count”:711,”direction”:”ltr”,”total_pages”:1,”rendered_pages”:1}


15 sexy photos (not nudes!) to send your man to turn him on | Her World Singapore

Sexy pictures: Take hot home snaps Creative photo ideas to turn your man on

Modern technology has benefitted many relationships in recent years, in the form of sexting and video calls while you’re separated. And if you’re looking to give your sex life an added boost, your smartphone can be a handy gadget too. 

Men are visual creatures so photos work best if you want to get his mojo going. We’re not even talking nudes here – with a little bit of imagination and a whole lot of determination, you can make it work pretty easily. Here are 25 suggestions (just make sure you don’t send it to the wrong person!). Go on then, strike a pose.

Photo: 123rf


In workout gear (yoga pants, sports bra) Taking off your high heels or stockings

High heels are sexy. Sheer black stockings and garters (or fishnets if you prefer) are sexy. Channel your inner Angelina Jolie from Mr & Mrs Smith, except instead of hiding a gun in your garter belt, you’ll have something much less painful and way more pleasurable waiting for him. Take a photo of your legs, while peeling off the stockings and heels and hit send.



Let’s face it, there’s a reason the eggplant emoji represents a certain body part. Certain food is phallic-shaped, while others are well-known aphrodisiacs. A picture of you licking a popsicle or a banana will show you’ve got a healthy appetite.  



Are there certain outfits that he finds alluring? Whether it’s a nurse, Playboy Bunny, or pilot, take a picture of yourself in said outfit with your best ‘come hither’ look.  If you have props that add to the outfit, e.g. spectacles for the sexy secretary look, a stethoscope for a doctor, it will only add to the anticipation and the ‘role’. Did somebody call the doctor?



Hiding your (almost) naked body behind props

Strip down to your undies and artfully arrange your body behind a large book, a la Bridget Jones’s Diary, while you gaze into the camera. It’s not a nude, but he won’t know that – the suggestion that you could be naked will drive him wild.

Photo: Bridget Jones’ Diary 


He loves it when you walk around the house in just his shirt and a pair of knickers so why not show him what he’s missing? It’s very ly he’ll get jealous of his shirt and count down the minutes till he’ll be able to drape you with his body instead. Make sure the shirt’s unbuttoned so he gets the best view. 

Photo: 123rf


In a towel, right after a shower

Wrap yourself in a towel just as you step the shower, then snap a photo. Make sure you’re not totally dried, so he can see the water droplets on your body.

For bonus points, take the photo without a towel but behind the steamed-up shower screen so he still can’t see any skin and will have to use his imagination. 

Photo: 123rf


You know how crazy he is about your long legs so why deprive him of it? Pose for a pix while sitting on the side of the bed, with your bare legs crossed. Take it one step further by wearing some sexy heels too. 

Photo: 123rf


It doesn’t matter if it’s a one-piece or two-piece, you in your swimsuit will make him think of the sun, the sand, the water and sex. Snap just a part of your outfit or give him a full-body view by taking the photo in front of a mirror. 

Photo: 123rf


Just got back from a sunny holiday? Use that sexy tan line to your advantage. Take a photo of yourself in a bra (or even in a top) but push one strap down to reveal your tan line. Make sure you get only the tan line and your strap, so he knows what he’ll see next time he takes your bra off.

Photo: 123rf


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29 Couples Boudoir Photos That Are Almost Too Hot To Handle

Sexy pictures: Take hot home snaps

If you’re looking to spice up your relationship (and boost your own self-confidence while you’re at it!), consider a couples boudoir photo shoot.

These intimate photo sessions range from slightly steamy to straight-up seductive, and may include some sexy attire, just underwear or no clothing at all.

We asked real couples who have stripped down for a boudoir shoot together to give us an inside look at what the experience was . Get ready to feel the heat in 3..2..1.

“I am more liberal by nature and Autumn tends to be more conservative, so I was a little surprise when she asked if I would be interested. I, of course, had no misgivings about it. Sounded fun. Nonetheless we were both actually kind of nervous, even though there was nothing to be nervous about. There’s just something about someone taking pictures of you in that manner that makes it hard to relax. But we both had a lot of fun.” — Neal S.”The shoot truly captured our genuine connection in an unforced, natural way. A few times, we got so caught up in kisses and neck nuzzles that the photographer excused herself without us even noticing! The shoot was a great way for us to force ourselves to slow down and focus on nothing but each other for an entire hour.” — Laura G. “There is something that happens when you get to see your pictures for the first time together. They are raw and real. They are sensual. They are works of art, and the subjects on display are you and your partner. It is empowering, it is magical, and it is awe-inspiring. You fall in love all over again, not only with each other, but with yourself as well. You see yourself through your partner's eyes and that is a gift that is unimaginable.” — Kaitlin S.”We blasted some Miguel, opened the balcony doors, popped champagne with our photographer Steph and had the best time. It was such an insane bonding moment for us. Kris had always been more reserved and enigmatic with her sexiness, but she really brought her A-game to our shoot and has opened up a lot as a result of embracing that side of herself so publicly. It was empowering, freeing, surprisingly effortless and allowed us to view each other through fresh eyes.” — Alex P.”Although Zach was completely comfortable doing the shoot, I was terrified. After having children, the last thing I wanted to do was shed clothes in front of a stranger. I went because he encouraged me. However, photographers Jennifer and Bryan made me feel awesome. They boosted my confidence and coached me very well. It ended up being more a date for Zach and me. I came the shoot feeling really good about myself. Getting the photos back made me even happier. It wasn't all pose and shoot. A lot of the photos were taken when we had no idea and they really showed the way that we looked at each other. It was amazing.” — Denise R.”Chandler and I have been together for about three years. He was in the Marines and living across the country and just moved home in July. Up until we did the photo shoot, most of our relationship has been long-distance so it was a perfect welcome home.” — Abby J. “We decided to do a couples boudoir shoot to remember that exact moment in our lives together. We were parents-to-be. New home owners. Young and in love. I always capturing moments these and looking back at them. ” — Alexis K.”The experience was a little awkward at first. Our photographer Becka told us to just make it look natural and seductive. I kinda just went full-out after that! It was a fun experience for sure.” — Lucky H.”Tobi and I love photography, especially portrait photography. We were very new to our relationship when we decided to do the shoot. However, it seemed the perfect time because we were very much still obsessed with that new love. I wanted photographs to capture the goosebumps I had gotten from the touch of my new partner.” — Kyle D.”Five years ago, I was struggling with feeling a woman. I'd had two children and been married for several years and felt that I had lost my femininity. My husband disagreed and always told me how beautiful I was. So I decided to do a boudoir shoot for him as an anniversary gift. Cindy took those pictures and made me see myself as my husband always saw me, so I asked my husband to do a couples shoot with me. He agreed.” — Rene E.”The experience was actually pretty amazing. It was my first ever photo shoot so the days leading up to it, I was a little nervous. My boyfriend and photographer Jasemine's team made me feel so much more confident and comfortable from the music playing to cracking jokes. The photo shoot just made me love Ernest even more.” — Bianca S. “I previously did a boudoir photo shoot of just myself for my boyfriend as a Valentine's gift. I had a positive experience and he enjoyed the photos so I gave my boyfriend the couples boudoir photo session as a gift for our most recent Valentine's. I wanted to capture the intimate and loving side of our relationship in quality photos that I could have forever. Also, something to look back on when we're old and gray!” — Erica C. “My husband and I decided to do an in-home boudoir session because we are newlyweds. We wanted to make a photo memory to commemorate our first home together in a more private and intimate setting.” — Ashlea R.”When our photographer Kinzie approached us, we were excited because we had never done anything this before and we were quite curious as to how it would come out. Oh my God, it was definitely an amazing experience. I believe it brought us together intimately.” — Rochelle C.”At this time in our relationship, bodies were a very real, very tough topic in our lives. I was having health problems that caused some weight gain and Cameron [who was transitioning from female to male] hadn't had his top surgery yet, so I wasn't sure how being this intimate with another person not only present, but capturing these moments on film, was going to go. Turns out, it was almost freeing. I really think it was a turning point for us in how comfortable we were with sharing our bodies with each other more openly.” — Maggie H.”Once we really got into the shoot, we forgot that our photographer Mike was even in the room with us. Mike is so professional and was able to make us so comfortable. As for our relationship, it was a very intimate and great bonding experience. I definitely feel doing the photo shoot made that stronger.” — Ashley J. “The experience was awesome. It was the first 'date night' we had in a long time. We had so much fun and it definitely rekindled our relationship romantically. We have been together for six years, married for almost five, and have three wonderful boys.” — Brittney W.”My wife Samantha was getting ready to deploy with the Navy so we wanted to do something special. She is very shy and was nervous, but our photographer Ashley really helped her warm up and just be as natural as possible. I honestly believe doing the shoot made a difference going through this deployment. It's nice to have those intimate photos as a reminder of our love for one another.” — Sarah R.”My husband and I have been apart for a good majority of our marriage because of him always traveling for work. That can be hard. Ryan has always been my best friend, protector, and better half. Of course, we have tons of cute photos together but nothing this. I really wanted something that captured the raw, passionate side of our relationship. That way, the next time he has to go away for a while, I have something to hold onto that shows the more intimate side of love.” — Holly M. “Originally, the shoot was only Amber as the photographer and me as the model. Chris, my boyfriend, was working on his laptop at the kitchen table. I wanted to spice up the photo shoot, so I told him to throw on his suit and join in the fun! Our relationship has always been adventurous, and being photographed in lingerie with a yummy man in a suit made it even more spicy! We loved it.” — Natalie C.”As a photographer and a gay man, I’ve always had a fascination with the male form. I had seen plenty of boudoir featuring heterosexual couples, but rarely saw images of two men in love. As far as the posing, the whole thing was goofy and silly. We smoked some weed (legal in our state) to get comfortable. It’s not every day you have someone photographing you half-naked, embracing your lover. After the clothes came off and the weed kicked in, we got used to it. By the end of the editing phase, it was really a boost to my self confidence.” — Kenton W.”I’ve always been a curvaceous woman, and a positive body image has always been a goal for me. I never thought about doing a boudoir shoot with my significant other until Arryn, my fiancé, suggested it. I honestly have never felt so confident wearing next-to-nothing with him by my side. He loves me the way I am and he would love me if I was ten sizes either direction. That’s what true love is. It was also really helpful to have a photographer we were familiar with and made us feel comfortable.” — Stephanie W.”I wanted to do this shoot to capture the true 'Lizzy and Justin.' To capture the way he looks at me and how I look at him. Even though I see how he looks at me daily, there is just something about a moment captured in a photo that helps keep it alive.” — Lizzy C.”If anything, the experience brought us closer. We have always been comfortable around each other, but being in that intimate of a setting forms a deeper bond.” — Liz B.”Alex and I are both very open people so I was a little surprised by how nervous I was to be in front of the camera. Brittany let us do the shoot in Alex's home, which helped to ease the nerves. I remember we started the shoot off with a pillow fight. It sounds silly but it got me laughing and my butterflies settled and made me more comfortable with the whole shoot.” — Corinne S.”As photographers ourselves, we think it's really important to trust your photographer and feel totally at ease with them. Everyone's personalities are different, so finding someone you click with, and would consider a friend even, will help you get shots that go beyond the average. Also, we aren't above a healthy swig of champagne when needed.” — Laura S.”In a way, it showed us how close and comfortable we are with each other, even in front of a stranger with a camera. Niels was a lot more comfortable doing it than I was.” — Camille W.”It's been hard for me to feel sexy while pregnant. During the shoot, not only did I feel really sexy with my pregnant belly, but the way my fiancé would look at me or the way we would hold our stares and each other made me feel even sexier and passionate about him and us.” — Angela W.”We have been married for 10 years this year (together for 14) and it was an anniversary present to us both. It was so much fun — Amy is an amazing photographer and also just an all-around awesome person!” — Shantel P.


Sexy pictures: Take hot home snaps

Sexy pictures: Take hot home snaps

‘I love the idea of exchanging X-rated snaps with my girlfriend and perhaps even involving a camera when we’re together. I’m not a professional photographer, though, and I’m definitely not a model. How can we ensure our intimate images are sexy and flattering, not cringey?’
Flynn, via email

Sending and receiving saucy selfies can be a big turn-on. But you must consider the composition of your shots. One guy sent my friend a picture of himself taken while standing up, the camera pointing down his otherwise faultless naked body at such an angle that it looked his big toe was growing his ballsack. Endearingly hilarious, but not so horny.

Equally, taking explicit photos of your partner or both of you together can be hot. But if they’re unflattering, they can wallop your self-esteem and leave you worrying whether you always look so strange in the bedroom.

Here are a handful of hints to help your love life look lush through a lens, with advice from some expert friends.

• Andy, founder of Ruffled Sheets sex blog and writer for Erotica, says, ‘First, check what’s in the background of your photo. Tidy the room, remove anything distracting and shut out pets!’

• Good lighting = good looking.

Photographer Anna Sampson, head of visuals at lingerie firm Playful Promises, says, ‘Dim, moody lighting may feel sultry, but if you’re using a basic camera or phone you may struggle to get a good picture. Experiment with lamps, ensuring light falls from above rather than shining from below.’ Move lights around to play with shadows until you find what looks best.

• We often associate naughtiness with nighttime, but don’t discount daylight from your private portraits. ‘Posing by windows with billowing curtains can look stunningly sensual,’ says Sampson.

• ‘Avoid using the flash if possible,’ says Sampson. ‘It has a habit of making nudes look the recently deceased.’

• Throw a cotton shirt or sheer scarf over a lamp so it shines less harshly. Be careful just to set desire aflame, though, and not your house.

• Using a decent digital camera? Let pro Marcus Tucker be your guide. ‘Slightly increase the exposure setting to lighten your pictures, which should improve skin tone and reduce wrinkles. Also tweak the white balance towards yellow/orange to give an attractive warm glow.’ Don’t overdo it, though: you want a little oomph, not full-on Oompa-Loompa.

• If, on the other hand, you’re having trouble balancing hues, ‘try shooting in black and white or converting colour photos to monochrome for a classy solution’, says Andy.

• ‘When it comes to posing, holding natural-looking smiles and positions for more than a few seconds is tough,’ says Tucker. ‘Take three shots in quick succession and pick the best one rather than stringing things out.’

• Delete dodgy shots immediately. Don’t get down by dwelling on them. wise, if you’ve taken a snap of your girlfriend she diss – even if you love it – bin it.

• Photographer Emma Bailey recommends checking out creative porn Tumblrs such as for inspiration on locations, themes and body positions.

• Popping an automatic filter on a photo can be an easy way to improve it. You can use apps such as Instagram to alter images without publishing them – but proceed with extreme caution!

• Only share shots with people you trust, so pay attention to basic digital security. If you’re worried, consider taking Polaroids instead. A classic instant camera would make a perfect kinky gift for a dirty weekend.

Kit bits and nude news

• If you do purchase a Polaroid camera, make the wrapping part of the present with this cheeky Bondage Bow from Sh!, which unravels to become a rubber restraint ribbon.

• A new app called HappyPlayTime is in development, which will better educate women about their anatomy and encourage positive self-exploration and masturbation. The more your partner knows about what turns her on, the better your sex life will be. Interested? Register for updates on the site.

Got a question for Alix? Email her at

Look out for Alix’s new magbook, The Missing Kink, out this August.


Sexy Poses – How to Pose Sexy

Sexy pictures: Take hot home snaps

As much as people might deride thirst-trap content on Instagram, one thing’s for sure: It’s way harder than it looks. Truly. Have you ever tried to get a perfect bikini photo with tons of people watching? Good luck.


Thankfully, we got some legit Instagram influencers to spill their secrets on everything from posing to the exact filters they use and more.

1. Shoot from an angle.

Instagram influencer Stephanie Yeboah recommends taking photos at an angle as opposed to face-on to create a sense of intimacy. “I prefer a high-above angle, as it’s easier to fit in the silhouette of your body,” she says.

2. Your legs are way more powerful than you’d think.

Jessica Wu, a stylist/producer and model, explains that alternating leg stances in a few different shots can help your odds of finding the ~perfect~ snap in your camera roll upon review.

“I tend to alternate my leg stances a few different times to get multiple angles—having a wider stance, putting one leg out to the side or in front of the other, and standing with your feet together are usually flattering,” she explains.

3. Arch that back!

It makes your booty pop while accentuating your waist, explains Sam Feher, Cosmopolitan’s own editorial assistant and an Instagram influencer in her own right. “In this photo, I’m angling my upper body away from the camera too, so it makes my butt/thighs look thicker than my waist, which is fuay [ed note: this means hot].”

4. Utilize windows and mirrors.

Windows and mirrors are your best friends! Says Yeboah, “I find posing in front of—or on the side of—a window with the sun streaming in creates an almost ethereal glow that promotes an innocent-yet-sexy aesthetic. Investing in an oversize white shirt helps too.”

5. Stand on your tiptoes.

“It makes your legs look ridiculously long,” says Feher. Another way of elongating your gams? Tilt the photo forward from the bottom. Wearing shoes that are the same color as your legs or pants also helps with the illusion that your legs are 30 percent longer.

6. Shoot from below.

It makes you look taller! While common sense might seem it’s better to shoot from above, Feher says that photos angled above can look wonky. Yeboah agrees, saying that she prefers to shoot from below to give the impression of height.

7. Take selfies from under your face to accentuate your jawline.

While this might’ve previously been thought of as a double-chin angle, if you jut your chin out dramatically, it makes your jawline look so sharp it could carve stone.

8. Natural lighting is always best.

The only thing that compares or could come in second is a ring light, says Feher, but if you don’t feel having to travel with a whole other accessory, natural lighting is your best friend.

9. Golden-hour shots are a lot easier when you plan ahead

App Store

Download Golden Hour One for iOS and Golden Hour Calculator for Android.

Explains influencer Shaunda Necole, the best lighting is just as the sun is rising or during “golden hour” right before the sun sets. She recommends the Golden Hour app, which allows you to input your location to find the exact window of time for optimal photo-taking.

10. To make something look less pose-y, stick a hand in your pocket

Wu recommends putting one hand on your waist or pocket or breaking your leg. Plus, less pressure about where to put your hands! I, for one, never know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

11. Posture is everything.

Sorry to sound a school marm for a hot sec, but just remember that you’re here for a crash course in thirst-trap photography, so bear with me. Stick your collarbones out for any photos so your spine is aligned as straight as possible for the best pic.

12. When it comes to sexy poses, it’s all about the hip tilt.

Putting one foot in front of the other makes your hips tilt and can make you look curvier while also elongating your legs, says Feher. “That’s my go-to because it’s fast, looks natural, and you can pull it off in the MoMA without getting anyone else in your photo.”

13. Always hype up your photographer, especially if you’re feeling any insecurity or embarrassment for asking them to take 30 bajillion photos.

“My tip for getting over the embarrassment is to ALWAYS hype up my friend first and be , ‘You look sex, lemme get a pic,’ and then they’re so embarrassed that they make me do it, even if that was my original goal all along,” says Feher.

You get to boost someone else’s self-esteem, take cool photos of your friends, and get the photos you wanted all along.

It costs literally nothing! Adds Wu, “If you focus on the person taking your photo and don’t get distracted by people walking by, you’ll definitely get better photos! I usually ignore people who snoop or take photos and just focus on the camera.”

14. For brighter colors, go with C1 on VSCO.

Download VSCO for iOS and Android.

For the trendy orangey one that’s in right now, Feher suggests Lightroom presets from your favorite influencers. What better way to skip right to the finish line than by using an influencer-approved filter?

15. Don’t bother importing your DSLR pics into your phone just to edit with VSCO.

“Lightroom is better for camera/DSLR photos,” says Feher, whereas she prefers editing in VSCO for iPhone photos.

Try Lightroom desktop for free here.

Download Lightroom for iOS and Android.

16. Chipped mani?

No problem. There’s no need to spend money getting a new manicure or taking the time to remove all your polish when there’s an easy, free fix. Feher says to use the color picker/airbrush tool on Facetune to fill in the spots where you’re missing color.

Download Facetune for iOS and Android.

17. Find the right framing from the start.

Feher says one of her rules for photos is that she won’t zoom or crop. “It makes the picture look weird and fucks with the quality,” she explains. So it’s worth taking the time to figure out the perfect framing before shooting, so you don’t have to do too much work fixing anything afterward.